Keyword Mapping: What It Is and How To Do It In 2022?

A lot of companies and businessmen invest in paid SEO campaigns to drive traffic on targeted keywords. But not all of them get the results they are expecting after spending a decent amount of money on the promotion.

what is keyword mapping and how you can do it

Such outcomes can occur due to a lot of reasons and improper keyword research is one of them. Managing and evaluating the keywords with the right approach is essential. And the best way to do it is to create a Keyword map. If you don’ know what keyword mapping is and how you can utilize it for better results, stay with us to find out.

What Is Keyword Mapping?

Knowing what is keyword research and how to do it is essential beforehand to understand the concept of Keyword mapping. Because keyword mapping depends on your previous keyword research and data. Assuming you are well aware of those details, Let’s discuss what keyword mapping is.

As the name suggests, the process of keyword mapping is visualizing your keyword allocation for different pages on your website. By writing down the different keywords for each page, you can create a visual map that indicates what you should do and what to avoid.

In simple words, Keyword mapping is a process of deciding which page will use which keywords before publishing them.

Importance Of Keyword Mapping In SEO

A question will arise in the mind of those people who prefer to keep things as simple as possible. That question is “Why Should I Invest My Time & Efforts Just For Managing Keywords?”. And this question is necessary as well because if you are not questioning yourself before you do something, It is more or less like working without a goal in mind.

Similarly, knowing why keyword mapping is important for SEO is necessary. Not to mention implementing accurate Keyword mapping also helps you build a decent structure for your site. As you decrease the chances of keyword cannibalism by doing keyword mapping, you can prevent your content from competing with itself.

Additionally, Keyword mapping is very beneficial when you already have a lot of content published on your site. With the help of a complete keyword map laid out in front of you, it becomes much easier to dedicate certain keywords to particular pages. Hence, improving the overall on-page SEO score for your content.

How To Do Keyword Mapping In 2022?

Pre-planning your content with proper keyword mapping is one of the popular methods that professionals use. However, it doesn’t mean that keyword mapping is only made for those gigantic sites or successful blogs. Almost anyone with enough knowledge can utilize the concept of keyword mapping to get better results.

Thankfully, we have created a step-by-step guide to help you get started with keyword mapping. Some of you might be already using it even though sharing the process in a simple manner is our job. Start following the below steps and you will be able to create your own Keyword map in no time!

Step 1: Create a list of your best-performing pages

The first step to creating a simple keyword map is the evaluation of your published pages. Doesn’t matter if you are keymapping for a blog or a business site, the process will certainly help. And the best way is to note down the list of pages that are driving the most traffic for you.

Therefore, prefer creating an Excel sheet for managing all the records effectively. It will allow you to track down the keywords you have used before and which keywords require more work. In addition, the list of your best-performing pages will motivate you to improve other pages in the same way.

Step 2: Extract keywords with high potential

Now what you need to do is pay attention to the redundant keywords on each page. Extract those high potential keywords which will be useful for ranking higher on the SERPs at a later stage. Mention these keywords as a list or in a CSV format within your Excel sheet.

You can also visit your competitor to figure out what set of keywords is working for them. It will also give a basic idea of the right way to interlink your content. So make sure to give priority to those high potential keywords during key mapping.

Step 3: Integrate your main keywords thoroughly

Deciding the best approach for linking back to your own content is sometimes very confusing. This is where keyword mapping comes in handy, Integrating relevant keywords thoroughly with each other helps you in mapping your keywords.

Start by grouping similar keywords under the relevant page. By doing so you would be able to filter most of them. As we discussed previously, using an Excel sheet will make keyword grouping a lot easier. Not to mention you need to pay attention to the specific search intestines as well. Grouping keywords with similar search intent will help you interlink effectively.

Step 4: Finalizing the blueprint for your site

Finally, once you are done with all the steps you will be able to distinguish between different keywords with the help of the data you just processed. Turning this data into an actionable format for the future will result in the Keyword mapping process you were aiming for.

Considering the various benefits of going through the hassle, you will be able to build a wonderful site structure. Not to mention the process of building a keyword map can be different for each individual. As keywords and their dependency on each other varies from one niche to another.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is keywords or something else that you are dealing with. Management is the key factor that has a huge part in deciding your success. No doubt you should pay attention to keyword mapping and related terms but we suggest working more on improving the quality of content.

In conclusion, mapping your keywords accordingly may seem very easy when your page count is low. However, you will have a hard time mapping them when your site has excessive content and a busy publishing schedule. So try to create a simple blueprint in the very starting to benefit from it later.

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