6 Best Free SEO Tools For New Bloggers in 2021!

SEO is very important when it comes to growing a blog. As a newbie blogger, you may find it difficult to explore the sea of SEO tools available in the market.

Because every tool has its own different features and functionalities. Going through all of them would take some serious amount of your time. In the end, you won’t be able to focus on creating content for your blog.

So I have come up with the best collection of free SEO tools. You can use it to grow your blog’s traffic and rankings at the same time. However, it may take some time to get around with new features that you have never used before.

6 Best Free SEO Tools For New Bloggers in 2021!

But it’s better to go for the SEO tools that are available to use free of cost. In the starting phase of the blogging journey, most of the new bloggers don’t have enough investment to spend on additional expenses. So let’s explore the collection of best free SEO tools.

Best Free SEO Tools For Bloggers in 2021!

Most of these tools have a beginner-friendly interface. That helps new users to easily get over with the structure of the tools. But if you find any tool very hard to use and understand consider taking extra help from the people in the community or just google whatever your problem is.

1. Answer The Public

Answer the public is providing this great service for a very long time. It’s a very clever algorithm-based tool that automatically generates questions or queries. According to people’s past interests and recent searches accumulated from google and bing both.

Using answer the public tool is very easy. First of all, visit their official site where you will get a search bar to enter your seed keywords. Enter one or two of your main keywords for better results.

You can also select the type of country and language you want to target for keyword research. After that click on the search button and you will be able to see a complete collection of related queries and questions. The audience has regarding your seed keyword.

Answer the public is a great way to find the reader’s interests. And use their questions/queries to create content around those topics. Instead of looking for other keyword research tools you can use answer the public free of cost!

2. Ubersuggest

When this powerful keyword research and search engine marketing tool was first introduced in the market by Neil Patel. It was a huge relief for the majority of the bloggers. Being free of cost to use the ubersuggest provided the latest and close to accurate data about any keyword or domain name.

But after a few months, this amazing tool was not completely free. Because of the heavy traffic management costs and other expenses the company had to introduce the paid version along with some extra features bundled together.

Still, you can use the free version with some limitations that won’t affect your keyword research for your article. Later you can go for an individual plan if you found this tool to be useful enough for your blog.

3. Google Search Console

The official indexing and rank tracking tool offered by Google is Google search console. Almost every single blogger in the world uses this amazing and powerful tool to keep track of their positions and perform manual indexing of new blog posts.

If you have never used google search console before then don’t worry. You will get used to the interface in less than a week. Or you can go through some YouTube tutorials to fully understand how Google search console works.

It is the best tool for growing any new blog quickly as it is provided directly from Google, The indexing process will be much faster and other metrics related data that you will receive is more accurate than other sources. I highly recommend using this free tool for everyone.

4. Keywords EveryWhere

Unfortunately, now it is a Paid tool. Another free yet powerful keyword research tool in our list is Keywords Everywhere. This amazing tool has been providing its services free of cost for a very long time, Just like ubersuggest, the keywords everywhere tool had to introduce a paid version in the market to pay up the expenses of the service.

Millions of people were using this free tool daily to find out the most profitable keywords in the market that are easy to rank for. However, after they provided the paid version many people started looking for alternatives.

But in our opinion, the keywords everywhere is a very accurate tool that provides up to date information regarding different keywords you want to explore. So instead of using it for free you can buy credits from their official site and use them as per your requirement.

With one single credit you can analyze one keyword the plans start from $10 which gives you access to 100,000 credits and that should be enough for any beginner.

5. Bing Webmaster

Bing webmaster is very similar to google search console, the only difference is database and data source. When working with bing webmaster you will have to sign up for a new account on the bing webmaster tools official site.

After the registration is done you can add your site/blog by following the simple steps they provide you. In most cases, you will have to insert an HTML code within your site’s head section to link it successfully with bing webmaster tools.

Later on, you can use this platform to perform manual indexing and rank tracking for your new keywords. It’s very similar to google search console as you will be able to get detailed information for your blog this free tool is very helpful to keep an eye on the progress and grow your new blog.

6. Google Analytics

Unlike the Google search console, Google Analytics focuses on detailed information of your audience and site performance. The linking process is the same as the Google search console. So we recommend you to submit your blog on both of these platforms as your blog will grow much faster if it is connected with reliable services directly provided from Google.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can easily understand the interests of your audience and the type of readers your blog has around the world. It would be impossible to get such detailed information about your audience without the help of an analytics tool.

So why not use this free tool to analyze what type of content is performing well for you, people from which country are converting more? which type of operating systems your readers are using to visit your blog?

You can get all of these detailed metrics easily with Google Analytics and use this data to improve your blog’s overall SEO instantly. Improving the loading speed and focusing more on the content that is performing well in the market, will help you grow your blog very quickly.


There are tons of SEO tools available in the market but choosing the right one for growing your blog is mandatory. If you fail to choose the perfect tool then you may lose some of your investment too. So make sure to go through all of these tools and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Do share this article with your friends if you found it to be useful.

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