8 Best Alternatives to RavenTools SEO Marketing Tool

These days, Raven tools are getting famous. What Raven Tools are and what features it provides let’s know it. Raven is an All-In-One SEO Tool Platform. TapClicks is the parent company of Raven and this is located within the United States. In the beginning, Raven tools are only designed for SEO’s but later they added some extra features that help the tiny to large-sized businesses and marketing agencies and freelancers.

Choose the Best Raven Tools Alternatives

Before we get into the RavenTools alternatives, let’s know about Raven tools features and pricing.

Features that Raven Tools Provides

  • Marketing Reports: This tool is to measure your marketing success across multiple platforms to see what’s working, what isn’t, and what changes should be made in your marketing strategy.  This tool will monitor the progress, improve marketing strategy and scale to new heights.
  • Competitor Doman Research: This tool will help you to see how your competitors are ranking, what keywords they are targeting, and where they’re backlinks are coming from.
  • Site Auditor: This tool offers a lot of features. Like it will identify all the problems of your site and fix them all and also Compare your Site Crawl and Track Audit Progress.
  • SERP Rank Tracker: This tool will track all your keywords and provide the most flexible rank checking.
  • Keyword Rank Checker: This tool instantly identifies ranking keywords for any domain and identify domain’s top-ranking keywords and give huge keyword research.
  • Keyword Research: This tool gives every detail and it is a complete keyword research tool. It will show you a huge list of keyword lists and also show you the search volume, competition, and CPC. This tool also provides Filter your data and Export your data options.
  • Backlink Checker: This tool analyses and checks backlinks of any site and gives you all the details and limitless backlinks opportunities.
  • Link Spy: This tool finds new links and spy on your competitors and lets you know backlinks opportunities.
  • Social Media: This tool provides social media reports automatically. This tool is very important for Social Media Marketers.

Raven Tools Pricing Summary

Raven Tools pricing starts at $79.00 per month. They provide 4 plans with free trails. There’s not a free version of Raven Tools So Raven Tools provides a free trial. The other 3 plans start at $139 per month, $249 per month and 399 per month.

8 Best Raven Tools Alternatives to Improve Your Blog’s SEO

To get a brief knowledge about all tools and pick the proper one, You should know about other competitors and also about Raven tools. The following I have explained 8 competitors and describe briefly those features. Let us have a look one by one-

1. Semrush

Semrush.com is one of the best alternatives to Raven tools because Semrush provides a really good service. If you have competitors to beat, targeting keywords, finding good backlinks, etc then Semrush is a good tool for you. The Semrush tool is organized and designed well. You will need a few days to know everything but when you use this tool frequently, you will know everything.

Semrush Features & Overview

There are a lot of features in Semrush. Some of them are-

Keyword Magic Tool: This feature will let you know about search volume, keyword difficulty, competitive density, cost-per-click, etc.

Site audits: This feature identifies issues and problems quickly.

Keyword tracking: This feature provides all information about keywords.

Pricing Summary

Semrush offers 4 different plans. There are

  • Pro Plan (99.95 per month)
  • Guru Plan (199.95 per month)
  • Business Plan (399.95 per month)
  • Enterprise Plan.

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2. Seobility

This is also a great All-In-One SEO tool that gives you information about your websites. Seobility is founded in 2011 and located within Germany. This tool is designed for small and mid-sized businesses, Freelancers, business owners. Seobility will crawl your site and gives you every little detail that humans can’t spot. This tool checks and scans your site and notify every error and problem with the site.

Seobility Features & Overview

Keyword check: In this tool, The user needs to input a URL of their post. After that, this tool gives tips and performance details of keywords.

Ranking check: This feature provides the ranking positions simply putting domain URL and targeted keywords.

SEO check: This SEO Check feature is completely free and very helpful. This feature helps to increase organic traffic and reduce the bounce rate.

