10+ Must have WordPress plugins for any blog in 2021!

Getting so much attention and popularity among the new bloggers WordPress is the most used content management platform around the globe.

With over 30% of the blogs created using this amazing platform, bloggers are facing tough competition in a majority of the niches.

best plugins for wordpress in 2021
best plugins for wordpress in 2021

However, competition is not the only thing they need to worry about. Because managing your content and other aspects of the blog is essential.

If you are not publishing quality content regularly, you may find it hard to build a stable audience who can turn into potential customers for you.

To make sure different elements of your blog are managed properly, you have to take care of it manually. and the people who are visiting your blog for the first time get the best user experience.

10+ Must have WordPress plugins for any blog in 2021!

But after WordPress introduced the usage of plugins, you can focus more on content creation without any extra workload.

Because there is a plugin available for almost any task you have to complete regarding your blog. Thankfully the installation process is very simple too.

Yet, it completely depends on the owner and niche of the blog. because for example, plugins used by a fashion blogger may not be suitable to work with your new blog.

So you have to make choices accordingly to decrease your workload in any way possible. Don’t worry if you are unsure about your requirements at the moment.

As we have created a collection of the best plugins you can use in 2021 and most of them are free.

however, you may find a few premium plugins that provide better service with a subscription.

Let’s go through the complete list of 20+ best WordPress plugins for your blog!

1. JetPack

One of the most popular plugins with a lot of useful functions packed together! You can consider jetpack as the best plugin for anyone who has started blogging recently.

Learning to use different plugins for various tasks requires enough time. Instead, you can simply install Jetpack to enjoy various features provided along with the basic ones.

Jetpack provides fundamental services such as site optimization, media optimization, better security, real-time performance reports, improved performance, social media features, etc.

However, some of them require a paid subscription if you want to use them. Thankfully features available for free are more than enough.

2. Wp forms

If you want to make your blog successful then getting in touch with others is very important. And to allow others to get in touch with you, using a simple contact form is the best option.

You don’t have to make one using HTML and CSS as there are tons of contact form plugins available to use in WordPress.

So you can set up a professional-looking contact form completely in less than 20 minutes. To be able to modify the forms at your will we recommend using the WP forms plugin.

You can either use a premade template or create a custom one according to your requirements.

3. W3 total cache

Caching plays an important role in providing the best performance and user experience to your users.

If you do not manage the caching process of different elements properly the performance may not be satisfying for the users.

So using a caching plugin like W3 total cache would be better to deal with these tasks. The caching plugin will help your blog to store the images and other files on your user’s device as a temporary file.

Whenever the same user tries to access your blog again, the content will load much faster improving the performance and loading speed both.

4. Monster insights

Research and analysis is an essential part to make sure you are leading your blog towards success.

And it could be much easier if you are using a powerful analysis plugin like Monster insights.

It allows connecting your google analytics reports and analysis data directly with your WordPress dashboard.

So you can go through real-time data reports and graphs in an instant, directly from your dashboard.

And plan your content strategies or schedules accordingly.

5. SEO by Yoast

If you are looking for an all-in-one SEO tool that can help you with on-page and off-page SEO at the same time.

SEO by  Yoast is the perfect choice for any novice blogger. Simply go to the plugins section, search for Yoast SEO and install the plugin.

Later on, it will take you to a setup tour, finish it as shown in the steps and you are good to go!

Real-time on-page SEO analysis, snippet preview for mobile & PC, interlinking, and many useful features are available to use within the Yoast SEO plugin.

6. Optinmonster

To be successful as a blogger using different marketing & promotion strategies is very important.

Because these activities can help you scale your business very quickly if done properly.

Collecting emails from your visitors and using them for email marketing is one of those popular methods.

But how could you collect emails from someone who visits your blog for the first time?

Using plugins like Optinmonster can help you get over it quickly!

Simply select a newsletter template and write an attractive headline to encourage your readers to share their email.

7. Elementor

Are you having a hard time creating pages with a decent interface? If your answer is yes, the Elementor plugin is made for you.

It is a page builder service that allows bloggers to create professional pages simply using the drag and drop feature.

Instead of wasting your time learning to code and formating the page content, you can create professional pages in just a few minutes using the Elementor plugin.

8. Wp rocket

Another great caching plugin that can be used by any beginner easily. Providing a seamless performance and excellent customer support Wp rocket is a great plugin overall.

With better javascript management, and automatically applying 80% of the improvement practices to your site. The wp rocket will boost the performance of your site for sure.

Providing a better experience to your visitors with less loading time.

9. Akismet anti-spam

Nobody would like to receive meaningless comments generated by bots. Turning your comment section into trash such spammy content will hurt your blog for sure.

So how can you deal with outside elements like this who are trying to hurt your blog intentionally?

Akismet anti-spam is a great security-oriented plugin specially made to deal with spam.

Automatically filtering the spam comments and contact form submissions, it compares the data with a global database to decide whether it’s spam or not.

10. Smush ( image optimization )

A blog’s success isn’t limited to SEO improvement only, media optimization is also essential if you want to compete with others.

Being an important factor of overall SEO for any blog, optimizing your media files such as images, videos or gifs can be time-consuming and frustrating too.

So why not use a plugin specially made for this task? Yes, you read that right, Smush is a very popular image optimization plugin used by millions of bloggers.

Simply search it up and install it to get started with media optimization for your blog.

You can compress the images and other media to make your content load faster compared to normal methods.

11. Wordfence

Securing your WordPress site is like an investment for the future.

Avoiding any possible threats that can make your site stop functioning properly or actions like data theft is very common nowadays.

Wordfence is a completely security-based plugin, Especially developed for protecting WordPress sites.

Using powerful security protocols and measures to make sure your site is safe from attackers.

Frequently updating their firewalls and database of IP address that are marked as spam, the Wordfence plugin keeps everything under control with additional security features included.

12. PushEngage

Sometimes promotional methods and activities are not enough to drive potential readers to your blog.

Converting your normal visitors into returning visitors is a possible solution for this problem.

To make it happen you’ll have to make them visit your blog again using notifications. And for that, you’ll have to make them subscribe to your notification service using a service.

PushEngage is the service provider you are looking for, allowing you to easily integrate with different platforms.

You can signup for the free version to get started and upgrade to paid service for extra privileges.

13. Site kit by Google

What can be more entrusting than getting an all-in-one plugin officially made by Google for WordPress users?

Site kit by Google is a plugin that covers almost every important update and analysis performed by Google.

Allowing you to concentrate more on content creation while providing you accurate information from search console, analytics, page speed insights, and AdSense.

By using a site kit by Google you can go through these all at a glance. So you no longer have to depend on third-party plugins to get your latest reports from Google.

Wrapping up

The sea of plugins is huge, so choosing the best ones for your blog is probably difficult for beginners.

But going through reviews and ratings can help you a lot during the process of choosing the best plugin for you.

Going through this article will solve most of the problems though. Do share it with others if you find anything useful and mention any queries or suggestions you have.

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