5 Leading Google Analytics Plugins To Understand Your WordPress Site Visitors

In the world of web development, there are many factors that are important for ensuring your success on the internet. The majority of web developers prefer to use WordPress for creating professional sites/blogs for any individuals or profession. If you have still not started your very own WordPress blog, here is my step by step guide to start and build your own blog

It is the most used web development framework in the world powering millions of websites worldwide. But it’s not easy to keep track of your traffic and activity which takes place on your blog or site on a daily basis.

Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress
So in order to properly analyze your site’s health, Bounce rate, User activities and a lot of other factors we need something which is able to help us for performing all the tasks easily.

There are literally thousands of plugins ready to use on the internet for any kind of work which is easy to install and use. Although all of those is not needed but you can not ignore some of them because those are important plugins and you need them, to make your WordPress blog effective.

Top 5 Google Analytics Plugins For Your WordPress Site to Understand Your Visitors.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the best google analytics plugin for WordPress which most of the bloggers and WordPress users are using. Analytics plugin can help you to grow your site and increase the traffic also. If you have a blog or site and still not getting any traffic, here is my guide on how to increase website traffic.

Now Let’s take a close look one by one on WordPress analytics plugins.

1. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin by MonsterInsights

When it comes to analytic plugins the one which is used and trusted by millions of users is known as Google analytics dashboard plugin by monster insights.

The monster insights plugin comes with lots of useful and important features and that’s the reason we have included this plugin in our top 5 must-have google analytics plugin for WordPress list!

With 2 million+ installations worldwide, it’s a high-quality plugin where you can connect your google analytics. And get the latest stats about your site directly on your dashboard which you need for growing your business.

Monster insights is the first choice for anyone because of higher usage ratings and constant updates which keeps your site compatible with the latest browsers. Also, another good feature is that you don’t require any programming knowledge. Because it’s easy to install with just a few clicks and start monitoring your site on the go!

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2. ExactMetrics Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin (formerly known as GADWP)

The second plugin we are going to talk about is a well-known plugin also! The Exactmetrics Google analytics plugin for WordPress formerly known as GADWP.

With more than 300 positive reviews and 5-star ratings, this plugin is a very tough competitor for monster insights! It also comes with lots of amazing features that are much more like other plugins.

But the user interface provided in this plugin is easy to navigate and use when compared to some analytics plugins. Some of the most useful and powerful features of GADWP are listed as below:

  • customized analytics code tracking
  • particular post’s data
  • Shows Real-time number of visitors
  • Real-time traffic source data
  • Provides Real-time acquisition channels
  • User’s system analytics data like OS, browser, mobile brands, resolutions, etc.
  • user engagement, bounce rate, user’s interests, etc repots.

Although having lots of great features and functionalities this plugin by Exactmetrics works really fast and accurately. Hence, It will not affect your site’s loading speed or any other kind of factors.

So this could also be considered as a useful plugin for analyzing your site’s complete data with customization features that were not available in the former version it.

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3. User-Friendly  Google analytics Plugin by 10Web

When there are new launches of plugins people don’t trust these new-comers easily and avoid using these plugins in their WordPress sites. But when it comes to analytics plugins the Google analytics plugin by 10Web isn’t new at all!

Like other google analytics plugin for WordPress, this plugin helps you to understand your site’s growth and statistical data more easily directly onto your WordPress dashboard.

But why should you go for this plugin when you have so many good options available? well, there are certain reasons to choose this plugin for using it on your site.

Here is a brief overview of the features available in this plugin by 10Web.

  • One of the most useful features which are usually not available in other plugins is that it lets you manage all of your google stats and ads.
  • You can customize the reports generated by this plugin as per your need.
  • It provides the facility to set your own goals and work towards them.
  • Keeps you notified about your goals by sending push-notifications instantly when a particular stat reaches it’s the highest limit.
  • Share your monthly/yearly reports directly through automated emails.
  • Export your every report directly into CSV format whenever you want!
  • Instantly search for any specific data by using filters easily.

With thousands of active installations and positive reviews, this new Google Analytics plugin by 10Web could be a good choice for anyone.

Now talking about the different facility which is only available in this plugin is, That you can manage all of your stats and traffic related to your (E-commerce store if you have any)

By using this plugin you can track literally every sell you make and the exact volume fo the conversions you are getting right at the moment!

And exact stats for how much money you are making online from your E-commerce store. The customer support is also reliable, if you have any issues using this plugin then you can ask for help anytime!

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4. Analytify Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin

Now coming to the fourth one on the list we have Analytify Google Analytics dashboard plugin. Which allows you to get all of your google analytics data onto your WordPress Dashboard.

So you can easily track your user’s interests, bounce rate, custom post engagements and display all of this complicated information in a more beautiful way!

This plugin is updated regularly and tested with the latest version of WordPress for the best possible results for everyone! with an above 4-star rating on the official WordPress site and 40,000+ active installations.

Here are some of the features available with the free version.

  • Helpful for your overall site’s SEO
  • Lets you monitor the traffic data for a particular post or page.
  • unlike other plugins, it’s easier to add the stats under wp-admin as a block in your post or page.
  • Shows you the complete list of top referrers and browsers for better understanding your audience.
  • And one of the best features is that it supports one-click installation so you won’t have to copy any type of code in order to get it working!

However, there are some features that are included in the free version of this plugin. hence, you will have to pay for the premium version if you want to access and use more features of this plugin.

Considering all the analytics process-related plugins available for free this plugin has very limited features while the other plugins provide some of those features absolutely free of cost!

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5. GA Google Analytics Plugin

GA Google Analytics plugin which is developed by Jeff Starr. This plugin is also considered as a high-quality analytics plugin for any WordPress site. With more than 400,000 installations worldwide.

The plugin is very lightweight and extra fast having many positive 5-star rating with advance features. GA Google Analytics plugin could be a good choice for monitoring your site. So you might be interested in the most useful functionalities of this plugin which is important information for every user.

  • Automatically includes the tracking code into the header and footer.
  • Very easy to use with blazing fast performance
  • Automatically includes the tracking code in each of your posts.
  • Keeps your website Up-to-Date By frequent updates.
  • Provides the facility to add your own custom markup.
  • Simple and easy to customize the tracking code.
  • Stays current with the latest tracking code
  • Sleek plugin settings page with toggling panels.
  • You can disable tracking for admin-level users.

If you want to keep track of all of your site’s data then this plugin can be a good option for you for professionals and beginners both! there is a pro version also available for this plugin.

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The majority of people always use any type of analytics plugins in order to get the exact stats and user interests for growing their site along with their visitors! If you are one of those people who like to use the original Google Analytics dashboard then it’s totally fine.

So if you are willing to invest some money and analyze your entire site including your traffic more deeply then you could go for the pro version. Otherwise, I would suggest you use any of the above-listed plugins.

If you found any useful information in this article then please share it with your friends and loved ones! It will be a huge help to us! and don’t forget to comment down the plugin which you would like to use on your site or if have used any already.

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Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

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