Product Overview

  • Backlinks
  • On page
  • Rankings
  • SEO Software
  • SEO Tool
  • TF IDF Tool
  • All-in-One SEO Tool
  • Content Optimization

Pricing Summary

Seobility offers 3 plans. From them the basic is free. The others are

  • Basic Plan (Free Plan)
  • Premium Plan ($50 per month)
  • Agency Plan ($200 per month)

Seobility also offers a 30-day free trial.

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3. Rank Ranger

RankRanger is a fully-packed SEO Software. This is founded in 2009 and located within the United States. This is an advanced SEO service provider. Many Marketing, Social Media, & PPC managers use their reports and details.

RankRanger Features Overview

Rank Ranger offers some useful SEO and marketing tools. Some of them are

  • Social Analytics: Using this feature, you will access all inbound marketing channels.
  • Rank Tracker: This feature will provide you to track the rank of any keywords and give you daily rank reports of keywords.
  • Keyword Research: Using this feature, you will get the right profitable keywords.
  • White Label SEO: This will give you a 100% white label marketing dashboard and uniquely gives you full control of the HTML and CSS.
  • Link Manager: This feature gives you to import and export your important link details, analyze activities, track backlink and SEO status and archive backlinks.
  • Insight Graph: This feature provides a pre-designed assortment of graphs and widgets for analysis and presentation of online marketing success.

Pricing summary

Rank Ranger offers 3 plans. There are

  • Basic Plan ($69 per month)
  • Standard Plan ($119 per month)
  • Pro Plan ($399 per month)

They don’t provide a free version. But they offer a 14-day free trial.

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4. Serpstat

Serpstat is also a good platform for SEO. This is founded in 2014 and located within Ukraine. This tool is also for Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, PPC, Search Analytics. Many famous companies are client of Serpstat. Some companies are Shopify, Loreal, Lenovo, etc.

Serpstat Features Overview

  • Keyword Research: This feature will let you know about keyword performance, search volume, cost-per-click and the number of search results. Using this feature you will get profitable keywords quickly.
  • Competitor Research: This feature will provide a list of your top competitors and show their performances. Using this feature, you can simply compare two domains.
  • Rank Tracking: Using this feature, you can monitor your and your competitor’s site rankings and also get the top results for keywords.
  • On-Page Audit: This feature allows you to perform instant analysis of web pages, and find and fix on-site and off-site issues and improve domain’s crawl rate.
  • Content Marketing Ideation: This feature is to discover and create unique content that is working well in your niche and also tracks your content’s number of shares.
  • Advertising Analysis: Using this feature, you can research the competitors’ advertising campaigns and analysis advertising.
  • Search Analytics: This feature provides the leading keywords that place your competitors in the search result.

Pricing Summary

Serpstat offers 4 plans. There are

  • Lite ($69 per month)
  • Standard ($149 per month)
  • Advance ($299 per month)
  • Enterprise ($499 per month)

Serpstat also offers a free trial to test the tool.

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5. SE Ranking

This is a good alternative to Raven tools. SE Ranking is founded in 2012 and located within the United States. SE Ranking is a cloud-based All-In-One SEO software. This is generally designed for entrepreneurs, agencies, enterprises and marketing teams.

SE Ranking Features Overview

  • Keyword Rank Tracker: This tool provides track rankings in Google/Yahoo/Bing for any location and device.
  • Website Audit: This tool crawls every page of a website. It crawls Link-by-link from the homepage to the deepest pages.
  • Backlink Checker: This tool creates a complete list of backlinks from any domain.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool: This tool will help you to find a great keyword for your site.
  • Marketing plan: This feature provides a comprehensive strategy that helps the newbies most.
  • SEO/PPC Competitor research: This tool helps you to discover your competitor’s keywords and ads for paid and organic search.
  • SEO Reporting Tools: This tool sends SEO reports manually and automatically. So you don’t need to spend time and resources.
  • Social Media Management: This tool fully controls your social media communications with scheduled publishing and monitoring tools.

