Top 10 SEO Techniques That Can Grow Your Blog in 2021!

Using proven SEO techniques to scale your new blog is very popular in the blogging industry. And it’s proven to help many people who had just started their new blog. But after implementing such SEO tactics their blog’s growth went up crazy!

It’s not like an overnight scheme but still if you manage to learn some basic SEO techniques that everyone is using. Then you can probably increase your traffic and rankings for your blog at the same time.

10 Best SEO Techniques That Can Grow Your Blog in 2021!

So how can you find such proven methods and use them by yourself for your blog? well, we have come up with a complete collection of such proven SEO techniques. To help you stand out from others in the market and have some progress in this busy industry.

Let’s get started with some simple ones and later on we will advance towards difficult techniques that may require additional technical knowledge.

Top SEO Techniques To Grow Your Blog Faster in 2021!

If you have been blogging for a long time then you might be already aware of most of the techniques. However, there are many people who had just started blogging journeys so it can be quite impressive for them to find out how easy these techniques are to implement for their new blog.

Most of these SEO techniques aim to build a stronger base for your blog’s overall SEO. If your blog has enough quality content with less competitive keywords then it will grow more quickly compared to other blogs in the market.

1. Proper Usage Of Meta Description

Meta description plays a major role when it comes to indexing and ranking your content on several search engine positions. If you are not aware of how meta description works then you can find the detailed informative guide on YouTube easily.

The meta description works like informative data about Your content’s structure. It helps the search engine crawlers to identify your content and niche topics. Once your blog is categorized properly it’s much easier for search engines to start ranking your new blog posts in the SERPs.

Still, many bloggers do not pay enough attention to meta descriptions. Which results in lower SERP rankings and poor content performance. In order to get your blog posts rank higher with better relevancy, you will need to optimize your meta descriptions.

If you are a WordPress user then editing the meta description won’t cause a problem for you. Because you can use SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or All In One SEO to edit your article’s meta description and other descriptive information easily.

Using a shorter meta description is considered to be working out pretty well for most of the bloggers ranking in the top 10 positions. So prefer to use meta descriptions that are limited to approx 150 words.

2. Find Easy To Rank Keywords From Your Competitors

Keywords are valuable assets for any professional blogger in the industry. If you want to be successful in blogging then you should get used to finding new keywords within your niche that are easy to rank for. Your blog will keep growing until you keep posting quality content daily.

But it’s not that easy to rank for every keyword because of the high competition. So why not spy on your competitors to find out the keywords they are using for easier ranking. We would suggest you use any type of keyword research tool you can afford for this method.

Even a free tool would be enough to dig out valuable information about your competitors. Not to mention KWfinder from mangools is a very good alternative for paid keyword research tools you can use this powerful tool for free as a 7-day trial.

After you have found out the less competitive keywords from your competitors using any specific keyword research tool. It’s time to create meaningful content around those keywords and use them within your article. To make sure you can rank easily using those keywords you can keep an eye on your rankings gain or lose using Google Search Console.

3. Prefer Guest Posting On Authority Sites

Guest posting on authority sites is a very popular SEO technique that many people use to build quality backlinks for their blog and receive free traffic at the same time. If you have never done guest posting before then you might find it interesting how easy it is to perform.

For doing proper guest posting you can hit Google and search for the authority sites within your niche that allow guest posting with proper content. Still, it’s not that easy to just start getting backlinks and traffic using guest posting.

You will have to create quality articles for guest posting on other sites if they allow you to do so. Suppose you own a recipes blog and you are looking for a blog with more domain authority than yours to do guest posting.

The other blog’s owner will demand a solid piece of content in order to allow others to do guest posting on his/her site. As he will get free quality content posted on the blog he doesn’t have to create content by himself this is how guest posting works.

It’s a win-win for both parties so you’d better invest some of your time in writing extra content for such opportunities. Because it will help your blog in many ways!

4. Create Longer And Better Content

If you have not posted more than 15 posts on your blog until now then you should really focus on improving your blog’s content at first. Because if you want your blog to grow and beat the competitors then providing quality content is the first priority.

For a noticeable content flow within your blog, you will have to create a content strategy that most of the newbies don’t. Creating content strategies is not rocket science as all you have to do is decide the proper way to manage your articles and media.

Growing a new blog instantly requires longer content with enough SEO. Apart from other things focus on increasing your article’s word count while maintaining the quality. Prefer to visit other successful bloggers in your niche to find out how they structure their content and what is their content strategy to publish it.

