Ok, so you have decided to start a blog. Great, I Like that!

But Wait . . . . How the heck do you get started? Do you know how to start a Blog? ahh get out of idea? Cool. . . Here I will guide you step by step to starting a blog or even making it better if you already own it.

Creating your own blog takes a few steps, follow my Starting a New Blog Guide Here.

Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. Your blog is nothing if you don’t have blog readers. If you want to make your blog popular you should know how to market your blog. Here are some of my tactics which can be useful in blog marketing.

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Do follow VS No Follow Backlinks

Dofollow VS Nofollow Links – The Ultimate Guide

Whenever you will starts focusing on SEO I am sure you will cross paths with the link-building process. And one of the most confusing question the majority of people has is differentiating between nofollow and dofollow links. Normally, someone who started SEO recently will go…

what is SEO copywriting how to optimize your content with it

What Is SEO Copywriting? How To Write Content That Performs Better?

Whether you own a blog or a business site, working hard on maintaining content quality is one thing that you can not avoid. Improving your thought process on how you tackle different topics is essential to outrank others. But how your thought process is related…

what are rich snippets? how to rank higher with them?

What Are Rich Snippets? How To Optimize Your Content For Rich Snippets?

Search engines know the value of their customers, “The People Who Search”. So it is obvious that gigantic search engine companies like Google will make sure people searching for anything get the results in the best possible format. As the information added to the internet…

What Is Pillar Content? 5 Tips To Create High Performing Pillar Content

What Is Pillar Content? 5 Tips To Create High Performing Pillar Content!

The growing industry of blogging is changing the way how content is served to readers nowadays. Not to mention search engine crawlers from companies like Google are reducing their crawling cost by avoiding thin content on the internet. This makes it clear that creating useful…

what is keyword mapping and how you can do it

Keyword Mapping: What It Is and How To Do It In 2022?

A lot of companies and businessmen invest in paid SEO campaigns to drive traffic on targeted keywords. But not all of them get the results they are expecting after spending a decent amount of money on the promotion. Such outcomes can occur due to a…

How To Drive Organic Traffic To A New Blog From Google Discover?

How To Drive Organic Traffic To A New Blog From Google Discover?

Google never fails to amaze the world with its unmatched services and products. The nature of providing something new to the user and making it cost-effective is one of the essential reasons why Google is among the top successful companies around the globe. I know…

Cloud Hosting Vs VPS Hosting - Which One Is Better?

Cloud Hosting Vs VPS Hosting – Which One Is Better?

Getting your business online with the help of a website is one of the best ways to increase your approach to potential customers. As you already know choosing fast and reliable hosting is an essential part of the process. Particularly when your business is well-known…

Follow-Up Email Formats That Work With Every Niche

Top 10 Effective Follow-Up Email Formats That Work With Every Niche

Email marketing is no doubt a prominent way to market your new products and services. Marketing professionals and Brands get more conversions from their email marketing campaigns compared to direct promotions. And that is the sole reason why email marketing is still among the top…

What is search intent?

Beginner’s Guide On Search Intents : Why Does It Matter?

Dedicating a prominent amount of your time and efforts to SEO always pays off. As you are probably aware how much importance whitehat SEO has for a blogger. Understanding the pinnacle of SEO elements can put you one or two steps ahead of your competitors…