32 Ultimate Proven Methods to Increase Your Blog Traffic

A website needs only one thing and it is the maximum amount of visitors on their website. And we always search for keywords that are common. When the results come up we usually chose the top 3 websites to use. But now back to our main topic, HOW to increase the blog or website traffic.

How to increase the website traffic

Here I present to you the top 32 proven methods to increase website traffic

Before starting I also want to mention that you don’t need to work on all aspects to increase website traffic. Just follow which is easy to do and achieve. These are proven methods that are used by most of the bloggers. If you haven’t yet started your blog, here is my guide to starting your own blog.

1. Write Irresistible Headline

Many bloggers just focus on their content and nothing else. The key to a successful blog or content is always the headline or also known as Title. The headline is everything. Blog visitors check the most attractive headline first.

Write one awesome headline and increase website traffic. Always remember the most important parts of your content- Headlines. You can use several online sites which tell you which headline is most famous or in most use. Chose as per your convenience but choose wisely.

2. Write Something Which is “tweetable”

Website owners or bloggers who are on twitter already know why this point is necessary. Twitter is the best place to make new connections. Bloggers do anything to get their tweets famous. Once your blog catches an eye, you won’t be caring about how to increase website traffic again. Many users give links to your blog so that others can read what is written directly on your blog.

3. Content Transformation

Content transformations is a technique in which blog owners changes their blog into different formats like ebooks or podcast. Website visitors usually avoid reading someone’s blog unnecessarily, but they prefer to see the podcast or case-study which are published on a timely basis. You have to make different forms of articles or writings to satisfy the viewers on the internet.

4. The Strategy of the Content Relaunch

About this strategy, many bloggers don’t know. This is as simple as eating a cake. New internet users are coming up every day. They want the content to be fresh and advanced but the topic to be the same.

What you have to do is just simply upgrade the content with a touch-up and a better title. For example, you have a post called “How to login to Facebook” from 2019. Simply give a little touch-up and a headline like “Brand new method to open Facebook update (2020)”. You won’t even believe how fast you will get website traffic with this on-page seo technique.

5. Guest Blog

Remember this, always. Most of us love listening to gossips. From 15 years old kid to 75 years old grandma, everyone loves to gossip. Big influencers or models who want to have a platform to speak out their lives every-day are the best candidates.

You can directly mail them about your blog if they agree they will help you to make your blog better. These influencers are very famous and you can get high traffic on your website.

6. Advertisement

 Advertisement is something we use to make our work famous. Social networks, banners, newspapers, you say the name, ads are everywhere. We pay to use advertisements and one advertisement costs you around a few bucks but the website traffic from it can be unimaginable. Normally the ads are visible to everyone and you will find ads everywhere so it is up to you which advertisement company you want to invest in.

7. Conduct a Giveaway Contest

Giveaway contests are something everyone talks about and loves to take part in. It is human nature that if you say anything is free people rush until they get it. Also, publish ads about it so that website visitor comes to your site to get giveaway and you will get traffic on your website.

8. Make a Video Regarding Your Work

A video is something that helps others to understand the concept better. Today’s generation trust more on visuals than anything on books. You have to make the videos regarding your article or blogs which are attracting and you have to share the video on social platforms like Facebook or YouTube.

Once your video gets noticed or shared several times you are going to earn a lot of website traffic on your blog or website. People spend their leisure time watching videos on YouTube so there is your chance and you must take the action.

9. Take Proper Advantage of Visual Effects

Bloggers who use images, videos, or gifs get around 94% more website visitors than a normal, plain website. Keep in mind once a viewer sees anything they like, the viewer will always remember the content. Use visual effects man, it’s free. But before using any kind of visual effects, remember to check for copyrights if you have any plans to copy-paste from google.

10. Luring People on Social Media

Everyone does mistakes but very few learn from them. What a normal person does, shares their content on social media without giving any reason to click. If a person won’t find anything interesting, why would they click?

What you have to do is give an incomplete overview of your article in the description which will make them like reading more. Add the link of your website on your social media share and wait for others to read it. Social media users will get the urge to see the whole content after reading those lines. Make sure that the incomplete text makes sense and should be written in a very interesting way to lure blog visitors to your site.

