SEO Power Suite- Is it Really that Much Powerful?

SEO PowerSuite is the best SEO software and has many advantages against any other software. If you are working with this software you can achieve and maintain the top position in search engine. It helps to generate more traffic and sales on the website.

For every project, the SEO Power Suite helps craft to win the SEO strategy. SEO PowerSuite is a Features rich Pack which includes Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, Link Assistant with local and global SEO, in-depth competition analysis, profound keyword research, and advanced rank tracking, etc.

SEO PowerSuite software contains 4 tools that cover every aspect of SEO – ranking, keywords, on-page, and backlinks. Also, it covers mobile SEO, analytics, social media, and reports.

SEO PowerSite includes the following 4 tools:-

  1. Rank Tracker
  2. Website Auditor
  3. SEO SpyGlass
  4. LinkAssistant

Let’s start with Rank Tracker.

Rank Tracker

This is the best tool for keyword research and to check the search engine rank. Rank Tracker searches and compares ranking from 300+ search engines for 100s of URLs and keywords. It can also track your competitors and creates a customizable report.

Rank Tracker identifies the profitable keyword for your SEO campaign. It is easy to use and will also manage all the data.

Top 5 Benefits of Rank Tracker:-

  1. 1. Rank Monitoring

Rank Tracker is the most customizable tool. If you want to track positions locally and globally it will check for the top 50 search results. You can also track map listings.

  1. 2. Geo-Specific Rankings

Rank Tracker is the only tool that can track the position for any location – city, state, country or even a street address.

  1. 3. Keyword Tool

All your keyword research tools are integrated into Rank Tracker: Competition research, Keyword Discovery, Adwords Keyword Planner, Related Searches, and Autocomplete, Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Search Console for terms you already rank for. These sources will give you thousands of keywords that you can’t find elsewhere.

As you normally search keyword ideas, Rank Tracker automatically group them by topic. So you can target an entire group of keywords. You don’t need to go through countless terms.

  1. 4. Keyword analysis

Rank tracker not only helps to find the keywords, but it also helps to pick the best keywords and prioritize them for targeting. Rank Tracker can calculate keyword difficulty for every term. You can easily find the keyword difficulty to assign keywords and groups to landing pages.

  1. 5. Ranking Reports

Rank Tracker reports are 100 % customizable, white-label and designed to look good. If you want to share reports with the client, it is easy. In Rank Tracker you can upload your report to the cloud and instantly give a shareable link. So you can share that link to your client.

You can set a scheduled task. Rank Tracker will automatically build reports and delivers them to your clients on your schedule. Reports can be direct link or attachment file and in plain text or custom HTML email.

Why Choose Rank Tracker?

There are so many reasons to choose Rank Tracker. You can see that no other platform provides accurate ranking information and SERP intelligence as Rank Tracker. This is the best keyword rank reporting tool ever. The reports are easy to customize and you only need to add data relevant to your clients.

Rank Tracker is one of the fastest rank checkers. When you run a rank checker for 200+ keywords target, it will split out the ranking result in less than 1 minute.

The best tool to keep track of keyword positioning for a long time. Rank Tracker has 20 different keyword sources.


Website Auditor

This tool focuses on on-page optimization and analysis. Website Auditor tool audits your entire website to reveal key SEO factors which you should improve to boost your site.

Website Auditor will identify on-page SEO issues and run will comprehensive audits of the website. It will help you to optimize the content of your website and build a Google XML sitemap. Website Auditor creates and manages the robot.txt files.

Top 6 Benefits of Website Auditor:-

  1. 1. SEO Spider

WebSite Auditor digs diligently through your site to audit both external and internal: JavaScript, CSS, Html, images, videos and more. This tool crawls your website like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Follow the robot.txt instruction for any bot and can analyze the same pages of your website that search engines see.

  1. 2. Site Auditing

WebSite Auditor quickly reveals issues on your website. That can affect ranking, search engine indexation, and user experience: duplicate content, broken links, and images, redirect chains, poor mobile usability. And others are W3C validation error, heavy pages, scripts, thin content and more. WebSite Auditor will show you a full report of errors with pages, just go through them to fix the error step by step.

  1. 3. robots.txt and Sitemap

WebSite Auditor easily generates robot.txt file or XML sitemap at a click of a button. It already has a sitemap and robot instruction. You just need to review and edit the files in the application. You can upload the changes to your website instantly via FTP.

  1. 4. SEO Audit

WebSite Audit measures optimization rates of any keyword on any page. Get keyword and page optimization advice to see what makes others rank high and where you should improve.

  1. 5. Content optimization

WebSite Auditor optimizes pages in the application in a user-friendly interface or HTML. You will get Step by step SEO advise as you type. In the new tab, you can create and edit your page’s title and Meta description.

  1. 6. Custom Reports

WebSite Auditor’s reports are fully customizable. By uploading reports to the cloud, you can share reports with your clients. You need to set a scheduled task, WebSite Auditor will build the report on autopilot and deliver it to your clients.

SEO SpyGlass

This tool focuses on researching links and spying on your competitors. You can research your competition and see where they are getting links. By doing this you can conduct outreach and can start generating links from similar sources and can start ranking your keywords.

SEO SpyGlass generates clear backlink reports. It will find all backlinks pointing to any website or web page and will also identify harmful links.

Top 6 Benefits of SEO SpyGlass:-

  1. 1- All Links to any Site from Up to Date Index

You can find all links to any domain with a site backlinks index. If you want to be ensuring about your list of backlinks is unbeatable comprehensive. This tool pulls your links directly from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This thing you won’t find in any other backlink checker tool.

  1. 2- Anti-Penguin

You should stay away from any link that may cause a Google penalty. SEO SpyGlass helps to identify spammy and harmful links and will keep your site safe from bad guys.

  1. 3- Powerful Analytics

The summary module will give comprehensive analytics on all links to any site. You can check the detail of all backlinks such as the domain, anchor text, and linked URLs.

  1. 4- Competitor Links

You can check your competitor’s backlinks how they generated. Compare all details of competitors to your own. Find out their strengths and weakness and build high-quality links for your own site.

  1. 5- Real-Time Link Check

SEO SpyGlass will check the status of all backlinks if your links get taken down or switched to nofollow. So you can be sure that your analyzing links are live.

  1. 6- Backlink Reports

SEO SpyGlass reports are customizable and designed to look good across devices. You can easily share your reports with your client by uploading them to the cloud. Make a scheduled task. SEO SpyGlass will build reports and deliver them to the clients on your schedule.


This tool is designed to conduct outreach and build links. You just need to enter a website and you will get a list of potential link building opportunities. LinkAssistant check and finds valuable links across the web.  It monitors your backlinks to make sure they are still alive.

4 Benefits of LinkAssistant:-

  1. 1. Link Opportunities

This tool can find hundreds of relevant prospects for you in a second. LinkAssistant tool is a time saver for any SEO.

  1. 2. High-Quality Link

You can see the value of the prospect by looking at its quality factors such as Domain Age, Domain Authority, Alexa, social media metrics, etc. LinkAssistant helps to avoid all potentially harmful links.

  1. 3. Easy Outreach

Use a handy email template for outreach. Easily tracks sent and replies and flag the important emails.

  1. 4. Link Verification

Regular check links to make sure your links don’t get taken do.

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