Best Cheap SemRush Alternatives To Kick Start Your Online Blog Marketing

There are lots of search engine marketing software out there in the market. You may be familiar with some of them like SemRush on which I have discussed earlier.

But today I am going to explore some of the best alternatives of SemRush. That you can use easily for doing proper SEO and search engine marketing of your new blog or website. There are lots of alternatives for Semrush, however not every alternative is ideal to replace Semrush.

Best SemRush Alternatives For Your Blog Marketing

So I am only going to explore those alternatives which can easily fulfill all the requirements you have from a search engine marketing tool like SemRush. As a beginner in the blogging industry, you might not have enough investment for expensive SEO and SEM tools so you can use some of these alternatives described in our list below.

1. Raven Tools

The first tool which I highly recommend is Raven Tools.  Which provides 7 amazing tools to beat your competitors easily. Below is the list of the best features and tools provided by Raven Tools which can be easily used by a beginner too!

Raven Tools Features List

  • Website Audits
  • Competitor Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Marketing Reports
  • Link Building Manager
  • Keyword Rank Checker
  • Backlink Tools

There are lots of other features and tools along with these main features of Raven Tools. Now talking about the pricing you can start your 7 days free trial of any plan you wish to buy in the future.

Raven Tools Planes are as follows, 1. Start 2. Grow 3. Thrive 4. Lead. You can choose from any of these plans and check the quality and functionality with a 7-day free trial. As an alternative for Semrush, you can consider this choice to be good and more useful with higher pricing.

Start Using RavenTools Now

2. Seranking

As moving on to our second alternative for Semrush, can’t be ignored. Being featured on some of the most popular sites like SEO Journal, Mashable, INC, Entrepreneur, and Search engine land is a trusted SEM tool to use.

But how it can be used as an alternative for Semrush? well, it has many amazing features that can be used to outrank your competitors easily! have a look at them below.

Seranking SEO Software Features

  • On-page SEO Analysis
  • Keywords suggestion, grouping, and rank tracking tools
  • Easy website Audits
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • SEO/PPC competitor research
  • Provides API services

With more than 300,000 users you can rely on for using it on your new blog. Talking about pricing it’s similar to the Raven tools which I talked about earlier. The more you pay the more features you will get at a discounted price.

Start SeRanking Free Trial Now

3. SEO Powersuite

Unlike other services, SEO Powersuite is a software that can be downloaded to your personal computer. It doesn’t matter which OS you are using. Because there are different versions available for popular operating systems like, Linux, Windows, Mac Os, etc.

Considering the features of SEO PowerSuite SEO software, there are mainly 4 powerful SEO tools that include some small tools within them. You can see the tools mentioned below.

SEO PowerSuite Features

  • Content Optimization & Full website Audit
  • Anti-penalty link audit & In-depth Backlink research
  • keyword research & Automatic rank tracking
  • Link management & Effective link outreach

You can use all of these features and tools for your new blog after downloading the software. In fact, there is a free version available for everyone to download and start using limited features.

But if you are planning to use Link Assistant SEO PowerSuite software for a business or much larger data analysis then you can go for the paid versions. It offers two plans, the first one is for medium business ($299) while the second one is for enterprise-level solutions ($699).

Download SEO Power Suite for Free

4. ManGool Tools

The Mangool tools are distributed in various tools on the main site. You can use each of them at the same time for growing your blog. There are tools for anything you want to perform on your blog or site which are listed below,

Mangools Tools Features

  • SERP watcher
  • KWfinder
  • SERP checker
  • SiteProfiler
  • LinkMiner

Every tool is made to perform a different task you can easily guess the work every tool does from the name of it. When using any of these tools you will get more tools bundled within each of them. With almost the same pricing as others, you can use this popular tool as an alternative for SemRush.

Start Free Trial on Mangools Tools

5. Rankedy

When exploring SemRush alternatives it’s good to consider finding some new service providers too. Rankedy is one of them which is recently introduced in the internet market and constantly improving the service and performance of it.

Let’s have a look at the Rankedy features below

  • Exclusive Keyword research tools
  • Powerful Website analysis, page analysis, audits
  • Rank tracker for SERP
  • New & Lost Link Overview
  • Rank Journal
  • Backlinks monitoring

There are lots of amazing tools that come with service. You can use some of the new tools also like the Disavow tool- Google penalty recovery, keyword personality, etc. In short, rankedy has all the tools you need for a new blog at decent pricing you can afford easily.

Start Rankandy Trial Now

6. Seobility

With some well-known customer companies like Samsung, Targo Bank, and Akamai, is a quality SEM tool and is growing really fast in the internet marketing space. If you are looking for a cheaper and effective alternative for SemRush then can be useful for you.

However, it has most of the basic tools required for proper research and analyzing, You get a new tool known as TF*IDF which can show you which type of content is performing well for everyone.

Then you can improve yours like the top-notch articles and grow your blog easily. You can easily sign up for the free plan is you want to test the interface and other features closely. Otherwise, you can go with the $50 monthly plan, which is enough for the medium-sized blogs.

Start Free Trial with Seobility

7. RankRanger

If you are looking for software that can be customized according to your needs then is the best available choice for you. Where you can enjoy hundreds of integrations, custom graphs-widgets, custom data-packages, etc.

Let’s have a look at which features and tools you are going to get if you choose for your new blog.

RankRanger Software Features

  • PPC, API and other useful data integrations
  • Social media analytics
  • In-depth SEO reports for Rankings, Traffic, Links, etc.
  • Easy Marketing analysis
  • White label SEO

According to your requirements, you can go for expensive plans that offer more features and a number of reports. While on the other hand, the pricing starting at $69/month can be a good choice compared to other solutions out there.

Start Now with RankRanger

8. Serpstats

Claiming to be an All-in-one SEO platform the Serpstats is available for free to use with limited features. You can use it for your own blog and check whether it works for you or not. Because if you are looking for SemRush alternative then you won’t be disappointed by Serpstats.

Most of the features are the same as other alternatives but with a more attractive and user-friendly environment.

A Small List of SerpStats Features

  • Search Analytics
  • Backlink analysis
  • Content marketing ideation
  • Rank tracking
  • Competitor research
  • Advertising analytics
  • Market Intelligence
  • Audits
  • API and backlink analysis tools

With these many tools, you can easily compete with everyone in your niche as yours but it’s not the only thing you will require to compete with popular blogs/websites. Now talking about the pricing again it’s only for those who can afford to invest in SEM tools.

You can go for the Lite plan starting at $69/month if you have the budget and want to grow your new blog with the right tools.

Start SerpStats Free Trial Now


There are lots of SEM tools available in the market like SemRush but some people prefer to use other alternatives for certain reasons. You can easily use any of the above mentioned Semrush alternatives to kick-start your new blog or website’s SEO and rankings.

If you found this article useful then please share with others and don’t forget to mention any recommendations or queries you have regarding anything in the comments section below.

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