10 Best Tools You Need to Start Blogging Successfully

The blogging industry is growing like crazy nowadays. So the number of bloggers is also increasing which means if you want to rank for any particular keyword then you need to use the best blogging tools which are working for everyone.

Today we are going to talk about the must-have tools for blogging to blog like a pro in 2024. As time passes the way of how people do blogging is changed.

Tools you need to start a successful blog

List of Top 10 Must-Have Tools to Start Blogging

If you are doing blogging for a long time or planning to start a new blog, then this list of most useful blogging tools can help you to improve your content and site performance.

So let’s take a brief overview of the tools that we are going to use.

1. Best Domain Name and Powerful Hosting

First things first, for a successful blog the first thing you have to get is a catchy domain name and hosting which can easily handle all of your visitors.

When starting at first in the blogging field, Bluehost is the ideal choice for anyone. Because of its affordable price and excellent performance in traffic handling, content management, etc.

You can get both the domain name and the best hosting from Bluehost. Try to keep your domain name short and simple. For example, wikihow, YouTube, etc. So people can remember it easily whenever they want to access your site directly or searching through Google.

Now, you got your domain name but you need a place to keep all of your files, folders, images, documents, to run a blog properly and manage tons of traffic easily.

And that place is known as hosting. As I told you before Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers till now so you can easily go to their site and choose the plan according to your requirements.

After you are done setting up your blog there are many other useful tools that can make your work easier for you.

No need to say anything about WordPress. There is nothing like this CMS. So you can go blindly with this CMS to make your blog. Even Bluehost has unique features that make it super easy to install WordPress. If you still have issues you can follow this article for WordPress installation.

2. User And Site Performance Tracking Tool

For blogging like a pro in 2024, you must track every activity of your blog and the readers who read your article also. But how are you going to track everything by yourself? well, there are lots of plugins available for this work.

Monster Insights is one of those popular plugins which can help your blog grow and help you to better understand your audience, their interests, etc. So you can publish more specific posts for them.

This plugin provides very important features like universal tracking,page-level analytics, affiliate links, ads tracking, GDPR friendly, performance, and optimization.

And the best part about this plugin that it’s free to use. You can easily download it in WordPress and set up for your blog with a few clicks instantly.

3. Stock Images For Articles

Now every blog needs some attractive images which can help to get people’s attention and improve user experience. Which also helps in keeping your bounce rate low.

But you can’t possibly use any image you want. Because all the images available on Google aren’t for commercial usage. Most of the good ones are copyrighted so if you use them within your article then your blog is in danger!

So only options you could use are either buy stock images from professional sites like adobe or you can choose the free one and go to any free stock images provider websites like Pixabay, Pexels and use those images within your articles for free!

4. Grammar And Proofreading Tool

The next thing which can be very useful to everyone is Grammarly. What it does is that it analyzes your whole article for any type of grammatical, punctuation errors and mark them with a red line so you can fix it to improve your blog’s readability.

If you want to use the Grammarly for free then just sign up for a new account at Grammarly and add it’s an extension to your browser or use it from grammely.com

5. Cache Plugin

in 2024 every detail is considered to be useful for ranking up your site. So using a cache plugin is a wise choice if you want to improve your site’s speed and performance.

There are many high-quality cache plugins available. Which are free to use and gives various functionalities also. One of them is wp-rocket which is used by thousands to optimize their blog’s performance and speed with one-click installation.

Though it’s a paid plugin it’s worth it when you look at the features provided for its price. You can select any plan you want from single, plus and infinite.

6. SEO Plugin

One of the most important factors for ensuring your success in the blogging industry is SEO. Without proper SEO you will not survive the competition in 2024.

But don’t worry if you don’t know how to do proper SEO because there are lots of plugins available for free which can manage all the SEO work easier for you. Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins available in the market which is also free to use!

7. E-mail Manager And Autoresponder

After stepping in the world of blogging if you want to be successful and make some money also from your blog then building an email list is essential.

So you can easily communicate with your audience to provide useful information and promote any products you want.

Convertkit is one of the best email manager & autoresponder tool which is easy to use and highly converting. It comes with some amazing features like Landing Page Builder, Forms, Reporting, Subscriber list, Automations, Broadcast, etc.

You can sign for the free trial of 14 days if you’d like to use Convertkit and understand how it works for you by visiting their site Convertkit.

8. Light-Weight And Fast Theme

High-Quality content is necessary but so does the designing and speed is. For providing a better user experience and making your blog load faster compared to other blogs using a fast and light-weight theme is essential.

There are lots of themes that are light and fast with a Great user interface. Some of them are available for free while some are paid which include more features than the free ones.

The Divi theme is the ideal choice when it comes to light-weight and fast loading themes. However, It is paid it’s worth every penny because it comes with custom layouts, split testing, multilingual, 24/7 customer support, widgets, plugins, etc.

9. Catchy Heading Generator

After setting up every other useful tool for designing, speed optimization and user tracking let’s take a look at some tools which can help you to improve your article’s quality and appearance.

You need a catchy heading for your article so the audience gets attracted to your article and the chances of getting clicks from organic traffic increase automatically.

If you want to generate catchy titles for your articles then you can use this tool called seopressor.com which will help you convert your article titles into more interesting and attracting ones. Visit the tool here.

10. Topic Generator

Everyone says “content is the king” but what if you run out of ideas to write any articles? Don’t worry because you can use a tool available for free to use known as HubSpot.

Here you can add up to 5 different nouns to generate ideas for creating high-quality articles and easily finding new ideas related to your niche using this simple tool.


Blogging is like a journey so try to enjoy it always. The above-listed tools will help you for sure in growing your audience, making more money out of your blog.

Hope you found this article useful please share it with everyone so they can also get the benefits of these amazing tools and grow their blogs too.

Comment down any blogging tools you think which is useful for blogging in the comments section down below.

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