How to optimize your blog content for the latest voice search algorithm

Depending on traditional SEO methods and theories is important.

However, unlike other essential elements of blogging, SEO keeps updating and you need to keep up with the recent algorithm changes.

content optimization for voice search

To deal with high competition in the market, staying up to date is very important. No doubt you should follow the basic strategies to keep your blog SEO growing.

But if you fail to update your content and strategies by the right time, you may regret it later.

How to optimize your blog content for the latest voice search algorithm

Voice search algorithm is one of those major updates affecting the amount of traffic a particular blog may get.

The bloggers who have already optimized their content for such updates are stealing your precious possible visitors just like that!

If you don’t have any idea about how the voice search algorithm works and how it can affect your blog, make sure to go through the complete article.

What is a voice search algorithm?

If you have ever felt bored enough to use the voice search option in your android/ios, then you must know how easy it is to use the voice search instead of the normal one.

Because you don’t have to type in anything, just speak your query and wait for the results to load! And that’s a simple reason why many people prefer to use voice search.

Thankfully there are AI assistants available for free to use! like Google assistant or Siri from the ios makes it a lot easier for users to understand everything and get accurate results.

While performing voice search the assistants follow a pre-defined procedure, to filter the results and serve the best possible one to your screen.

This procedure is known as the “Voice Search Algorithm”. Specifically talking about Google’s voice search summary algorithm it’s improving very quickly!

How does it work?

The technological revolution over these years has made rapid progress in the field of human speech recognization. Allowing ordinary people to search for anything without any difficulties.

Now talking about how does this algorithm works, it may be tough for many people to understand if we share the complete technical procedure.

Like, how the voice is processed for every individual and how the algorithm recognizes it accurately.

So in simple words, the voice search algorithm in devices like Google Assistant and Siri follow the same methods.

When using them for the first time you will have to input your voice, which will be recorded for future reference as your unique identity.

Conversion Process

The first time you register your voice in the device, your analog sound wavelength is captured via the device.

And then converted into a digital print which works like a unique fingerprint used to recognize your voice in the future.

It’s basically converted into a binary line of code that is easy to understand for the device. So whenever you try to interact with it, it will recognize you automatically.

Making it easier for the device to provide you more accurate results that match your interests frequently.

Reverse Conversion

After recognizing your voice and search query with the conversion process, a reverse conversion is essential to give a proper response to the user request.

For generating the response in a simple and fluent human speech. The voice algorithm uses a phonetic dictionary to convert the words into analog wavelengths and generate specific speech accordingly.

This process is known as reverse conversion. It’s conducted within milliseconds so you won’t notice anything.

Steps to optimize your content for the latest voice search algorithm

Approximately 50% of the searches are done using the voice search feature around the globe.

But is there a way to optimize your blog content in a way that you start receiving unique visitors even from voice search queries?

Yes definitely!

but to make it happen you need to change your SEO tactics a little bit.

Let’s see how you can make your blog content more suitable for voice search queries.

Step 1 :

First of all, we suggest you go through each of your published blog posts. To make sure that you have no grammatical errors within your published content.

Because content published with poor proofreading and grammar issues tend to appear less in the voice search results.

As the voice search algorithm converts human speech requests into digital form and then compares it to the available search results, your content should be neat and clean.

It’s easier to recognize whether a search result matches the query or not when content is written in a professional tone.

Step 2 :

Focusing on specific long-tail keywords can help you stand out better than others. Because people usually insert long-tail search queries to get accurate results.

If you are already using enough long-tail keywords within your content then it won’t be a problem.

Because whenever someone performs a related voice search the possibilities of your content showing up in the results are increased automatically.

Suppose someone is looking for a very common recipe in your region, so it’s obvious that many people would have already provided that recipe on their blogs.

Yet the voice search algorithm will only choose the

Step 3 :

Keep your article clean and easy to scan. Make sure to use enough sub-headings, headings, and proper punctuations where required.

Many bloggers prefer to use pop ads for extra revenue, but in reality, it just ruins the user experience and performance of your blog.

Because whenever someone visits your blog for the first time, it’s possible to get overwhelmed by those annoying ads.

In the same way, when someone performs a related voice search the algorithm may avoid your content because of the ads.

Step 4 :

Provide a secure interface on your blog. Because according to a recent survey almost 65% of the voice search results have HTTPS encryption on their site.

One of the most widely used security protocols around the globe, HTTPS is very important if you want to make your content visible in voice search results.

Thankfully the HTTPS encryption is available in the majority of hosting service providers.

Even if you don’t know how to set HTTPS for your blog,  simply follow this definitive guide to set a free HTTPS for any blog.

Step 5 :

Improve your site’s authority. Because if you want to be mentioned in the top voice search results then reflecting a higher DA ( domain authority ) will help you compete with others.

But how can you improve your site’s domain authority? well, it’s not that easy as everyone is aiming for the same goal.

Yet you can start by improving your overall link profile via quality link building on different niche-related sites.

Guest posting is another great choice to drive more organic visitors to your site while improving your link profile at the same time.

A well-maintained site with high authority content will generate more voice search traffic for sure!

Step 6 :

Another useful tip is to aim for featured snippets. If you don’t know what is a featured snippet, it’s just like the normal search results except being shown within a box at the top.

If you can create quality content that can rank as a featured snippet, you are good to go.

Because once your content becomes a featured snippet the number of voice searches related to that term will point directly towards your content!

Step 7 :

As a beginner blogger, you may not pay enough attention to the loading speed of your site. But having a site that loads much faster is essential for deriving more voice search traffic.

Specifically, it will help you attract more mobile users who use voice search regularly to perform routine searches.

So improving the loading speed of your site can help you a lot even with SEO terms. Thankfully you can use any themes, that are made lightweight and improve the performance of any site.

Such themes are easy to install and use if you are using a CMS like WordPress, however, if you want to enjoy the premium features you may have to pay for them in the future.

Final Words

Upgrading your SEO tactics and strategies with the recent updates In the industry can help you stay one step ahead of your tough competitors.

With the increasing usage of voice search day by day. it’s mandatory to optimize your blog content according to the audience requirements.

Otherwise losing some precious visitors who use voice search instead of normal search is obvious.

It may seem complicated to update every single article on your blog if you have been publishing articles for a long time.

But actually, it’s very easy if you follow the above step-by-step method and update your articles.

Do share this article if you found any useful information. And don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions you have in the comments section below.

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