6+ Awesome Blog Optin Ideas To Increase E-mail Subscribers List Easily

Every blogger knows the importance of a proper E-mail list and how useful the list can be when it comes to monetizing their blog. Hence, there are lots of bloggers who avoid creating a subscriber list for themselves because of the hard work which is required for it.

awesome blog optin ideas

But if you are one of those bloggers who want to make a living from his/her blog then building a subscriber’s list is essential for your business. So how are we supposed to build a valuable email list? let’s find out!

Most Effective Blog Optin Ideas To Increase Your Subscribers Easily!

Nowadays most of the people avoid giving their email out for nothing! So if you need their name along with email address then you need to create a beautiful opt-in that can attract your readers to sign up for your newsletter or subscribe to your list.

A person’s name and email address are very important for them because it’s their personal information. So just writing that “Enter your email for our newsletter” won’t work anymore because if you need their details then you will have to give something valuable in return.

The majority of popular blogs provide something valuable to their readers who want to sign up for their list. If they get something useful then they are most likely to sign up for the newsletter.

To do the same for your blog there are lots of opt-in ideas that will help you build your email list easily. Let’s have a brief overview of all the opt-in ideas available which you can use for your blog.

1. Providing Useful E-books

The majority of bloggers are using E-books to giveaway to their subscribers in optin pages. Because e-books can help the readers better understand the content and provide additional information related to the topic.

With enough information related to any particular niche, you can create your own e-book easily. Just add your own experience with some tips and tricks which will be useful for your readers.

Now you can create an opt in page to collect your reader’s emails and names in exchange for a wonderful E-book which will help them in many ways.

2. Step By Step Guides

People love to read and follow the guides provided in steps, as they get every bit of information from start to end. Step by step guide is very useful for understanding a specific process/method. You can create your own guides in the form of e-book or videos easily.

It completely depends on your niche because providing guides using steps is not possible in every niche. So try to create a powerful and detailed guide in steps and provide it through your opt-in page.

3. Upgraded Content Library

The content library is also one of the most popular opt-in ideas. For using this facility in your opt -ns you will have to create a collection of useful E-books, checklists, cheatsheets which will help your readers.

As this method requires more work compared to others you can limit the number of resources the readers get when they subscribe to your mailing list. And set a price for a monthly subscription of your upgraded library.

4. Personal Video Tutorials

There are lots of niches in the blogging industry that require proper physical implementation. For example, if you have a blog related to computer hardware and repairing then your reader might get confused sometime while fixing something.

In that case, you can create short but useful video tutorials which will help your readers fix the problems by themselves. You can create a series of these tutorials and mention them on your opt-in page.

If someone subscribes to your optin then they can access all of your tutorial videos. By doing so you can increase the trust flow with them and they are most likely to buy any good product you promote.

5. Cheat Sheets

Cheatsheets are very useful and make the work much easier to do because of already specified algorithms/formulas. When someone from your audience needs to accomplish something, cheatsheets will save lots of time and effort for them.

So providing cheat sheets in your optin pages is also a pretty effective opt-in idea. which will improve your optin conversions easily. Because your readers are getting so much value out of it they won’t hesitate to subscribe to your opt-in.

You can use any of the following examples if you want to create an optin with cheatsheets.

1000+ Subscribers in one-day Cheatsheet
Cheatsheet for 1M traffic/month

6. Checklists For Specific Tasks

When someone is just starting out in a particular field they need proper guidance. To complete any task or accomplish something you need a simple checklist so you don’t forget anything.

Same goes for your readers who want to start a new blog, build a successful business, or carry out any random task, the checklists will help them for sure. Because with the help of checklists they can move forward step-by-step easily.

But you will have to research the interests of your audience, By which can create the most effective checklists for your readers which will be useful to them. So using checklists in your opt-in is a great idea for more subscribers.

7. Discount Coupon Codes

If you write about product reviews on your blog then you can use discount codes in your optin. Because most of your audience is interested in some specific products so when they want to but any products these discount coupons can come handy.

Using the discount coupon in your opt-in page is more effective when you sell or promote physical products on your blog. You can easily create coupon codes if you have an E-commerce store.


Growing your e-mail list is one of the most important parts of the blogging journey. Because if you want to make money from your blog then it doesn’t matter whether you have other expensive tools or not.

Though you still have your precious subscribers who trust you, You can promote helpful and quality products/services to them and make money from the commissions you receive.

If you found this article useful then share it with other bloggers who need to grow their email list and start making some money online in 2024! Also, don’t forget to mention your suggestions or any queries you have.

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