6 proven strategies to promote business with Linkedin

The world is growing so fast, showing seamless improvement in almost every sector you can think of.

And businessmen are using anything they can to grow their business and make it known worldwide.

6 proven LinkedIn strategies

Surviving in such a hard competitive environment is not easy for new businessmen.

As the successful ones are already using the best practices to keep them one step ahead of the others.

You have to think of methods for competing with others in a different way to achieve your goals in time.

6 strategies to promote business with linked in

But before jumping to Linkedin business promotion strategies, if you are not sure about Linkedin you better gather basic knowledge about Linkedin first.

As you won’t get anywhere if you start posting randomly. It’s better to understand the basics and proceed accordingly. So you can progress quickly.

Thankfully we have covered everything regarding Linkedin, what is Linkedin and how it works? Why you should use it for business promotion? and a complete list of 6 promotional strategies to promote your business with Linkedin

What is LinkedIn and how it works?

There are tons of social media platforms available at the moment. And professionals know exactly how to use them in effective ways.

From promotional activities to generating more leads, these platforms are very popular among marketing personals and agencies.

Linkedin is one of those social media platforms that are more focused on providing professional networking and career development activities.

Why use LinkedIn for business promotion?

Among tons of available social media platforms in the market why choose Linkedin? Is there anything special about it that other platforms can not provide?

New business personals may not be aware of how much potential Linkedin holds.

But once you analyze other competitors you may realize how beneficial it is for their business growth and improvements.

Let’s go through some of the benefits of using Linkedin.

So you can better understand how it differs from similar platforms.

Builds relationships

Linkedin can help you build industry-level relationships more easily. As a lot of interested people go across your listings and profile daily.

It’s highly possible that you can create a long-term bond with them.

In terms of lead generation and other growth factors, you can learn a lot from them.

So a well-maintained profile creates a professional impression that helps in building relationships more easily.

Helps you get ahead of your competitors

Attracting more possible customers using your Linkedin handle is one of the advantages of growing as a business on Linkedin.

Being digitally progressive requires consistency, and when it comes to Linkedin.

You need to stay updated on recent trends if you want to get ahead of your competitors.

Even if you are not familiar with using technical promotional methods, you have to adapt to the changes to stay in the game.

Leverage video content

People tend to rely more on other media sources compared to videos. Until they find out how beneficial videos actually are!

No doubt creating quality videos that can attract a large group of audience, is not easy to come up with.

Yet if you understand the importance of leveraging video content properly. People will watch the same video thousands of times over and over again.

And such quality videos get shared easily, so you don’t have to worry about making them viral.

Be found

To be found and stand out from others, is the toughest part of making your business successful on Linkedin.

So it’s essential to be creative and use industry-standard methods if you wish to stay on top. Because if you want to get found then it won’t be easy with so many competitors.

Without getting enough attention from others you can not expect to promote your business that easily.

Effective strategies to promote any business using LinkedIn

Creating your account on Linkedin isn’t enough to get discovered by potential customers. There are tons of people creating new Linkedin account every day.

Yet most of them won’t see any results as they don’t follow the process or methods that are meant to help in this process.

Here we have come up with 6 proven strategies that will definitely help you to promote any business using Linkedin.

Make sure you go through all of them to avoid any possible problems.

1. Be creative

The first step to being successful on Linkedin is by thinking out of the box!

Just like other social media platforms, Linkedin also follows a basic model. That makes it easier to manage numerous profiles of individuals and data regarding them.

So it’s obvious that listings and profiles will be shown in the same way for everyone. That’s where creativity kicks in!

Upload every single photo, video, or other media file that is interrelated with your digital portfolio.

Another great way to be creative on Linkedin is to use your summary section wisely.

Mention the exact reason why you are on Linkedin, and try to use targeted keywords more in your profile section.

It will help others to find you easily when searching for specific terms related to your business.

2. Interact more with others

Business interaction is one of the most essential factors of performing digital marketing. Doesn’t matter whether anyone comes to you or not.

But as a growing business always try to interact more with others using a positive approach.

In this way, you can make yourself stand out as a socially active brand in the market.

Now you would be wondering about how you can interact even if nobody is interested.

Actually, it’s simple if you are ready to put in some effort. You can start with liking your connection’s updates and visiting their profile frequently.

Another way is by appreciating their efforts whenever they visit your profile or like any updates.

3. Optimize Linkedin features

Linkedin has been improving itself as a successful social media platform for a long time.

Mainly focused on providing a trusted platform for networking and career development. The Linkedin features can help you a lot if used properly.

  • Profile
  • Notifications
  • Jobs
  • Messages
  • My network

The above features are considered as the main entities for Linkedin. Because if you want to promote your business using Linkedin then optimizing all of them is a must!

Starting from the profile section where your personal data is displayed like profile picture, education, name, skills, photos, occupation, etc.

Make sure to keep your profile updated and attractive to get better attention.

Messages and notifications are somewhat related to each other.

As you can send messages to other personals using it and get notified easily whenever someone tries to interact with you.

The jobs section is dedicated to providing you most relevant job opportunities related to your education and interests.

Last but not the least, Network is a very powerful feature of Linkedin. That allows anyone to connect easily with other professionals in the same field of business.

From a business promotion perspective, this feature can turn the tables if used properly!

4. Use quality media

Usage of media files in Linkedin may not look that important to beginner users. But having a good understanding of quality media usage is essential to succeed as a successful business.

If you have hired someone to take care of media management, then it should be easy for you.

Otherwise, you can create your own quality images and other media content with a little bit of work.

Because there are tons of ways to optimize media content and drive more organic traffic to your business.

But the only condition is to use higher quality media files, so they look professional when someone searches up to your profile.

You can use free tools like Canva to come up with new ideas and quality media files for your business.

Then simply use them in your portfolio section or listings to attract a more business-oriented audience.

5. Stay updated

Keeping yourself updated with the latest trends in the market is necessary to stay in the game.

And when it comes to standing out on Linkedin providing the latest updates is very important.

In this way, people visiting your profile and checking your listings will get a more accurate idea about your business.

Likewise stating your actual progress reports or requirements for listings can help build trust between your network.

The bright side to stay updated is that you can modify your strategies accordingly if you are aware of the recent changes.

6. Build groups

Groups are like rich sources of possibilities for new businessmen, as they are free to create. They play an important role when it comes to interacting with other business owners.

Having the same interest and expertise in a particular field. You can build connections with such people easily by joining groups.

After you have joined a group successfully, you can share your experiences and insights with others to discuss.

Or if you are facing any problems regarding your business terminologies, feel free to ask for help from professionals in the same group.

You can also create your groups and invite others to join them.


Linkedin is a great networking-oriented social media platform that allows people from all around the world to connect with each other.

And help people in building their careers by providing accurate job information. As a business, you can optimize this amazing platform to drive more sales and conversions if used wisely.

Take a moment and go through the 6 strategies mentioned in this article, to promote your business using Linkedin!

Don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have in the comments.

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