Pricing Summary

SE Ranking offers 3 plans. There are

  • Optimum ($39 per month)
  • Plus ($89 per month)
  • Enterprise ($189 per month)

SE Ranking also offers a 14-day free trial.

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6. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite includes every SEO features from Backlink research to Site audits. This is founded in 2004 and located within Belarus. This is a very old and trusted software. Many businesses, experts and newbies trust and use this software in their work.

SEO Powersuite Features & Overview

SEO Powersuite has 4 great tools to improve website and content. There are

  • SEO Spyglass: This is a backlink research & analysis tool. It allows you to know the competitor’s backlinks and their strategy.
  • Rank Tracker: This is keyword research, rank tracking, and competitor analysis tool. It also gives information about the keyword difficulty.
  • LinkAssistant: This tool is used for link building. This tool finds link building opportunities and email contact details.
  • Website Auditor: This tool is to optimize and crawl the website. This tool finds valuable keywords and improves on-page SEO.

Pricing Summary

SEO Powersuit offers 3 plans and the payment is one time. From them, one is free forever. The others are

  • Professional ($299 One-Time-Payment)
  • Enterprise ($699 One-Time-Payment)

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7. Mangools

With Mangools you will get a complete solution for SEO tools. Mangools allows Backlinks analysis, website analysis, keyword research, SERP analysis, Rank tracking, etc. This is founded in 2014 and located within Slovakia. This is best for a digital marketer, blogger, affiliate marketers, etc.

Mangools Features & Overview

Mangools is a set of 5 main SEO tools.

  • KWFinder: This is a keyword research tool. This is one of the best tools for finding profitable and low competition keywords.
  • SERPChecker: This tool is used for finding competitor weakness. This tool helps in analyzing the competitor.
  • SERPWatcher: This is a rank tracking tool. This tool allows us to rank keywords quickly.
  • LinkMiner: This is a backlink analysis tool.
  • SiteProfiler: This is an SEO analysis tool.

Pricing Summary

Mangools offers 3 plans and the payment is one time. From them, one is free. The others are

  • Basic ($29 per month)
  • Premium ($39 per month)
  • Agency ($79 per month)

You will get a 10-day free trial offer with Mangools to check its features.

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8. Rankedy

Rankedy is founded in 2018 and located in India. This is an awesome Full-featured SEO Platform that’s Ingenious & Effective to Rank. Rankedy’s awesome SEO tools are specially designed for Freelancers, Bloggers, Content Publishers, Digital Marketing Agencies and using these tools they are improving their work.

Rankedy Features & Overview

Some of Rankedy’s tools are

  • Website Analysis: You can analyze your site and identify and fix On-Site factors to improve SEO ranks of your site.
  • Backlink Monitoring: You can monitor your and your competitor’s backlinks status.
  • Competitor Analysis: You can analyze your competitor’s website and get to know all the details about ranking keywords, backlinks, etc.
  • Keyword Personality: It will identify the top competitors for each keyword, remove bad links from Google, and many more.
  • Keyword Tracking: You can track any keywords by using this tool. You can know the top-ranking site of specific keywords.
  • SERP Rank Tracker: This tool gives you the accurate rank tracking of your SERP Rankings with Desktop and Mobile Friendly Rank Tracking.

Pricing Summary

Rankedy offers 4 plans and the payment is one time. From them, one is free. The others are

  • Freelancer ($29 per month)
  • Startup ($79 per month)
  • Agency ($149 per month)
  • Enterprise ($3490 per year)

Rankedy offers a 7-day free trial before buying the paid features.

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These are the best 8 Raven’s alternative which you can use for your work. But remember all SEO tools are almost the same but some of them are a little bit advance. So choose according to your budget. All the SEO tools are trusted and provide 24 hours customer support. I hope you will be able to decide the best one for you.

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