Know How To Fix White Screen Of Death In WordPress

The white screen of death is one of the most common problems that everyone faces once in their lifetime. If you are also facing this annoying situation as a newbie WordPress user then don’t worry.

How to Fix White Screen Of Death Problem In WordPress

As the white screen of death is caused by various types of factors of your WordPress site, you will find it difficult to fix this error if the real cause is not found. So you will have to go through some simple steps to find out which type of element is responsible for this problem.

Steps to Fix White Screen Of Death Problem In WordPress

There are many ways to get around this error and make your site working like before. So let’s have a look at all of those methods you can implement to fix the white screen of death.

Memory Limit Issue

In most cases whenever you are just starting with WordPress the memory limit will be fixed from starting. If your site is having the white screen of death issue then it is possible that the WordPress script is exceeding the memory limit and quitting before executing completely.

For increasing the memory limit of your site you will have to modify some coding part of your WordPress framework. To do this, you can go through this guide which describes the step by step process to increase the memory limit easily.

Usage Of Poor Hosting Service

Using hosting service with poor performance and reliability is also one of the reasons that can cause a white screen of death on your site. If you are low on budget and chose a cheaper web hosting then you might be in problem because of that decision of yours. You should choose a reliable hosting with speed and Siteground is one of the best and cheap hosting with fast speed.

Despite being very cheap these services won’t give you proper customer support at all. So if you have been using a cheap web hosting service then it’s time to upgrade to a better one. You can find many affordable hosting providers in the market.

Removing Faulty Plugin

Sometimes we got carried away by the number of plugins that are available for almost every task in WordPress. Instead of installing useless plugins for small tasks, you should avoid installing such plugins that are new. You should use the best and must-have plugins only.

Because if you have installed some plugin containing corrupted code or structure it can cause the problem of white screen of death in your site. So if you have installed such plugins before then it’s necessary to deactivate them to fix this issue.

You can use FTP service from your hosting provide or use any FTP client to directly access all the files and folders of your site. And rename your plugins folder to deactivate all the plugins currently running on your blog.

Changing The Current Theme

The same thing goes with the themes that are installed on your WordPress blog. If you are using a nullified theme or a theme with poor coding and structure of the programming then it would be the possible reason for your error. Always go for an authentic and well-coded theme.

But if you can not access your dashboard then how you will deactivate this faulty theme? in this case, you can use the same FTP client process as You used for plugins to access the themes section of your blog.

Once you have access to the folder just delete the theme and exchange it with a default theme instead. This would help your blog to load faster and possibly fix the white screen of death.


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