How To Boost Your Visitor Count With Quora? – A Definitive Guide To Quora Marketing

Finding new consumers for a business is one of the difficult tasks everyone needs to do constantly. Especially if you are related to digital marketing or the internet somehow, increasing your outreach is always useful. Whether it is for stealing your competitor’s user base or growing your own business.

A Definitive Guide To Quora Marketing

Thankfully, we are going to discuss a marketing method that is completely free of cost. The platform we are going to use is “QUORA”. You may have already used it before, but if this platform is new for you continue reading to learn more about it.

How To Get Started With Quora Marketing?

What Is Quora?

Quora is among the world’s largest discussion sites like Reddit. If you are a regular user of Reddit, understanding how this platform works will be a breeze for you. Basically, Quora is a platform where people ask questions regarding their issues or suggestions on something. And people who have ample knowledge on that topic will answer those questions.

Reddit follows a voting pattern to decide which answers are worth promotion to other users. In the same way, there’s an upvoting system on quora that helps the platform filter all answers.

By doing so the platform can be sure that visitors are getting the possible answer at the top. But how can you possibly use this platform for marketing purposes? Are there any reasons why it is popular? Let’s find out!

Reason Behind The Popularity Of Quora

The market is flooding with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram. So why someone would give it a thought to choose quora for getting more social media traffic?

The answer is simple, most people search their questions in the form of long queries like “Can I use two WordPress sites on the same hosting?”. Google ranks Quora on the top for such answers because genuine people are giving answers for such questions.

Therefore, marketing professionals and individuals take advantage of this opportunity by providing value. There is almost no SEO required to rank for specific keywords on Google with the help of quora. And this is the main reason why Quora is popular for marketing. Furthermore, it is a trustworthy platform to find the right information whenever we need it.

What Is Quora Marketing?

Now talking about our main concern that is Quora marketing, what conclusion we can drive from the term Quora marketing? Marketing on quora is completely different from the marketing we usually do.

As we discussed previously, this is a platform to help others and provide value. So it is obvious that direct marketing of any kind is not possible.

Even if you try to spam affiliate links or any type of promotional links on the platform, your account is more likely to be suspended. So it is essential to understand the process of utilizing this platform for marketing purposes. Marketing on Quora is actually “helping others while helping yourself“.

So if you are ready to put in some effort in digging out the information people need, you can easily market your own service or product to them. However, marketing on quora is not as easy as you think. Therefore, we have created a complete step-by-step process for you to get started with Quora marketing.

A Step By Step Guide To Increase Your Traffic With Quora

Step 1: Deciding Your Target Audience

The first step towards starting your Quora marketing journey is choosing a target audience. As you already know that Quora is a multi-niche question and answer site, it is not possible to answer all questions.

Deciding on a specific field is the only option if you wish to see any growth from your efforts. With that said, figure out your expertise and area of interest so you can start targeting the questions related to such queries.

Step 2: Making Your Opinion Count

Entering the Quora community as a new user is easy without a doubt. However, it doesn’t mean that people will start following you and your answers from the first day. No matter how many answers you write on the platform if people do not believe what you say, there is no meaning to it.

Hence, making your opinion count is mandatory which is only possible by growing your profile as a trustworthy author. Take some basic steps such as writing a professional bio and using your real image for the profile picture. You can explain why you are the best fit to answer such questions and what expertise you have.

Step 3: Reply To Relevant Questions

After figuring out which type of questions you are going to tackle, you can use the search box to type in the relevant keywords. The search box will display a list of suggestions with questions related to your keywords. Select a question that meets your level and try to answer it. Fix a time slot from your schedule to check the new answers and reply to them on a daily basis.

Step 4: Keep Your Resources Updated

Even the slightest mistake in providing an accurate answer can affect your reputation. Therefore, do your research before posting an answer related to someone’s concern.

Once you are done with constructing a decent answer, make sure to check your resources before posting it on Quora. Because outdated information is never useful for anyone especially on quora. In the worst-case someone can downvote your answer due to a lack of accurate information.

Step 5: Link Back To Your Content In A Smart Way

The most effective way of promoting something on Quora is smart linking. Smart linking in the sense of linking back to something that will prove useful for others. Quora allows linking to useful resources that are not restricted like Reddit.

By using this to your advantage it is easy to blend in the link of your existing blog/business site within the answer. However, do not mention more than two links towards the same domain in your answer.

Step 6: Be Active On The Platform

The more you help, the more you receive in return. Staying active on Quora is one of the important things to achieve successful marketing. Trends keep changing with time and you need to stay updated with what’s happening on the platform.

Doing so can help you benefit from any recent policy updates or new features on the platform. Overall it will help you answer the questions relevant to your niche.

5 Benefits Of Quora Marketing

  • It becomes easy to create your brand value in the market.
  • You can create your own reader base who are satisfied with your answers previously.
  • Linking back to your business website or blog helps you generate extra income from new visitors.
  • Your social presence gets a gentle boost, affecting your overall SEO in a positive manner.
  • Reaching people with different languages becomes much easier.


Whether it is Quora or any other platform you are targeting for marketing, never try to include unnecessary links. For instance, if you are writing an answer to help someone in choosing the best hosting providers for WordPress, do not include any of your affiliate links in the answer. Instead, you can write a detailed explanation on your blog and link back to that piece of content that has all of your affiliate links.

In conclusion, getting results from Quora solely depends on your efforts and maintaining your answer quality. Try to be as consistent and helpful as possible to gain popularity as a reputable author in no time. Do share this useful information with others and feel free to ask any questions below.

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