Bloom – eMail Opt-In And Lead Generation Plugin For WordPress

Hey, In this Review, I would like to tell you about the Bloom plugin. Bloom WordPress plugin helps to make more email subscribers and followers. It will grab more followers to your blog or Website.

bloom email optin wordpress plugin

Bloom is a brand new email opt-in form builder by Elegant Themes, who brought Divi to the WordPress market. Bloom is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to easily gather email addresses of your site visitors by automatically displaying stunning popups, slide-ins, and welcome mats opt-ins based on specific conditions or user behavior. After installing it and getting it running on this site, I wanted to put together this review to share the features of Bloom WordPress plugin.

Bloom WordPress Plugin Pros And Benefits

The Bloom email opt-in plugin for WordPress has awesome features. Here’s some point.

  • Clean Dashboard
  • It is an easy set-up.
  • It is affordable, If we comparing its features with others.
  • Easily Customise

There are many benefits of Bloom WordPress plugin. Some most famous benefits are mentioned below.

  • Grow more subscribers
  • Easy to get the email list of subscribers
  • Get more subscribers soon
  • It will make a visitor into a subscriber easily.

Bloom Plugin Cons

The Bloom email opt-in plugin for WordPress has not a big issue but sometimes users felt the customer support is bad.

Bloom Plugin Price

Yearly Access Price is 89 $ per year, Which Includes –

  • Access To Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch
  • Hundreds Of Website Packs
  • Product Updates
  • Premium Support
  • Unlimited Website Usage
  • Risk-Free Guarantee

And Lifetime Access Price is 249 $ one-time pay, Which Includes –

  • Access To Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch
  • Hundreds Of Website Packs
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Premium Support
  • Unlimited Website Usage
  • Risk-Free Guarantee
  • One Time Fee

And also with ” Cancel your membership or upgrade to a different package at any time after signing up. ”

Bloom Plugin Includes

  1. Divi Theme Builder: The Theme Builder lets you build every part of your websites, such as your website’s header, footer, post templates, and more.
  2. Divi WooCommerce Modules: Build Stunning WooCommerce Products With the Divi
  3. 100’s of PreBuild Websites
  4. Online Marketing, Lead Generation, and Social Media Marketing: Harness the promotional power of Bloom and Monarch
    Sell Unlimited Products Online: Sell physical, digital, and service products online
  5. Display Your Work: Create stunning, custom online portfolios that represent you
  6. Access to 1000’s of Open Source Photos & Illustrations: Our open-source imagery library is updated every single week!

Bloom WordPress Plugin Features

  • In the event that you run two WordPress websites and need to use Bloom on both without having to manually set it up for each blog, you can export your Bloom settings from one blog and import them into the other. It will save you a lot of time.
  • The opt-in forms and popups are attractive and responsive, so no matter what gadget your visitor is seeing your blog on, the popups and forms won’t get distorted by any means. This is necessary because many visitors these days use Android phones, iPhones, etc.
  • This plugin provides you with real statistics and reports of your email subscribers. It gives you a bit of knowledge into how your blog is going on, which forms or popups are acquiring the most email subscribers. These measurements are created in real-time, as they occur.
  • You can set to show a specific popup on specific pages of your blog. You can set it to show specific post types and categories. And also you can hide it on specific posts or pages. Even you can also set various activities, animations for your popups. You can use automatic fly-ins, inline opt-ins, automatic popups, opt-in widgets, etc.
  • The main dashboard of the Bloom plugin gives you a lot of statistics and details. Some of these statistics and details are – new sign-ups graph, last 12-month sign-up graph, list of growth, conversion rate, number of impressions, conversions, etc.
  • You can set any color in your opt-in forms and popups. This is valuable to make the visitor think positive about your website design.
  • You can customize your forms and popups to give them an awesome look.
  • You can include pictures in your popups and forms, and you can show them to the right, left, below and above the site.

Here is a Small List of Bloom WordPress Plugin Features-

  • Automatic Opt-In Pop-Up
  • Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins
  • In-line Opt-In Forms
  • Below Content Opt-In Forms
  • Widget Area Opt-In Forms
  • Opt-In to Unlock Content
  • Timed Delay
  • Opt-In Bottom of Post
  • After Scrolling Opt-In
  • Opt-In After Commenting
  • After Purchasing Opt-In
  • After Inactivity Opt-In
  • 19 Email Marketing Integrations
  • Targeted Display
  • Custom Border and Edge Styles
  • Responsive Design
  • Optin Triggers
  • Display Targeting
  • Bloom Dashboard
  • Increase Conversions With A/B Testing
  • Split testing
  • Add, Modify, and Track Accounts
  • Email Optin Account Management
  • Social Sharing and Following Statistics
  • Import and Export
  • 24/7 Support

There are six different kinds of display settings you can use to create Optins

  • Automatic Opt-In Pop-Ups: Bloom lets you create automatic opt-in pop-ups that can be triggered by timed delays, when a user reaches the bottom of a post or page, or even after they comment or purchase. This is an extremely effective way to generate and convert leads.
  • Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins: Similar to triggered pop-ups, fly-ins are another great way to grab your readers’ attention. These can be triggered by specific user interactions such as timed delays, at the end of a page, or even after someone leaves a comment or makes a purchase.
  • Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins: Bloom lets you globally display opt-in forms at the bottom of your post and page content while also allowing you to place inline opt-in forms with shortcodes anywhere within your website’s content.
  • Locked-Content Opt-Ins: Requiring users to subscribe to your lists before gaining access to premium content is a great way to display limited page content while still creating an incentive for readers to join your mailing list.
  • Widget Area Opt-Ins: Sidebar and footer areas are common widget areas that are great to display nonintrusive opt-in forms on every page of your blog. You can create as many opt-in forms as you want and display them with Bloom’s custom widget.


Many customers use the Bloom WordPress Plugin all over the world to get more subscribers. It has gotten very popular over the years due to its ease of use and flexibility. Bloom is a customizable, incredibly well-designed plugin. Bloom is simple and full of features solutions to create popups and forms, which can increase your conversions and email subscribers.

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