Spyfu Competitor Keyword Research Tool Full Review

Day by day, new search engine marketing software are appearing in the market but most of them do not perform well because of high competition in the market.

spyfu competitor keyword research tool

In this article, we are going to talk about one of those new search engine marketing software known as “Spyfu“. You can consider this software as a competitor keyword research tool. Spyfu comes with almost every keyword research and rank tracking tools that you might need for proper keyword research.

Being a powerful keyword research tool, Spyfu also provides a library of 200 informative videos. By using this series of useful and informative videos you can learn how to do better keyword research using Spyfu.

It also covers all the advanced tools provided by Spyfu with step by step explanations on how to use those premium tools easily. If you are looking for an alternative for keyword research tools with all the premium features Spyfu is best.

Spyfu Keyword Research Tool Features

But what type of keyword research tools do Spyfu provide? Is it worth using for your professional blog? let’s find out more about the tools provided by Spyfu. The tools provided by Spyfu are divided into a total of 4 different sections that are explained below.

1. Keyword Research Tool

Spyfu provides high-end keyword research tools with an in-depth analysis of any keyword you want to explore. You will be able to see the history of any particular keyword with more detailed information like, which domains ranked before on that keyword.

It also provides detailed metrics depending on devices like mobile vs desktop which performs better. And if you are interested in PPC marketing for driving quality traffic to your blog then Spyfu’s keyword research tool will show you the current situation of those keywords in the market.

2. Grouping Tool

If you have got a bunch of keywords and wish to analyze all of them at the same time. You can use Spyfu’s keyword grouping ability to group various keywords together for detailed analysis around a specific niche.

3. Backlink Checker

It also provides a backlink checker tool so you can easily spy on your competitor’s domain. And find the best performing backlinks from them which will benefit your blog in the long term.

Spyfu PPC Research Tools

1. Adwords Competitors

If you are one of those people who use Google ads for driving traffic to your blog or website then, this competitor finder tool will be very useful for you. By using this powerful tool you can easily identify hidden trends and competitors within your niche.

2. PPC Keyword Research

When creating a new PPC campaign choosing the right keywords with low competition is ideal. But if you want to know the keywords that your competitors are using in their own campaigns then you can use Spyfu’s PPC keyword research tool to easily evaluate the best performing keywords for you.

3. Adwords Templates

Use the spyfu’s competitive keywords data to create the best performing AdWords template for promoting your brand/products easily. It provides at least one ad per ad group so you will only have to update the URLs within the ads. (less work more speed).

4. PPC Keyword Grouper

With a little help of spyfu’s PPC keyword grouper tool, you can easily organize your best performing paid keywords into simple manageable ad groups with just one click.

5. Ad History

When finding new keywords for running successful ad campaigns for your business, using the ad history tool will help you find the best performing keywords that your competitors have used in their past campaigns with successful results.

6. PPC Keyword Suggestion

If you are a complete newbie in the world of paid advertising then the Adwords advisor tool of Spyfu will help you a lot in running successful ad campaigns by comparing them with your competitor’s campaigns.

Spyfu SEO Research Tools

1. Competitor Analysis

Directly spy into your competitor’s best performing websites and blog’s domains for better rankings and strategy. Which also comes with SEO reports that include detailed gains and losses in ranking terms.

2. Keyword Research

Using Spyfu’s keyword research tool will give you access to more keywords than you can imagine that existed within your specific niche. Just enter one main keyword to get your research started and explore CPC, difficulty, rankings and everything about the keywords you want.

3. Competitor Backlinks

If your blog is not ranking for the best place because of high-quality backlinks, You can use a competitor backlink analysis tool to see which backlinks are most useful for ranking on that particular keyword.

4. Domain Comparison

Use Spyfu’s kombat tool when you have more than one competitor to compete with. By using this tool you can easily extract the best performing keywords from all the domains at the same time

5. Rank Tracker

After you have found some good keywords for running ad campaigns or ranking your site blog it’s time to monitor the results. You can do so by using the rank tracker tool to easily track any positive or negative changes in your current rankings.

Spyfu Tools Extra Features

1. SEO Reports

Create powerful PPC and SEO reports for your new sites or campaigns. This tool will also provide you a deeper analysis into a domain’s good and bad points of view both.

2. Keyword Rank Checker

Explore a wide range of keyword ranking histories to see which keywords caused rise or fall in ranking positions for any domain you are targeting.

3. SERP Checker

Shows you the current pages ranking for a specific keyword with the number of advertisers who are currently bidding on these keywords and trying to drive traffic through paid campaigns.

4. Domain Overview

Choose your action by exploring an advanced and brief overview of your competitor’s domain. Explore the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors easily by using this powerful tool from Spyfu.

More than enough features and functions you can use right? but all of these are required if you want to compete with others in 2020! For using this powerful seo tool you can go with any of the plans according to your requirements.


If you are looking for a powerful keyword research tool then you can trust Spyfu that is not limited to keyword research only. You can perform every task you can in other SEM tools so it can be a better alternative for your business if used correctly.

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