How To Drive Organic Traffic To A New Blog From Google Discover?

Google never fails to amaze the world with its unmatched services and products. The nature of providing something new to the user and making it cost-effective is one of the essential reasons why Google is among the top successful companies around the globe. I know most people think of Google as a simple search engine platform and that is true to some extent as well.

How To Drive Organic Traffic To A New Blog From Google Discover?

However, Google is a lot more than just a simple text box for filling your curiosity! Giving birth to numerous possibilities, Google has a special spot in people’s everyday life as well. And a lot of people are using this fact to their advantage by getting free organic traffic in thousands of new visitors every day. The great thing is they are not following the traditional ways of getting organic traffic. With that said, we are going to discuss this new source of organic traffic which is “Google Discover”.

What Is Google Discover?

Google Discover is a type of media network based on a user’s interests. Each individual is interested in a different industry, sport, technology, and investment opportunities. Google takes this info into count and makes sure that its users are getting exactly what they need. This encourages a related group of people to go through that targeted content.

By delivering the content directly below the search bar, Google grows its consumer count. At the same time, it is able to compete with other sources of information in the market with Google Discover. In simple words, Google Discover is a news feed attached to the Google search bar that displayed content related to users’ interests.

How Much Potential Does Google Discover Have?

It goes without saying that no other method can replace organic SEO rankings. But if we were to estimate the potential of Google Discover is it worth working on it? The answer is not that simple as it seems. Due to the fact that your success with Google Discover depends on various factors.

For instance, if you are working on a niche related to SEO and digital marketing, your chances are very high to appear in Google Discover. Whereas, if you publish content related to product reviews and personal opinions on services, the possibilities may differ in this case.

Above all, Google Discover is like a boon for new bloggers. As Google itself is promoting the concept of web stories, it becomes easier to drive traffic through them. Not to mention you need to create engaging web stories if you expect great results from this method.

How To Drive Organic Traffic Through Google Discover?

1. Utilizing Web Stories

If you use Instagram and Youtube quite often, short stories are not something new for you. Web stories are very similar to Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. As the main purpose of these stories is to deliver more value in less time via visual elements for the readers. Creating web stories related to your niche may sound like a complicated task. But it is very easy when you are using the right tools.

Some of you might be using Google Blogger for managing and publishing the content. Thankfully, you can embed the web stories on both Blogger and WordPress. For WordPress, you can use the official plugin from Google. Whereas, if you wish to create web stories for Blogger, you need to use embed the code separately after creating it from Google’s story builder.

2. Creating Fresh Content

Some blogging niches are way more saturated than they actually look. For instance, publishing content related to making money online may not perform as you want. Hence, we suggest focusing more on fresh content creation. Not to mention Google promotes fresh and trending content organically. So if you are publishing those old-school how-to guides on the same topics, again and again, they won’t work at all!

You can use Google trends to find out which topics people are talking about. In addition, you can hit different social media platforms to figure out what is trending within your niche. Try to create useful content around these topics and you are more likely to come on the Google Discover feed.

3. Use High CTR Images

CTR – Short form of “Click Through Rate” is a critical factor for scaling a new blog. As we are talking about driving organic traffic from Google, the CTR concept will be limited to images only. As more people start working on driving traffic from Google in the future, it will be much difficult for new bloggers. Hence, you should take image quality and purpose into consideration as well.

Whenever you create a featured image for your article, make sure it looks attractive and encourages people to click. Because when your article shows up on Google Discover, only a small portion of your content will be displayed. This makes us rely on the image more, so packing it with some curiosity and question marks can work decently.

4. Building Your Authority

In order to make your opinion count in the market full of professionals, building your authority is a must. Google loves quality content especially if it comes from blogs with a higher Domain Authority. Hence, stacking up some quality backlinks from related forums and blogs is necessary if you wish to increase your Blog authority.

However, that doesn’t mean a blog with lower domain authority can not benefit from Google Discover. You can utilize the web stories method for getting the initial organic traffic. Once you start receiving enough visitors your authority as a reliable source of information will boost automatically.

5. Embedding YouTube Videos Within Posts

This method is not directly related to Google Discover. As the Google feed does not directly promote Youtube videos in the Discover feed. However, embedding YouTube videos that relate to your viewpoint and article content is beneficial in many ways. Increasing your chances of popping up on the Google discover feed.

Furthermore, having your own YouTube channel is better if you are looking forward to using this method. No doubt you can use other videos which are similar to your content but it creates a possibility that your visitors may start following that YouTube channel instead of your blog.


Google Discover is a feature that has been in the market for some time now. But not many bloggers were giving importance to it for organic traffic. Making it a lot easier for new people to stand out from others as not everyone is working on this strategy. Doesn’t matter whether your blog is new or old focusing on Google Discover is beneficial for everyone.

In conclusion, we highly recommend getting your content featured on Google Discover. Go through the complete article if you skipped directly to the bottom line. Most methods mentioned in this article are easy to implement. Therefore, take your time and start working on them and you will see results for sure. Do share this traffic hack with others and feel free to mention questions if you have any.

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