What is content marketing? Content marketing measurement guide for 2021!

The current market is full of tough competition, doesn’t matter which niche you’re choosing.

Gradually people are publishing new blogs and starting new businesses every single day!

content marketing measurement

You can not neglect the fact that finding a niche with near to zero competition is almost impossible nowadays.

However, if you already own a business/blog and have enough experience then you can figure out which elements are holding back your progress. And how you can identify them to fix the problem quickly, and start printing some cash!

As a blogger, you can understand how much importance your content has.

Everyone knows “Content is the king”, But how many of them actually pay attention to this simple thing?

Although, merely 50% of people are out there who actually give it a thought and try to understand the importance of their content. And those who pay attention to it should use content marketing for sure.

A process that can significantly improve your success rate with the help of the right marketing strategy. Let’s go into more details!

What is content marketing?

The term content marketing is widely used by bloggers, digital marketers, and businessmen around the world.

Content marketing is like a tourist guide for technical people. The people who set business goals and want to achieve them with the help of content.

Content in the form of written content, or media content such as images, videos, etc.

Different type of content requires a different approach when it comes to promoting it using content marketing.

The process of content marketing helps the marketing team to achieve the specified goal in a perfect time frame. Allowing the business owners to focus more on providing the best product/service. While generating a steady amount of profit with a solid content strategy.

The main motive of content marketing is to create efficient content products for the company or business. That can help to generate customer value with audience engagement in the long run.

How to manage your content marketing efficiently?

Unfortunately, content marketing is not easy for everyone. As it requires experience and time to make it happen, the majority of people fail in managing the content marketing process.

Lack of proper management leads to a loss in business Without managing and optimizing your resources in the right way.

You can not expect your content strategy to produce the results you have been waiting for! But how can you decide what to promote? How to distribute the workload? How to measure the progress?

Don’t worry we got you covered, so we have collected the best methods for effective content marketing management. The methods mentioned below will help you manage your content marketing campaign.

Content calendar

A content calendar can be very useful when following a new content marketing strategy. It makes it easier to follow the process, by distributing the information. That is easier to understand for the content marketing team.

Using a content marketing calendar can allow others to complete the tasks on the specified date.

Don’t worry if you have never created one before, as there are so many content marketing templates available for free. Choose something that resembles your business and start management.

Clear guidelines

Guidelines are essential for keeping everything under controlĀ and to make sure you are optimizing your resources properly.

Business guidelines help you avoid any serious problems during the content marketing process. As the management is pretty tricky if you’re running a huge campaign.

Publishing a set of guidelines can help you and your content marketing management team a lot.

Choosing the best platforms

Successful content marketing depends on too many factors. And choosing the right platform to perform this activity is one of the most important decisions.

Your competition varies from platform to platform. For example, if you want more traffic from social media then it can get difficult to compete with others without a content marketing strategy.

Though completely abandoning a platform with enough potential is not a wise choice. Do some competitor research and you’ll find out what are the best platforms for your business.

Choose the platforms wisely so you can guide the content marketing team with ease.

Follow the schedule strictly

You can consider this as a combination of content calendar and business guidelines. No matter what you have to manage, schedules are always useful for achieving goals. And creating a perfect schedule can keep you ahead in the race of achieving something.

Take a look at your content calendar and requirements along with the resources. Build an efficient schedule to cover almost everything possible, that is required for making your content marketing successful.

Later, discuss the schedule with your team and keep room for any necessary changes for the future.

The content marketing measurement process

After successfully laying out a decent content marketing strategy, and discussing it with your team.

Implementation on time is better if you wish to figure out whether this content strategy will generate any results or not.

The sooner you start following it, you can start the measurement process more quickly. But how can you actually measure a lot of complicated information at the same time?

Not to mention it would be too difficult for the people to follow the process, who have little or no experience with content marketing practices. So we have divided the process into three simple steps as below.

Type of content to measure

As a growing business or blog, using only written content to promote and grow your business is not enough. You have to be flexible enough to deal with your competitors. By using different types of content like pictures, videos, audio files, etc.

Audience interests keep changing according to the type of content you are serving to them. Experimenting with different types of content can give you a rough idea about what works and what doesn’t work.

However, for measuring the content marketing progress you’ll have to decide what type of content you’re going to target for analysis.

Create a complete list of your content assets where you publish quality content regularly. Categorize them according to hierarchy if you wish to measure specific sources earlier.

Process of tracking and analysis

Once you have decided on the areas worth analysis, you can start the tracking and analysis process.

However, tracking and analyzing such detailed information accurately is not easy if you are a complete beginner. Because processing too much information at once can be confusing for sure.

Powerful tools like Google Analytics are mandatory for conducting analysis and tracking a large amount of data.

The term ROMI (return on marketing investment) can be measured with the help of tracking and analysis easily.

Now after choosing a content asset you have to ask yourself, what you expect from it.

  • Do you need more leads?
  • Better customer attention with brand awareness?
  • More website traffic?

After deciding the respective measure, you can track the related progress of that element regarding the content asset you have chosen.

However, you need to decide how often you’ll perform the measurement process. Doing it at regular intervals can be quite useful to stay updated with recent changes.

Supportive actions to improve your content marketing

After collecting all the required information like traffic reports, performance insights, conversion ratio, changes in keyword rankings, etc.

You should better take appropriate actions to fix any issues or drawbacks related to the content marketing campaigns. These supportive actions can quickly improve the content marketing process if you have accurate data.

With appropriate actions like,

  • upgrading your content quality
  • changing the preferences based on audience interests
  • re-arrange your campaigns
  • Evenly distribute the resources
  • Keep your content assets updated

Content marketing measurement requires frequent changes to make sure that your marketing goes smoothly. Perform these supportive actions if necessary every time you measure the process.

Final Words

Following all these methods and tips will make you feel that you have completely done the content marketing process. But you’re wrong because content marketing measurement is a never-ending process.

It’s not like publishing a new product in the market and then move to the next product. Instead, you have to keep improving it with regular measurement practices.

Go back where you started and repeat the process to get even more accurate and fresh data. That is the only way to keep your campaigns alive and growing with a constant flow.

If you found any useful information then share this article, and don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions below.

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