What Is Guest Posting How To Get Quality Backlinks Using Guest Posts?

If you have been blogging for a long time then you must know how important backlinks are when it comes to ranking your new or old blog in the tough competition out there in the blogging industry.

But generating quality backlinks is not that easy to achieve. If you find only two quality and niche related backlinks for your blog then it will drastically increase your blog’s authority as well as index ranking.

In this article, we are going to focus on what is guest blogging and how it can help you improve your writing skills along with some quality backlinks on some well-known blogs too.

So if you are not fully aware of guest blogging and how it works, Don’t worry because you will get every piece of information related to guest posting.

What Is Guest Blogging? How It Can Help Your Blog?

The majority of the people who have more than one article ranking on the first page of google have to use various link building strategies and guest blogging is one of them. As the name suggests “Guest Blogging” is a practice in which you have to write for someone’s blog as a guest.

When writing for other blogs there are some things you need to consider in order to provide quality content to the person who is allowing you to post on their blog. Now if you have good relationships with other bloggers in the same niche as yours then you won’t find it difficult to find some amazing blogs for guest posting.

However, it’s not the same for everyone because, without good relationships with other bloggers in the same niche as yours, you will have to reach out to different people who are willing to provide guest posting service on their precious blog.

How To Find Best Blogs For Guest Posting?

If you are a newbie in the blogging industry then we recommend you improve your copywriting skills before going to post on other’s blogs. Because if they find your content not worth publishing then you won’t get a quality backlink for your blog.

For finding good and established blogs that are relevant to your niche you easily search for the terms and topics you like to write about and see which blogs are ranking for those specific keywords in the top 20 results.

If any of those blogs offer guest posting service then a link will be in their header or footer section. Visit that link and fill-up the form or in most cases contact the blog owner via email to find out they provide guest posting service on their blog or not.

Types Of Guest Posting

Whenever you are looking for authority blogs for posting your articles as a guest either you have to pay for them or you will get a free backlink if you are lucky enough. In paid guest posting service the blog owners will charge you some fixed amount for posting your blog’s link along with your article on their blog.

But for any beginner paid guest posting isn’t recommended at all because if you end up writing a short article for guest posting then it won’t drive much traffic and attraction for your newly created blog in the market.

As long as you are exchanging the backlinks with someone it is not necessary to write a 3000 words professional article, a simple 800-1000 words article is more than enough if you are still making your way through it.

When exchanging the backlinks with others you don’t have to pay for the guest posts you publish on their blog, in return, you can offer them to guest post on your own blog. So it’s a win-win for both parties.

How Guest Blogging Will Help You?

The term guest blogging is very popular among the professional or intermediate bloggers looking for the good link juice to their blogs. But how can guest blogging help you and your blog, will it benefit you in any way?

Yes, definitely it will help you and your blog both. In the sense that if you are writing quality content for a guest post then you have to make it worth reading and enjoyable at the same time which will develop your writing and grammar skills.

With sharp writing and grammatical skills, you will find it easy to create quality content for your blog every day. Not only your skills will get a boost but your new blog will also receive some attraction of organic visitors.

As you start writing guest posts on several blogs you will find your blog improving its rankings in the majority of search engines. And whenever someone reads the guest post written by you will visit your blog for once.

In this way, you will also start building an audience for your blog if you have provided valuable information in the guest post. And the most important thing, if you have published your guest post on a blog with a very high domain authority then it will benefit your overall SEO at the same time.

Precautions To Be Taken Before Guest Posting

Whenever making a deal with someone who is providing you a backlink for a paid guest post on their site, Or exchanging the backlinks with you make sure to trust only someone you know personally.

Never buy guest posts directly from platforms like forums and social media where you need to pay in advance for getting a backlink for your blog. Because in most cases you won’t be able to contact the seller once you have made the payment in advance.

Instead, go for the backlink exchange method or if you really like to buy some quality links for your blog then always use trustworthy platforms like fiverr.com, SEO clerks, etc. Where the deal is done through an authority mediator company.

Keep these simple steps in mind and you won’t find it difficult to get some good blogs for posting your guest posts and drive initial traffic to your new blog.


Guest blogging is very helpful for growing new blogs and improving DA PA at the same. As you get backlinks from high authority blogs it will always help your blog grow in a positive way as your link is available on that blog.

If you found any type of informative content within this article then please share it with your other friends and don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have.

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