Divi vs Genesis Theme Which One Should be Your Choice?

Having trouble selecting between the Divi theme vs the Genesis theme. I am here to help you out with this dilemma. Divi and Genesis are the best themes available in the market. They both have a huge user base. This makes it very difficult to choose one of them. I have researched and written this guide to help in finding the right WordPress theme.

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A Quick View of Divi vs Genesis

Divi and Genesis both are not the same themes because different themes are used for different purposes. Divi is for those who need something ready to use, just buy and use it. On the other hand, Genesis has a different approach and it mainly for those who want to make their own themes and who know very well how to build themes.

Divi vs Genesis Theme Comparison

However, they are in the same niche but their way of approach is different. Divi theme which is by Elegant themes servers as a place of different types of website themes. The theme is for all kinds of niches while on the other hand, Genesis theme is a framework that helps the user to create websites.

To know which one is the best is quite intriguing. However, these WordPress themes are designed for themes but have a different approach from each other. They have a vast user base and offer amazing features. it becomes challenging for those who have zero knowledge and experience about these two themes.

You don’t have to worry, I have made this guide to help in decision making. I will be sharing the complete knowledge of Divi and Genesis themes.

You will have a clear thought about which WordPress theme you should choose.

It is better to gather complete knowledge about both themes before diving deep into it.

Divi 3.0 Theme by Elegant Themes

Divi theme is a WordPress theme template. You can easily customize it as per your needs. You also get a powerful website builder to make the layouts such as contact us, terms & conditions, homepage.

divi theme by elegant themes

The website builder is offered built-in. You can create layouts for websites as per your imagination. Divi provides free ready-to-use layouts. You can use these layouts for websites as it is or can customize it with a website builder.

The Divi WordPress theme comes with the drag and drops website builder. That means you don’t need to learn any programming for styling and designing pages. You can build the layout with ease with the drag and drop feature. You can also customize or edit any existing layouts or even create a new one.

Divi is being designed for those who don’t want to code. The elegant theme understands it so they have provided ready-made templates. You can use these templates and also able to edit them. Divi offers more than 100 layouts that can be easily loaded in the editor and do the further modification.

divi theme price

You can create your layout as well as you can save it. Along with the powerful website builder by the Elegant theme, they also offer a front-end editor. This editor can be used to directly edit any item on the go.

You also get a split testing feature in Divi. This allows you to try a number of designs and customization to find out which one is working best. However, you need first to signup for the Elegant Theme account and then have to activate it. Elegant Theme doesn’t hold the communication barrier as it is available in 32 languages. This means you can use it in your language with comfort.

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Genesis Framework by Studiopress

It is better to call it the Genesis framework. Because it serves as a framework for programmers to build their themes for WordPress websites.

The users who want to build their theme can do it with the Genesis framework. Here is the theme framework explained.

genesis theme by studiopress

You need to have a child theme to get started with Genesis. You can start customizing it the way you like after selecting the child theme. There are many child themes available in Genesis or you can purchase premium child themes. You will get different customization settings according to the child theme.

In the Genesis theme framework, the child theme is important to install for getting started with the building process. There are many child themes available for different websites for different niches such as news, e-commerce, portfolio, technology.

I can say that the Genesis WordPress theme is much more than a ready-made theme. Instead, it is more of a coding base standard framework to design the website theme. It stands out in the market as it follows best practices for coding. You have a higher chance of enhancing your website performance with the coding standards.

genesis theme price

It does not just help in enhancing accessibility but also focuses on the security aspect. Genesis framework helps you to achieve the things you wanted to have in the theme. you will not have the chance to get it in ready-made themes.

You will have to purchase it from StudioPress.It comes with premium plans. Divi comes with a lot of other features provided by StuidoPress.

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Short Discussion on Divi Theme Vs Genesis aka Studiopress Theme

As you have gained complete knowledge about these two themes. Now it is pretty much clear that they are the two best themes in their respective industries. It is difficult to compare them as they have a completely different system and user base.

The users who want to have a theme without doing any coding them Divi is the best option. on the other side, a user who wants to build the theme by coding will go with Genesis. So it is pretty much clear for deciding which side you want to go to.

Talking about the support you will get from both the theme is very strong. As they are the best and most trusted themes. So you don’t have to worry about any kind of problems related to the support services. you are getting 24/7 support. If you will come across any kind of problem then the support team will find a solution asap.

Final Thoughts On Divi Theme Vs Genesis Theme

We have reached the end of the article, and we now know a lot about the two most powerful themes. However, choosing between them is still not an easy choice. Because they are the best in their area and they have tons of features to offer. I recommend you to think about what you want in a theme. If you don’t want any advanced layouts then Divi is best otherwise go for Genesis. Or you can also go for a free WordPress theme. I hope all your doubts are cleared now on the Divi theme vs Genesis theme.

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