11. Influencer Attracting Content

Influencers are the sensational part of the internet we see today. They can go to any limits to make themselves famous. Try writing subjects that any influencer would love to talk about. Let’s take the example of local travel and food. Influencer can’t resist the content and will talk about it. Once the work is done the traffic will be in your favor.

12. Maintain a Routine for Publishing the Content

Many website owners publish articles every day, some publish once a year also. The thing is, when you maintain the consistency of writing articles every day and a person will see it, they will check your respective website. This is human nature. It doesn’t matter they like it or not, if they see it all the time, every day on social media, they will check it out.

13. Learn from Your Analytics

Blog owners post their articles and leave them for weeks or even months. They think that the traffic will increase on its own. The key to every successful article is analytics. The analytics are the statistics or graphs which inform you which article made the most traffic. We also often get to know about the articles which are waste for the website. The user should always keep eyes on analytics so that they can manage the traffic because if you manage the site, you can gain the traffic very easily.

14. Use of Facebook Groups and Pages

Facebook is such a platform where you can find many different kinds of people. The groups and the pages are the places where you should focus more. Many meaningful groups support your blog and websites if you write about their interest. Those pages can cause a lot of traffic on your page within no time as they make their members visit your website.

15. Use of LinkedIn to Increase Traffic

LinkedIn is a place where users create their profiles to find jobs and create links with persons in different fields of interest. When you create a profile the suggestions will show people of your interest. You will get persons who are useful for creating traffic for your website as you go deeper into the site.

Create links and lure other persons to your site by posting requests and detail about your site. As users will get to know about your site, eventually your traffic will increase. You can add the link of your website to your bio so that when someone visits your profile it will be sure they will visit your website as well.

16. Use of Freelancing Sites

The freelancing sites are the platforms where freelancers sell their services and buy other person’s material. There is always a section for adding a website. When other user communicates with you and check your profile, they are going to check your site for work samples you are selling. The freelancing sites are so useful that you can sell any kind of services over there so why not just tell everyone about your sites. upwork.com and fiverr.com are some of them

17. Instagram: Platform of Today’s Influencers

Once Instagram was just a picture sharing app and in today’s world, we use it to earn a humungous amount of money. On Instagram, different celebrities rule and share photos. If you post about your website there, other users are gonna check it out and in the end, you will be happily getting enough traffic.

You can even buy the services on Instagram as you can give money to top-rated pages and they would put your website on their story which lasts for 24 hours. Those stories are seen by thousands and at least some of them will check your website. Congratulations you got your traffic.

18. Creating a Free Online Course

When a human sees the word FREE anywhere, his inner soul rushes to try the thing. There are several things on which you can provide the online course as per people’s choice. You can provide them with a free Ebook that they can use as per their convenience. Try to give them the Course lesson regarding your respective article so that they gain interest in your subject and share it everywhere. In the end, you will get your traffic and they will get their freebie. Create your Online Course here.

19. Interview Leaders in Different Fields

When you talk with people of higher IQ and intellects, your view towards the world changes a lot. Blog readers usually like to read motivational stories. Provide them with the same and the traffic will increase. When you share the interview, make sure that you keep all the key features in mind and write the blog regarding the topic. The interview should be focussed and give an overview of the leader and his life. Give some rough ideas about the work done by the leader as well.

20. Optimize the Website

In today’s world of 4G, people like to stay on time and maintain their speed. When you optimize your site, the speed of your site will increase in every aspect, and as the speed will increases, the traffic increases. Users like only those sites which work faster than others. It is always a better option to Optimize.

21. Make a Mobile App

Mobile is now a necessity of today’s generation and we don’t have time to sit on PC’s and do all their stuff. Phones can be used at any time anywhere. So, it is a suggestion that if you Generate an app regarding your blog or website and advertise about it, people will check your page more often and your traffic will eventually increase. It is seen that traffic increases by up to 58% if there is an online app regarding the website which is accessible on a mobile phone.

22. Introduce Your Site to Play Store

Google is the best search engine that is used worldwide by millions of users every day. Google has its store for the android users which it calls play store. If you introduce your site to the play store, within no time the traffic will go high. There are a lot of persons who only download the newly launched app to check them and give reviews. If any of them like your app regarding your blog then it will be much better for you and your traffic.

23. Use of Micro-Blogging

Micro Blogging is one of the most famous things in today’s generation and it is useful too. The most famous micro-blogging website is tweeter but still, some underrated sites are there which can be useful for you like Tumblr. It is a site where people come to search for facts, ideas, and infographics.

