Mangools VS SemRush – Choose the Best SEO Tool

When starting out as a blogger in 2020 you may have encountered many problems in terms of writing quality content, driving more traffic, or improving your rankings. Whatever the problem is you still figure out something that can work for you right?

mangools vs semrush seo tools

It may be true for certain situations but when it comes to proper search engine marketing and analysis research tools are one of the best choices available in the market. With a little investment, you can collect very important information from your competitors easily.

But which tool will be a good choice for any newbie blogger in 2020? well, we have come up with two popular and powerful research tools that will give you an “Unfair Advantage” over your competitors!

Mangools VS SemRush Which one is best for you?

Basically today we are going to compare both the Mangools and SEMRush search engine research tools. Apparently both of them are made for the same purpose but each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages that will be really useful when choosing the best between both of these tools.

1. SemRush

Making its way through the tough competition in the market since 2008, SemRush is one of the best and oldest search engine marketing tools you can find. Talking about the number of clients served by Semrush every month is in thousands!

With more than 700 employees in 4 different countries, Semrush is a trustworthy brand for many bloggers around the world. After 11 years of failures and hard work, the Semrush has made competitor research fair enough within the market.

But how can Semrush help you or your blog grow? well, there are certain functions and features that can be only found at Semrush, unlike other competitor research platforms you will see a more organized structure and easy to digest tools usage.

let’s take a look at all the quality tools and information you will be able to use when you subscribe to any of their paid plans.

SEMRush Features

  • Product Listing Ads
  • Market Explorer
  • Personalized Reports
  • Display Advertising Tool
  • Powerful Keyword Research
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • SEO Writing Assistant
  • CPC map
  • Backlinks
  • Organic Research
  • Research related to advertising

Such amazing features right? all of them are provided with proper maintenance and guidance so you can optimize the use of this tool at it’s fullest. For example, if you are someone who owns a consulting agency and a client approaches you who is looking for getting more customers for their business or service what would you do?

One way is that you would try to promote their product/service offline and another way is to use online advertising. Now Semrush will easily handle most of your tasks like analyzing your competitors and finding easy+organic keywords for your customer at the same time.

There are lots of other important and very useful features you will realize later when you start working with Semrush. And don’t care if you are a complete newbie in using tools like these because Semrush offers solid customer support too.

If you found these features attractive and useful then you can go for Pro plan when starting out as a blogger but still it’s way too costly compared to Mangools. Because you will have to pay $83.28/month (billed yearly) for using their service.

Now let’s talk about our second competitor that is Mangools and explore which features and services it has!

2. Mangools

In case if you have not heard about Mangools before then let me tell you that Mangools is a competitor research tool that is new to the market in terms of experience, not functionality. Because if you have ever visited their site you will find the user interaction and site profiling is quite good compared to other tools in the market.

mangools seo tools

With a pleasant environment to work within, your efficiency will get increased and you will love to do competitor research in their interface. As being featured on popular sites like Backlinko, Hubspot, and Mangools have proven to be a very powerful competitor research tool.

Starting out as a keyword research tool in August 2014 the Mangools introduced “Kwfinder” to everyone. What it basically did was to provide detailed information about any keyword you wanted.

But with the growing competition, they introduced many more amazing and powerful competitor research tools like SerpChecker, LinkMiner, SerpWatcher, and SiteProfiler until now!

You can have a close look at all the features included in the Mangools pack if you are sure about using this tool.


  • Rank Analysis (Updates More Frequently)
  • Backlink Analysis
  • In-depth Keyword Research
  • SERP analysis
  • Enhanced Site Profiler
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Value For Money Service
  • Huge Knowledge Base
  • Handy Customer Support
  • Free Powerful Extension For Everyone

The main goal of Mangools is to provide the best possible service and data to the bloggers around the globe. Looking for detailed stats of other blogs/sites and keywords to rank their own site/blog with the use of low competition keywords.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you grow your blog then go for Mangools because you will find every single tool you need for becoming a successful blogger in 2020! However, if you do pay advertising and run campaigns for others then you won’t find any quality tools available for that particular task.

Maybe they can add Ad campaign research or other tools required for proper paid advertising as a newbie. But if you want a tool with tools included for running paid advertisements easily then Semrush will be more effective for you.

But as a newbie blogger, I would recommend you to go with a basic or premium plan that would cost you around $29-$39/month (billed yearly). It will be more than enough for you to have access to such a huge database of keywords and other information.


Whenever we require some extra help for in-depth research in terms of blogging tools like Semrush and Mangools are one of the best choices to start any type of competitive or keyword research we require.

Both of them are high-quality tools but you will have to choose the best one for you. That is affordable at the same time because most of the features and functionalities are the same expect some.

If you found any type of informative content within this article then please share it with your other friends and don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have.

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