Once you have figured out their posting time and site structure you can improve yours according to something that is already working for others. It’s obvious that improving your content quality and writing longer posts will take some time but it will increase the growth drastically!

5. Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a great source for driving quality traffic to your blog in the starting phase. Being free to use you can easily create accounts on various social media platforms that would allow you to promote your new blog for completely free.

Talking about how you can use it to grow your new blog, learn from others. Because most of the successful bloggers already own an account on almost all social media platforms to promote their content and stay at the top.

You can do the same if you are willing to manage different social media accounts at once. As you are already aware of some of those most popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram we assume you have already created pages for your new blog on them.

If not then create one as soon as possible, not to mention you should give equal importance to all of the social media platforms. Find similar places where you can promote your blog for free. For example, using Quora and Pinterest is a very good choice to reach out to more people that are interested in your content.

6. Increase Your Rankings With Proper Internal Linking

If you have been ignoring the power of proper internal linking. It can cause serious harm to your blog. Lack of proper internal linking within any blog causes trouble for search engine crawlers. Without proper internal linking of your blog posts, you can not expect your blog to be in the top 10 positions.

For using internal linking to your advantage learn how to distribute them between articles with more relevance. When it comes to internal linking the number of times you have linked back to the same article of your own matters a lot.

Instead of randomly internal linking your blog posts, you can analyze other blogs. To see how they use various anchor text for creating powerful internal links within their site’s structure.

Or you can use premium plugins such as Yoast SEO to get the best suggestions for doing internal linking for any article you are going to publish. Basically, it depends on the articles that you have published earlier, it will suggest you the most relevant articles for internal linking to your current article.

7. Exchange Backlinks With Other Bloggers In The Same Niche

You are not the only one who is eager to grow their new blog instantly! So why not help each other to get instant results? well, most of the bloggers avoid giving backlinks to newbies but if you have a decent domain authority chances of exchanging backlinks with anyone increases.

Consider approaching the bloggers who have an average DA and PA so you can easily negotiate for exchanging backlinks with them. Just exchanging a simple link for your blog won’t be that beneficial so we would suggest you use guest posting on both sides.

Create an amazing article around the niche and tell the other blogger to do the same then you can both exchange the articles containing each other’s backlinks. In this way, you will receive a decent amount of free content for your blog and publish your article on another blog at the same time.

8. Improving User Experience And Mobile Usability

User experience and mobile usability are one of the most important factors for a perfect SEO for any blog or website. Even Google gives more importance to mobile usability after recent updates. So if your blog is not responsive enough or mobile-friendly then my friend you can be in trouble!

However, it is very easy to fix this problem but if you have been running a blog without a proper responsive template then it can be a bit difficult for you. Because when it comes to upgrading your site’s overall performance you have to choose the right template for it.

Going for a responsive template that is lightweight at the same time. Will give you an upper hand compared to your competitors. As responsive and SEO friendly themes are easy to use and install on your WordPress sites you won’t have any hard time fixing this issue.

9. Promoting Your Content

Content promotion is an activity that is very important. When it comes to growing a new blog and acquiring a larger audience for your blog. But promoting your content may require some time to take effect over your rankings and other factors.

So promoting your newly published articles everywhere will help you in the long-term as well as short-term. There are tons of platforms and methods that you can use to promote any type of content you want. Suppose you have a blog about the real estate market. You can join forums regarding your niche and help out others with any problem they have.

Because helping others will create a positive impression on other readers. In the same niche that will help you generate more organic traffic over time. The major advantage of having a solid content promotion strategy is that you can manage to gain more in less time for your new blog.

10. Posting Consistently

Consistency is the key if you want to be successful as a blogger. But it doesn’t mean that you have to publish a 2000 words article every single day. Take your time and create a schedule that includes enough time frames for every activity you want to do. But make sure to spare enough time for writing content for your blog.

In this way, you can create high-quality content in no time. That can compete with others in the market. It doesn’t matter whether you are publishing only one article a week or seven articles within a week. Just focus on the quality of the articles because without sufficient content implementing other SEO techniques won’t work!

Posting consistently for a long time will create a good impression for your new blog. In terms of SEO if you keep posting consistently good articles. Then chances of getting higher ranking and more exposure in the SERPs are increased significantly.


There is no shortcut to success but still trying some of the proven tactics can help you make your work a lot easier. If you are able to use these techniques from the start of your blogging journey. Your blog will grow instantly for sure!

If you found any useful information in this article then please share it with your friends. And don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions in the comments section below.

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