Best practices to improve your landing page SEO in 2024

When it comes to marketing a new blog, you need to pay attention to a lot of elements at once.

Almost every blogger is aware of landing pages and uses them to collect emails, create sales funnels, or promote a service.

landing page SEO improvement

However, you won’t get the expected results every time, in comparison to the efforts you put in.

But why? what is the reason behind being unsuccessful with landing pages?

Well, there are certain reasons why you’re not seeing enough growth with your current landing page format.

They can be related to the performance, content, or media elements.

Thankfully, they’re easy to find and fix.

Best practices to improve your landing page SEO in 2024

The importance of landing page SEO

Performing best practices for growing your blog is important.

Methods for improving your usual traffic and overall SEO are critical for every blogger.

The same goes for landing page SEO practices if you’re able to make your landing page perform better.

The importance of landing page SEO decides how well your landing page performs.

Optimized landing pages tend to perform better when it comes to attracting organic traffic and lead generation.

Without working on SEO improvement of your landing page, competing with those who have already gained enough trust in the market will be tough for sure.

How you can improve landing page SEO in 2024?

We have created a collection of best practices that will help you improve the landing page SEO.

Go through each of them and try to implement each for better results.

Page loading speed

If you’re a skeptical person, then taking a closer look at these stats will help you understand how much difference page loading speed actually makes.

landing page SEO

When it comes to SEO improvement, the first thing that requires an update is loading speed.

The loading speed of your page vastly affects the results of your overall SEO.

According to a recent update from Google, the ranking system will go through a drastic change known as “Mobile First-Index“.

So, evaluating your blog’s content and performance will be based on the mobile version of it.

In case your blog isn’t mobile-friendly enough, it can cause you serious trouble.

Whereas a landing page needs to be completely mobile-friendly, it will also help to decrease the loading time.

Using a responsive interface for your landing page can solve most of your problems.

But make sure that it loads quickly enough to satisfy any new visitor in the first impression.

Because having quality content with fast loading speed will give you an upper hand over your competitors, allowing you to outrank them easily.

Pay attention to keywords used

Dealing with keywords may sound easy, but keyword research and implementation is a critical element for better SEO.

Landing pages include descriptive text that’s either used for explaining how a service works.

Or provide a wide range of information regarding a specific service/product.

Such content has to compete with other blogs in the market.

Making it difficult to stay at the top position.

Obviously, others are working in the same niche as yours.

You’ll have to focus on quality and keyword preference.

If you wish your landing page to appear in the top SERPs then keywords are very important.

Try using a set of high-quality keywords with less competition and more potential.

Keyword research is the best way to find such keywords for your business.

Importance of URL structure

A common mistake people usually make is to often overlook the importance of their landing page URL.

The URL of a landing page is as important as other SEO factors you took into consideration.

As it further reflects your overall content motive.

And the approach you’ll use for dealing with visitors on the landing page.

Structure improvement

Make sure to keep it short and to the point, approx 60 words should be a decent length for the URL.

However, length is not the only element you should worry about. Working on improving the structure of your URL is important too.

But what can you possibly do to make it better? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

First things first, choose one or two of your most important keywords wisely.

Now take a look at the URL and try to include them within it, try to keep them visible if possible.

It will allow others to understand the concept of your landing page more accurately.

So when someone reads the URL they can get a basic idea of what they’re about to see.

These small details matter a lot when competing for the top position.

Instead of taking this lightly, analyze others and come up with a similar URL structure that can work for you.

Interface Optimization

The motive of a landing page is to convey a lot of information at once.

Instead of putting descriptive and boring paragraphs on your home page, using a landing page can be way more effective.

Landing pages are made in a way to grab the reader’s attention and keep them going till the end.

However, if you fail to create an attractive interface, having excellent SEO won’t even matter.

The structure of your landing page widely affects overall SEO performance.

To improve the structure that is compatible with users and SEO both you have to make some changes.

First of all, divide your content into small understandable blocks of information.

And create vertical partitions on your landing page, each explaining why someone should trust and use your product/service.

Distribute the written content evenly to make it interesting for readers.

Building your landing page interface in this way will help you boost the SEO and make it easier for search engines to understand and scan your content.

Build more quality links for landing page URL

Landing pages require quality link juice from high-authority websites.

Allowing them to outrank others and build goodwill at the same time.

You may think that why should you build backlinks for a landing page? Because backlinks aren’t built for landing pages usually.

Yet if you want your landing page to get more conversions and potential customers for the business.

You’ll have to put effort into quality link building as soon as possible.

Here link building doesn’t have to be hasty, Being a very common mistake people start link building everywhere.

Neglecting the fact that when it comes to backlinks quality matters more than quantity.

Suppose you built a thousand links on sites with an average domain authority score.

But are they related to your content and niche?

Do they relate with you in any way? Ask yourself.

Because building a hundred links that are related to your content, Along with a higher DA, PA score is far better compared to those thousand backlinks.

When too many quality sites start referring to your landing page URL, it positively impacts search engine crawlers.

Allowing you to grab more organic visitors than before!

Meta tags are important!

Whenever you search for something in Google, you’ll see a few sites in the top positions.

Because they are promoted using Google ads, the organic results will appear below them.

In fact, such sites use quality meta tags and descriptions to make sure they hold onto that position.

Thankfully you can observe them and learn how to use quality meta tags, that can help you improve landing page SEO.

Because meta tags play an important role in providing useful information to the search engine crawlers.

However, using meta tag descriptions for your landing page is optional, As they don’t have any direct impact on your SEO.

But it indirectly affects the results for sure, increasing your click-through rate with an attractive description.

Competing with others on result pages requires a catchy meta description.

So people get attracted towards your content, resulting in getting more organic clicks with an improved CTR. ( click-through rate )

Wrapping up

Landing pages are great for promoting products/services when used correctly.

Still, many people find it difficult to create landing pages that convert more.

Whether you use them for affiliate marketing or building a decent list of email subscribers.

SEO is something that works as a main pillar to reflect your landing page in SERPs.

Follow the practices described in this article and you’ll see the difference!

Make sure to share this with others and mention any queries or suggestions you have.

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