What Is SEO Copywriting? How To Write Content That Performs Better?

Whether you own a blog or a business site, working hard on maintaining content quality is one thing that you can not avoid. Improving your thought process on how you tackle different topics is essential to outrank others. But how your thought process is related to content?

what is SEO copywriting how to optimize your content with it

Your thought process and experience are the only things that define what type of content you are going to create. Instead of following the old methods to serve the content to your readers, we recommend working on SEO Copywriting. And if you have no clue what it is or how it works, then make sure to read till the end part.

Learn What Is SEO Copywriting And How To Optimize Your Content Accordingly

What Is SEO Copywriting?

Most bloggers are well aware of How to do on-page SEO and why should they implement it within the content. Paying enough attention to the on-page SEO is no doubt necessary but we overdo it sometimes.

Especially when the targeted keyword difficulty is too high, most people start keyword stuffing which is not recommended at all. This is where SEO Copywriting kicks in! You can think of SEO Copywriting as a solution to keep both the readers and search engines happy.

Instead of focusing on the SEO metrics only, creating content that your readers love is the main purpose of SEO Copywriting. Not to mention it will also affect your overall SERP rankings if you optimize your content with SEO copywriting.

Importance Of SEO Copywriting

Writing content solely for the convenience of readers is going to affect your SEO score. Similarly, if you create content with too much SEO optimization the readers will have a hard time digesting it.

Hence, creating a balance between both is essential to maintain your rankings and keep your visitors happy at the same time.

So implementing SEO Copywriting will help you overcome this problem easily. In addition, SEO copywriting will improve your content readability as well. Because improving your content in a two-way growth is more beneficial than simply focusing on a single one.

Below are some of the major reasons why SEO Copywriting is important,

  • Useful for increasing the engagement rate of your visitors.
  • It helps in ranking your content for more accurate search queries.
  • SEO Copywriting can help in lowering the bounce rate.
  • Improves the overall content quality and makes it easier to compete with related content.
  • It helps in boosting the organic CTR of your content effectively.

How To Upgrade Your Content With SEO Copywriting?

Upgrading your content for better rankings and user readability is a prerequisite for being successful. Not to mention making any changes to your previous article’s URLs will create a lot of fuss.

So make sure to avoid modifying the URLs of your already published content. Now let’s dive into details and learn exactly how you can optimize your content with SEO Copywriting.

Resonate With User’s Search Intent

The first step to implementing SEO Copywriting to any blog is figuring out what the end-user wants. Because if you know what you should deliver, creating content gets much easier. Resonating with your users’ search intent will help you avoid a higher bounce rate and receive targeted traffic.

A user’s search intent should be known before writing an article so you can optimize it in the best way possible. However, it doesn’t imply that your way of content creation is wrong. We are not suggesting to change your writing style to that extent but you will have to make some necessary changes.

Construct Clickable Headlines

Headlines are like those people who distribute flyers for a product/service. If your flyer is attractive and interesting, people are more likely to check out the shop at least once. In terms of SEO, your headlines are the reason why people get curious and spend their time reading your content.

Constructing headlines that encourage people to click on them is necessary to get more visitors. As the main motive of SEO Copywriting is not only to make text readable for the end-users.

Experimenting with your headline length, usage of keywords, and CTR analysis will give a clear idea of which types of headlines are best for your niche.

Be creative and introduce new concepts

Sometimes writing meaningful content is not enough to attract a large number of visitors to your site. You don’t have to be a professional to come up with something new. Let your creativity do the work and improve what is already popular among the people.

With a few modifications and adding your personal touch to an old theory or process, you can promote your personal point of view through your content. And if you want people to remember you/your brand, you can name it as you wish.

For instance, if you are a chef or foodie try experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. Mentioning this within your content will lead you to SEO-driven copywriting that brings more organic visitors!

Work On LSI Keywords

Hopefully, you already know what LSI keywords are and why they are so important. LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are a set of variations of the target keyword.  Most of them include synonyms of that particular keyword and its variations.

For instance, if your content is about “5 Tips To Create Pillar Content“, other people can use the synonyms and rephrase it like “tips for creating cornerstone content for a site”. In this case, the wording has completely changed but the information they require stays the same. Therefore including LSI keywords can help your readers to find your piece of content more quickly.

Encourage your readers to read further

The Intro section of any article is the deciding factor whether the visitor will keep reading till the end or not. Not to mention some users prefer scrolling down directly to the conclusion part to go through the summary and decide whether it’s worth their time or not.

Encouraging the visitors to continue reading and keeping them hooked with your content is a part of SEO copywriting. Try experimenting with different headlines and intros to find out which one keeps the visitors on your site for longer. On top of that, you can improve the number of cliffhangers in your content to make it more interesting.

Monitor content performance

Once you get a hold of SEO copywriting, you can start comparing your old content with the current one. It will allow you to see how well your content is performing after implementing the SEO copywriting method.

Hence, the final step to keep your content improving is to monitor its performance. If you keep putting in the efforts without analyzing the results, It won’t get you anywhere. So make sure to pay attention to your new content to fix any potential errors.

Note: You can ask your regular visitors for suggestions as well. It will tell you what they exactly expect from you.


Optimizing your content according to SEO copywriting may sound like a complicated task in the beginning. However, if you are blogging for some time now, modifying your writing style for upgrading your content is not much difficult.

In conclusion, improving your way of presenting the content to both the readers and search engines crawlers is mandatory to compete with others. It will not only boost your rankings but will help your content rank as rich snippets as well. Do share this information with other bloggers and make sure to comment on your experience of SEO Copywriting.

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