What is E-mail Marketing and Why You Should do it?

E-mail marketing is one of the most useful and most used strategies to grow any business easily. During the technology growth period, E-mail marketing became one of the favorite methods of marketers to promote their products and services to customers who have subscribed to their list.

what is e mail marketing

What Exactly is E Mail Marketing

It’s a process of sending commercial or informative emails to your customers or readers for promoting any product, service or third-party ads. By using E-mail marketing you can make money directly from your subscriber’s inbox!

Instead of wasting huge amounts of money on doing paid advertising from other sources, E-mail marketing is much cheaper when we have our own customer’s email list. You can generate traffic to any offer or service whenever you want on demand!

But you need to understand the process of E-mail marketing. Of course, you will need some minimal investment for performing it, but the returns are going to cover all of your expenses with ease.

Now let’s explore how e-mail marketing is done to generate traffic on-demand, whenever you want!

Importance of Email Marketing

When it comes to scaling any large-scale or new business in the market, E-mail marketing plays an important role in providing useful information to subscribers on a daily or as per needed basis. With e-mail marketing methods you can create an extremely good bond between you and your possible customers easily.

It not only helps to make a relation between you and your consumers, but you can also directly send the products or services you recommend to your subscribers. Which can be helpful for you to make money by promoting affiliate products or services,  etc.

One of the huge advantages of proper E-mail marketing is you can reach a huge group of audience together! Unlike sending a single email to a particular person you can reach thousands of people at once by sending a single E-mail only!

When a bond is created between you and your audience they will be your returning readers. Who will help you grow your trust flow in the market while increasing the number of subscribers you have in your email list.

Choosing an Email Marketing Service

Now for better understanding and ease of email marketing, there are lots of email marketing service providers in the market. With the help of an email marketing service provider, you can expand your lists and easily communicate with all of your subscribers altogether.

No doubt it will require some minimal fee for using their service but the advantages and features you get along with the package are totally worth it! But which email marketing service is best for you?

Convertkit and Aweber

There are many email marketing services out there but from my experience, Convert-kit and Aweber work best!  Because of the features and automation, features are very powerful and easy to use when using one of these email marketing services.

So if you are serious about scaling your business or want to grow your blog using email marketing then it will be much easier for you to handle the whole process with the help of using any Convertkit or Aweber email marketing service provider. Consider it as a future investment for your business.

Now talking about the two automation software that we mentioned earlier, both of them perform quite well in the sense of doing email marketing. However, both have their own pros and cons that need to be addressed before choosing any of them.

As a newbie in the field of email marketing, you can’t afford to waste money on these tools, so choosing Aweber can save you a few bucks for sure. The Aweber is proven to be better than convert-kit when it comes to specialized features at a low cost. Aweber also offers a free trial. Claim it now.

Hence, only use this software if you have enough budget, otherwise, you can always use the alternatives of them which come with limited features and functionality. Like Mail-chimp, etc, And the best part is they are Free to use!

Lists And Segmentation in E Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is an easy process when you understand the process completely. Because after you have learned how to send quality emails to your targeted audience the only thing you have to do is send out your emails to your subscriber’s list every day.

When it comes to specific targeting in email marketing. The lists and segmentation can help you build successful campaigns easily. That will help you increase the sells or any other goal you intend to achieve through email marketing.

Because when you send out some emails to your subscriber’s list. Your email marketing software will collect every single bit of data about your subscribers. The people that have opened your email, the number of people that buy from you, the people that are not interested in your emails, etc.

You can divide those people according to the data you have collected. And tag your subscribers according to their actions from the last 20-30 emails you have sent to them. The different groups of your subscribers are known as segments. Aweber and Convertkit both are excellent in List and Segmentation. That will help you send targeted emails to your specific audience only.

In this way, you can avoid sending unnecessary emails. This will help you save your precious time and money both. So using lists and segmentation features can be very beneficial if you use them properly!

Using Automation In Email Marketing

In spite of being able to send one email to multiple people at once. You can use any of the email marketing software to automate everything for you. After choosing an email marketing software you can use the autoresponder features provided along with the package.

By using the automation features you can set the service to work by itself. When someone signs up for your newsletter your autoresponder will send the emails in the sequence defined by you. So you won’t have to send the emails every day. You can use your time for more important tasks you want.

Just create an email sequence and set it according to your requirements and it will do all the work for you!

Basic Email Marketing Tips

Last but not least here are some most important email marketing tips. That can help you kick start your carrier in the email marketing world.

  • Use high-quality email marketing software like Aweber and Convertkit for better results.
  • Don’t be spammy otherwise, people will unsubscribe from your list.
  • Include attractive images and call to actions within your emails for better CTR.
  • Get personal to build better engagement between your subscribers.
  • Don’t use misleading content, images, third party ads in your emails.
  • Keep your emails simple and clean, don’t use too much of designing.
  • Encourage your readers to replay to your emails in this way you can make sure that your emails will perform well.


Using email marketing for your new blog or business can be helpful in many ways. But you have to be patient and use correct email formats for being successful in email marketing. Use the tips provided in this article to make sure none of your email campaigns fail.

If you found this article helpful then please share with others and don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have regarding email marketing.

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