How to Fix Connection Timed Out In WordPress Site

Newbie WordPress users face many problems during starting a new blog and make it running like other blogs. Connection time out error is also one of those common errors that everyone faces while working with frameworks like WordPress.

How to Solve Connection Timed Out In WordPress Site

Solve Connection Timed Out In WordPress Site

Fortunately, you can fix such errors easily if you follow some simple steps. First of all, you will have to find out the real cause of this problem. To fix this error there are some possible solutions that I have described below.

Using Heavy Plugins

If you are a newbie in the world of blogging and have installed many plugins on your WordPress site that requires more resources then it can cause this problem. In most cases, you can simply find out the plugin that is causing this problem.

By turning off all the plugins that are active on your WordPress site, you can try activating all the plugins one by one and see which plugin is responsible for this error. After you have found out the faulty plugin, remove it from your WordPress site and look for an alternative on WordPress Plugins.

Usage Of Themes With More Resources

Sometimes using themes that require more resources can lead your WordPress blog to give such error. Because of the high demand for resources, the server fails to manage everything in time and connection error takes place on your screen.

Reverting to any of the default themes such as twenty twenty can help you lower the resources requirements and possibly fix the issue of connection time out. But if you are unable to access your WordPress dashboard then use Cpanel or FTP service to remove heavy themes from your WordPress site.

Increasing The Memory Limit

PHP memory limit plays an important role in deciding the overall performance of your WordPress site, So if your hosting provider has a lower memory limit as default, It can cause the problem of connection time out.

But don’t worry as it’s very easy to increase the memory limit of your WordPress site. If you have basic knowledge of Cpanel or FTP then you can do this by yourself. Otherwise, you can contact your hosting provider to increase the memory limit for your site.

If you are fixing this by yourself then you can access the wp-config file with either Cpanel file manager or FTP client service whichever you prefer. Now edit this file and paste the below code before the line that says “That’s All, Stop Editing! Happy Blogging.”
define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ );
And upload the updated file in your site’s root location, after the process is complete try accessing your WordPress site and see if the error is still showing or not.

Upgrading To A Better Hosting

Usage of poor quality shared hosting is one of the main reasons for this error. As you get limited resources for your WordPress site, whenever you install a heavy plugin or theme on your site the server can not handle the amount of load and crashes.

So you may need to upgrade your WordPress site with a better hosting service like Siteground. There are lots of other hosting providers available in the market who provide excellent service at an affordable price range. You can choose any of them to make sure your site performs well in extreme conditions too.


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