YouTube SEO vs Blog SEO which is better in 2021?

If you’re also one of those people who wants to start a persistent monthly income online, Then you might be already aware of the terms Blogging and YouTube.

Both can be considered as a reliable platform to put your efforts and start making some side income while doing any other jobs. Only if you are willing to invest a decent amount of time and some money.

YouTube vs Blog SEO

No doubt, YouTube and blogging can be taken as a full-time job, but not until you start seeing some growth with them.

In the case, you still have not started either a blog or a YouTube channel yet, then you may be confused with a lot of things for sure!

YouTube SEO vs Blog SEO which is better?

In this article, we will go through one of the most essential things that decide whether your journey will be a success or not.

We are going to discuss YouTube vs Blog SEO and which is better? what kind of requirements they both have along with pros and cons. And choosing the best platform to start your journey is one of the common questions every beginner has to go through.

If you have been through reviews or suggestions about the comparison between YouTube and blogging, Then you might have already seen a lot of people who criticize blogging over YouTube.

As the majority of people think that blogging is dead and YouTube traffic is not converting for more revenue. People tend to quit anything when they can not be successful with it by criticizing it.

So instead of paying attention to their false talk, let’s go into details about YouTube and Blog SEO comparison.

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is completely different from a normal blog SEO.

However, YouTube SEO can be implemented more easily compared to blogging SEO tactics if you have a fundamental knowledge of SEO.

It also depends on the type of niche you’re in and what type of audience you’re targeting. Because competing on YouTube isn’t easy as it sounds.

When it comes to highly competitive niches your videos may not even show up in the newsfeed.

There are a lot of factors that decide the performance and growth of a channel. SEO is one of them, without performing accurate SEO practices for your video content.

You can not expect it to go viral or appear in the search results when someone looks up to something related to your niche.

Factors such as using a catchy title for the video, optimizing different hashtags, and writing an SEO-centric video description are one of those main YouTube SEO elements.

What is Blogging SEO?

SEO in blogging is based on many metrics and blog elements.

Blogging is an activity that is mostly based on written content. And talking about the revenue generation, it comes from advertising or promoting affiliate products/services in most cases.

Blogging SEO comes in two parts, on-page, and off-page SEO. Both have their own importance in the blogging industry, you can not completely ignore either of them.

On-page SEO focuses on the written content within your article, making it easier to scan and indexing processes for the crawlers. While Off-page SEO focuses on external elements affecting the performance and ranking positions of your blog.

SEO in blogging means the process of optimizing your content and your entire blog so it can appear in the search results more frequently.

Allowing others to find your blog and quality content more easily, through search engines. But the problem is if you’re focusing on keywords with too much competition, chances of seeing any results in a short period is near to zero.

Importance of SEO in Youtube and Blogging

Whether you choose to start a new YouTube channel or a new blog, you can not neglect the fact that you need proper SEO in order to be successful with it.

SEO affects almost everything, your traffic quality, your success rate, your conversions, content performance, and a lot of other things.

So if you currently don’t have enough knowledge about how to use search engine optimization for being successful, then we recommend you go through this article first!

It will help you understand the basics techniques which are used for better SEO. Because SEO is not an overnight process, that you can just do it in few minutes and start seeing the results. It doesn’t work like that!

In terms of content promotion and engagement

SEO is also responsible for promoting your content no matter if it’s a YouTube video or an informative article.

Focusing on key SEO factors such as effective keyword research, quality link-building, content formatting can help you always stay one step ahead of your competition.

Promoting your content automatically in front of the organic audience who are looking for such quality content and information.

Performing decent SEO practices on your video/written content will always help you get more organic visitors compared to others. Which in return will increase the engagement rate of your content with a new audience. Allowing you to promote any affiliate product/service easily that requires an engaging audience base!

YouTube SEO vs Blog SEO which is better?

Now after getting enough information about YouTube and Blog SEO both, let’s go through some of the major differences that keep YouTube and Blog SEO apart from each other.

As the term, SEO is used as same for both, but the kind of usage and its after-effects are different for each of them.

Either it’s the way how you implement it, or the results you get when a decent amount of time has passed. Every single thing is different between both platforms.

Performing SEO practices on YouTube videos and growing a channel is not much complicated as doing the same thing with a blog. Because, when it comes to blogging, SEO ( search engine optimization ) hikes to a whole another level!

Where constant updates and monitoring are mandatory if you wish to see any results after all of the efforts you put into blog SEO.

Structural Differences

The SEO structure used for being successful on YouTube and a Blog are totally different. Yet people often overlook this simple difference and think that SEO works in the same way for both.

When working with a YouTube channel the main focus is on promoting video content and gaining more views from top-tier countries.

Whereas SEO for blogging focuses more on making the written content easily scannable for search engine crawlers and readers. It also makes sure that your blog is responsive enough to work with any screen size your user may have.

While the SEO structure for YouTube isn’t responsible for hindering the content structure of videos. Because it relies more on the video title and its description, for ranking it into the higher ranking positions.

In short, the working of SEO structures for both platforms is not similar.

Platform requirement differences

Talking about the difference in requirements both platforms have, it affects the overall costing and the features you’ll be able to use with a specific platform.

So if your budget is limited at the moment then you can choose the cheaper one to get started.


Suppose you decided to start a new YouTube channel instead of a new Blog. Then you don’t need much investment to start making your way towards success. Because YouTube is a platform where your progress depends on the quality of content and a little bit of personal touch.

All you have to do is create a Google account if you don’t have one, and create a new channel, add a logo, cover photo and you’re good to go. Start posting quality videos that your audience will love to watch and share with others!


While on the other hand, if you decide to choose blogging as your platform.

You’ll require a lot of things and invest in a few of them to start your new blog. Like buying a custom domain name, choosing the best hosting provider, using paid themes/plugins.

There are a lot of things that require you to invest in them, so you can start your blogging journey and provide quality articles to the readers.

Without investing your money in the required tools your progress may become slow compared to other competitors.

It’s one of the major differences between YouTube and Blog SEO implementation processes.

Wrapping up

There aren’t many visible differences between YouTube and Blog SEO. Because you can not tell them apart just by using them for a few hours, you need to use them for some weeks to get familiar with and optimize the features.

Now talking about the better one between these two, It completely depends on your requirements and capacity to optimize any of them. If you believe one is better than the other one and it’s generating results for you then go for it!

The majority of the professionals use both to make sure they don’t miss even a single potential consumer!

Do share this article with others and don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have in the comments section below.

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