Use the visual effects to gain an audience over there and make sure to use a small video clip to gain more traffic. For Tumblr, you need to gain your audience first. Then you can focus on the promotion of your blog or article. Once you gained the publicity, all the traffic is yours.

24. Keep Eyes on the Competition

You are not alone in this business, always keep this thing in your mind. You must keep your opponents in mind and work as per their actions. There are a lot of people who work on topics of higher interest. You just need to know what they are writing about and what is making their work more famous every day. Several sites give analytics reports on what your rivals are doing on their sites. Use those competitor analysis tools to make your decisions on what to write.

25. Conferences: Places to Communicate

Conferences are the place where you can find a huge gathering and you can easily communicate with others as per your requirements. One more platform is there which helps you with direct communication with people and that is conventions.  These are the places where you get the chance to communicate and make an impression in front of all the people of your stream or work areas. Always keep in mind that there is no better influence than direct conversations.

26. Focus on Keywords

People search for the keywords on the search engine. If you are using the exact keywords then your ranking on the web page will rise and traffic will also increase. The keywords are one of the most important parts of your article. There are several websites which tell that which keyword is used the most as per the subject being searched. Keep the keywords in focus and write them down in your article multiple times. Here is a complete guide on Keyword Research Tool

27. Links with Contributors

Contributors are the people who have links with the press and have deep roots in our society. These people are present everywhere and they give the news to reporters and generalists. If you can find one of the contributors and make a link with him, he will help you grow your website.

28. Use of Hacker News

Hacker News is a website where you can share your views just like Reddit. This website can be used as a lottery if you can reach its front page. This website will throw away your article if it has any problem or is poorly written. If you work hard and make your way to the front page, you will be having hundreds of website visitors every hour. The only condition is that they ask for quality.

29. Quora: Quality Audience

Most of the internet users come to Quora to ask questions and give answers to anonymous people on their official site. These QnA sites are useful for publicity as well as the promotion of your sites.

For example, You saw a question regarding your article, you answer over there and give the link to your site so that people can come and fetch their proper answer on your site. So now every time someone opens that question they will go to your site for a perfect answer. The number of visitors will increase and definitely, the website traffic will increase.

30. Effective use of Listicles

You will come across various “top lists” on social media and search engines. These lists are called Listicles and they are one of the most efficient ways to gain traffic. People search for these lists to gain knowledge about various topics on the internet. These lists are of no use for you if you can’t come into them. You can come into these lists by various methods and tools.

The easiest way is to mail the respective website about your blogsite or article. Other ways are like using tools like BuzzSumo which will help you to gain a position on the top lists of sites. No doubt it will take time but eventually, when you come in the top lists, you will notice increased website traffic with the help of it.

31. Press Release

When you are advertised on any well-known news channel, you are declared as famous. If you can get yourself into the press, you will gain humongous traffic in no time. This news could be paid or based on the merit of the works you do on your website. If you can give them the quality of content they ask for then you can get into them for free.

Another option is the paid one in which they will ask for some amount of money and hence they will publish your data on their channels. The press is so powerful that it will increase website traffic to a very high level.

32. HARO: The Self-Promoters Platform

Reporters are the people who convey the breaking news to the whole world. The important thing is they don’t have that much time to visit everywhere and check if the fact is true or not. They have a website where they post the questions they have and you can reply to those answers.

If you find any of the questions related to your articles then you can suggest it and if it gets selected then your site will get featured on the newspapers, websites, or even the news channels. All you have to do is answer their questions properly. If you do it then within no time it will be one of your best decisions ever.


Try out the different methods to increase website traffic on your site and always remember to manage your sites. A well-managed platform and a good looking website always attract people.

The social network always helps you to advertise your website to others. If the webpage becomes famous and you gain a lot of traffic, you must not leave it unused. Maintain the consistency of your posts and develop new skills every day. Use the visual effects and videos to attract more potential website visitors.

Learn how to write better content than yesterday and always keep eyes on the analytics as well as the content distribution in various places like conferences and conventions.

Try your best to get your article into places like news channels or newspapers. Always maintain the keyword count and distribution in mind and don’t forget to use different toolbars and ads.

If you find these all points hard to manage then you can go for the paid methods which will be helpful as well. Try and write articles regarding the latest topics to remain at top of this race.

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