Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool- An Overview

Long-tail pro, it is the best keyword research tool. It is a desktop keyword research tool that runs on Adobe Air (works on Windows & Mac). So that software must be installed beforehand. Long-tail Pro makes it really easy to find keywords with low competition and high search volume, especially ones with commercial value.

One great thing about Long tail pro is that you don’t have to be an SEO master to use this tool. The user interface is simple and straight forward. It is easy for anyone to use & saves a huge amount of time with keyword research and competitor analysis. Long tail pro will help you to find the best keywords that you can use for your blog or website to drive more traffic and generate more revenue in whatever methods you choose.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool

It will help you to find hundreds of low competition keywords, and with the brand new Rank Value feature, discover how profitable they might be for your website. You can find Easy Keywords using our unique KC feature and use the rank value to discover keyword profitability. You can scope out the competition with detailed metrics. Long Tail Pro provides the filter, sort, and export results as needed. You will get an in-depth domain and page-level metrics.

Features of Long Tail Pro

  1. Long Tail Pro is one of the best keyword research tools which provides the customization of targeted keyword competition. Just enter a domain and it will calculate your domain’s overall strength. This tool recommends a keyword range to target based on your domain.
  1. Calculate Keyword Competitiveness on the Competitor Analysis screen.
  2. Save the best keywords to a Favorites list.
  3. Additional SEOmoz data; such as Juice Page Links, Page Authority, Domain Authority and more.
  4. Create multiple projects.
  5. Export keywords in excel spreadsheets.
  6. Checks the Google, Yahoo, and Bing ranking for your keywords.
  7. You can use Long Tail Pro to suggest available domain names.
  8. Import keywords in Long Tail Pro.
  9. Finds the high CPC keywords.
  10. Great for increasing AdSense revenue.
  11. Long Tail Pro teaches you everything you need to know to research, build and rank a profitable niche site.
  12. Much cheaper and affordable.
  13. Much faster and easier to use.
  14. Improved SEO analysis.
  15. Powerful Marketing Instrument.
  16. Search Engine data collector.

What You Need to Run Long Tail Pro

Here are the requirements which you should have those then you will be able to run the long tail pro.

Adobe Air

This is a free piece of software. The Adobe Air runtime enables developers to package the same code into native applications and games for Windows and Mac OSX. Long Tail Pro is a desktop keyword research tool that runs on Adobe Air that works on Windows & Mac OSX. Adobe Air provides the backbone of Long Tail Pro.

Google Adwords Account

This is free to set up. You don’t need to spend any money on Adwords to have an account. You only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website or calls you. In other words, when your advertising is working then you have to pay.

How to Start Work on Long Tail Pro

The first thing you need to do after you have downloaded the software is to fire it up. Before you can go anywhere, you will need to set up the Adwords linking for the software to work on. You don’t need to spend anything to make an Adwords account – it is totally free. The software is doing is scraping Google’s own keyword tool – the free Keyword Planner. And it will return the results in a good format. Now let’s start work on long tail pro.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Finder Software

Create a New Project

The very first thing which you need to do here is to create a project. Enter your new project title and choose the country. Select your search network and toggle the adult ideas switch on or off.

Add one or more seed keyword and Analyze

If you click on the “Find Keywords”, a new pane will open up allowing you to “Add Seed Keywords” (i.e. topics, themes, ideas) that you want to get. You can also ask Long Tail Pro to get extra information like “Global Search Volume” “Domain Availability” and “Google Title Competition” and “Bing Title Competition”.

Favorite and Trash

You can find your favorite keywords in the favorite list and the ones you decide to delete then get it in the trash.

Filter and Fetch

Longtails pro filters your keyword suggestions list in real-time. Just start the typing and your list will be filtered accordingly. You can filter for Keywords, Suggested bid and Local searches allow you to enter a minimum or maximum values. Advertiser Competition, Keyword Competitiveness or KC is Long Tail Pro’s proprietary metric that calculates how hard it is to rank for a keyword in a range from 0 to 100.

Export Keywords and Rank Checker

You can export your keyword suggestion list in a .CSV file. You can check the rank of your website or blog.

Keyword Competition

In Long Tail Pro, you will find the “Avg. KC” column on the “Keyword Research” and “Competitor Analysis” pages. It is a useful section, as this will let you pick the best keyword for your site without wasting time. Here is what I have found from my own analysis for keyword competitiveness:

0 to 10 – No competition

10 to 20 – Extremely low competition

20 to 30 – Low competition

30 to 40 – Moderate Competition

40 to 50 – Somewhat High Competition

50 to 60 – Very High Competition

60 to 70 – Extremely High Competition

70 to 100 – Don’t even think about it!

Long Tail Pro Keyword tool Advantages

  1. Easy to use for everyone. Simply download it, make a project, and add some keywords and then get to work.
  2. It is regularly updated, with good communication about any significant updates provided through email and blog.
  3. There is good support available from the makers of Long Tail Pro.
  4. Spencer & co tend to offer some decent specials on Long Tail Pro from time to time.
  5. You will get from Long Tail Pro is one of professionalism and polish.
  6. Compatible on most platforms i.e. any operating system that runs Adobe Air.
  7. Here you will find Pre-search filters and post-search real-time filters.
  8. Easy and quick swift between projects.
  9. The tool is in constant evolution and it is being developed by Internet marketers and online business people who know what to add so it fully fits your needs.
  10. Long Tail Pro is a Clean, modern, well-organized and user-friendly interface.
  11. You can add more filters after the search is complete and also can ask the tool to fetch that data independently with the “Fetch Now” bulk checker feature.
  12. Small learning curve and very easy to use.

Long Tail Pro  Disadvantages

  1. Depending on the screen size and resolution you have on your computer sometimes you might wish you could have more space on the main pane to study your top 10 competitors. Besides, you can hide or resize any of the filter columns as you wish.
  2. At times, Long Tail Pro’s license servers cannot be reached when you open the tool. You’re forced to wait a few minutes and try again – this usually takes care of the issue.
  3. It usually takes a little while to pull up long lists of related terms. Even though this is a common weakness shared by most keyword tools.
  4. Long-tail pro may also freeze up, uninstall and re-install necessary sometimes.

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