SerpStats VS SemRush Which one is Better for You?

In the world of blogging and web development, it’s not easy to rank your new websites or blogs. Growing a new blog/website requires proper research and time. And for keyword research, proper SEO of your new blog/website requires a quality research tool.

serpstat and semrush

Buying a good search engine marketing tool will provide you additional functionalities to spy on your competitors easily. And find some of the best performing low competition keywords in your niche. So consider it a useful investment for your business to grow faster.

Today I am going to find out some of the best performing research tools which can be useful for improving your blog’s presence and scale it easily. In this article, I will talk about Serpstats VS SemRush and find out which one is better for your blog/website.

Serpstats VS SemRush Which One Is Better?

Both the search engine marketing tools are considered as one of the best tools in the market. With all the different features and functionalities provided both of them perform pretty well for any task, you want to do.

However, both are not the same tools because some features and pricing are different. You can easily choose from both of them after taking a brief overview of both of them.


The Serpstats has become an international search engine marketing tool in recent years. They claim to be the growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC and content marketing. Having around more than 200,000 users worldwide and over 5 billion keywords in the database you can trust this leading marketing software for your blog/website.

Despite being only 3 years old, the Serpstats was found as a keyword research tool at first. In recent years it has become one of the leading search engine marketing tools worldwide that provide some great features and functionalities mentioned below.


  • Search engine position tracking
  • daily results
  • Accurate global tracking
  • Powerful SERP monitoring
  • All SERP Historical data
  • Proper details about market share distribution
  • In-depth monitoring system
  • Supports multi-users
  • Allows Keyword Grouping

With these many features and tools, you can perform almost every task related to keyword research or SEO you want for your blog. But if you think any of the required tools or features are missing then you can choose other search engine marketing tools you would like to use.

But first take a close look at the pros and cons of using Serpstats for your new blog/website and decide is it worth using or not?


  • Extremely useful keyword research tool to find high-quality keywords and rank for them.
  • It’s ideal for quick but detailed SEO reports regarding a particular website, page, blog, keywords, etc.
  • User experience is quite admiring and beginner-friendly. People who are new to the world of SEO can find every tool they need easily because of the easy to understand interface.
  • The SEO audit tool provided by Serpstat software is really fast and accurate which provides in-depth SEO health reports about your site/blog.
  • You will get additional tips and tips to start your new business during your journey of using this amazing tool.


  • The support is not quick responding when compared with the other search engine marketing software like SemRush.
  • Sometimes your problem will be solved quickly with the help of the support team and sometimes it can take up to 1 week to get your problem solved.
  • Data provided for PPC campaigns, keywords, competitor’s exact information isn’t that accurate at sometimes.
  • Tools used for advertisement tracking and analyzing were not working properly. The ad previews for competitors and yours also can differ from the original ads.

After looking at all the pros and cons of the Serpstats you can easily decide whether to use this SEM tool or not. Now let’s have more information about our next SEM tool which is SemRush.


The second competitor in our list is SemRush considered as one of the best performing SEM software out there. SemRush was originally founded in 2008. In the starting stages, it was just a small group of SEO and IT experts who wanted to change the world and help everyone.

After a total of 10 years of difficulties and sacrifices, the SemRush is now an international company that serves millions of customers worldwide and helps them gather the data they want about any website, blog in the world.

With 10 years of experience and more than 650 employees around 4 countries in the world, you can count on SemRush when it comes to search engine marketing and SEO audits, keyword research, personalized reports, etc.

For a better understanding of all the features provided by SemRush let’s have a quick overview below.


  • Accurate Organic research tools
  • Research related to Advertising
  • Tools for proper display advertising
  • Backlinks research
  • Product listing ads for new products
  • keyword research
  • Powerful traffic analysis
  • Market explorer
  • keyword difficulty finder
  • CPC maps
  • SEO writing assistant for better content
  • Concentrated Reports

The majority of the tools are available which are basic for any search engine marketing tool. But you can find more advanced features also which are useful if you know how to use them properly. And help you outrank your competitors easily in the market.

However, being so popular search engine marketing tool the SemRush carries great pros and some cons also, which are listed below.


  • Extremely powerful keyword magic and keyword research tool which can be used to get the exact stats about any specific keywords.
  • It provides in-depth backlink analysis reports and domain tracking for your own domains or competitors.
  • Time to time position tracking and monitoring for various domains. (can be used to track your competitor’s ranking changes frequently.)
  • Social media marketing, Various ad campaigns, Site audits all can be done in seconds with the help of this amazing tool.
  • SemRush is updated more frequently and new tools, features are added and tested also which provides more value to every user.


  • The SemRush is almost all-rounder in every aspect we can think of but there are some cons in this tool as well.
  • With so many tools and features, the SemRush can be quite difficult to use for a newbie in this field.
  • Reports generated for certain purposes should be in the proper format so it can be represented to any clients easily.
  • Pricing can be a problem for some small businesses or persons who do freelancing.


There are lots of SEM software out there but, SerpStat and SemRush have proven themselves to be working pretty well for many peoples around the world.

Now talking about which one is better if you want to start using one of them, I recommend Serpstats, if you have a low budget. On the other hand, if you want software with all the power-packed features at one place then you can go for SemRush software with a little high pricing compared to Serpstats.

If you found this article helpful make sure to share it with other bloggers and people looking for good SEM software. Also, don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions you have in the comments section below.

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