Perfect 10 Methods to Get High Quality Backlinks for FREE

It is hard to find and get high-quality backlinks which are more relevant and holds a higher domain authority than average websites or blogs.

But don’t worry because today you will learn how to boost your rankings instantly by creating high-quality backlinks for free and easily! So let’s get started …

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are basically nothing more than a particular site or blog linking back to your site. So various search engines can trust you and your content by analyzing how other sites are responding to your site.

If well-known sites with higher domain authority are linking back at your site or blog then search engines like Google and Yahoo will start to see your site/blog as a good source of valuable information.

Get high quality backlinks for free

As a result, your site or blog will be promoted in the rankings and it will start appearing on the top-level pages of those search engines.

Now you have a basic idea about backlinks let’s talk about the type of backlinks on which you should focus more to scale your site/blog more quickly and easily!

Here are Easy Steps to Find and Get Quality Backlinks for Free

The majority of the people have a mentality that, quantity is always better than quality! well, it’s true in some cases but it’s not when it comes to backlinks!

The people who have been in this industry for a long time know the difference between a backlink with high domain authority and a backlink with more relevancy to the site.

Actually, the more relevant your back-link is to your site or blog, Chances are higher to give an SEO bump to your site when compared to high DA & PA backlinks.

So it’s ideal to get backlinks for ranking up your site easily in various search engines. Now let’s talk about some methods by which you can get quality backlinks for your site absolutely free!

1. Using Wikipedia For Creating High-Quality Backlinks

First, try to find some articles which are related to your niche.

Now the way we are going to use for building links from Wikipedia is by replacing the broken links with our content.

First, search this exact term in google site: “Keyword phrase” “dead link” add your keyword for which you need the backlink in “keyword phrase”.

You should do some keyword research using keyword research tools to find the right keyword to focus on. It will be a waste fo time to work on useless keywords.  First of all check for your niche and then find the best keywords to work.

After that, it will show you the links which are broken or dead and needs to be replaced with a working and accurate link.

And that’s where you get the opportunity to get a backlink from Wikipedia! now if you have any article which can provide the exact info as the dead link then you can fix that link and replace it with your link.

In order to that, first, you will have to create an account in Wikipedia because the privilege to edit articles is only given to anyone who has an account on Wikipedia.

And invest some of your time in editing the articles on Wikipedia which have any type of grammatical errors or any other mistakes. After that, you can get fix the broken links with yours.

If you have any doubt related to this method then you can reach out to youtube for a more detailed explanation of it.

2. Using Profile Backlinks!

Wikipedia is not the only place to look for free quality back links for your site or blog. There are lots of different ways also! To build them.

Now you should be thinking that I am talking about commenting on other people’s blog posts and keep spamming your link everywhere on the internet right? but that doesn’t work anymore.

Google wants genuine backlinks that are relevant to your niche if you have any then it will definitely help you to quickly rank up your site.

Using profile-based sites is a good choice to get backlinks with high value. To build high-quality profile backlinks you’ll have to create an account on popular sites like Amazon, Pinterest,, etc.

There are hundreds of websites where you can easily register and get a high-quality backlink for your site. If you want a list of 400+ websites to create backlinks then you can visit here.

3. Approaching other Bloggers For Backlinks

Apart from profile backlinks, you can also exchange backlinks with other bloggers by simply writing up an email to them and you can ask for a back link.

Most of the time it works till you are also linking back to their site so it’s a win-win for both parties. You can easily contact the bloggers working in the same niche as yours by visiting their blog and using their contact us service.

Or you can comment on their blog post which you like the most and ask for a backlink to your site having the same topic related articles.

4. Using Quora To Build High-Quality Backlinks

The Quora is one of the largest and most used QnA sites of all time you can find literally any type of answer you need on quora. It’s a fast-growing community of the peoples who want to help everyone.

On Quora, you can ask any questions you want and answer the other questions also. By answering various questions related to your niche you can get a solid backlink for your site.

But to accomplish that you will have to provide proper value at first in your answer after that you can add your site’s link at the end of the answer.

And that’s how you get a backlink from a site that has around 90 DA and PA. Google loves backlinks from quora!

5. Using site indexing tools

There are several site indexing tools available on the internet free of cost! what this site indexing tool does is they try to submit your site’s URL in different places so you can get a link juice from everywhere.

But if you don’t trust them then I don’t recommend them to use so use them at your own risk! you can test them by simply creating a blog and use the URL of that blog on these site indexing tools.

6. Web Directory Submission

Web directories are another good way to make your presence on the internet and let other crawlers know about your site. There are lots of web directory submission sites available today.

Some of them are totally free of cost while some of them charge a few bucks but does a pretty good job on link building for your site.

7. Using YouTube And Other Social Media

When it comes to backlinks and ranking your site on the index then positive social signals are very important. In order to create a great social media presence, you will have to build backlinks on various social media platforms.

For example, you can create a channel on YouTube for free and post some content related to your niche after that you can link back to your site in the description of your videos.

You will get lots of free traffic from there which will improve the trustworthiness for your site/blog and improve your rankings easily.

The same way you can link back to your site from other platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

8. Guest Posting On High-Authority Blogs

Guest posting is a huge market place for quality backlinks because if you have 3-4 blogs with high DA and PA then you can let others guest post on your blog in exchange for some money.

In the same way, there are many authority blogs where you can guest post a high-quality article with a minimum of 1500 words and 100% uniqueness. Now you can link back to your site in between the whole article. And get a high-quality relevant backlink for your website.

But don’t spam your site URL everywhere in the post. Only link back if you think that it’s relevant to the niche and could be useful to the reader for getting more info.

You can easily find these types of blogs in google by simply searching “{name of your niche} blog with guest posting”.

Now if they allow direct guest posting by login then it’s simple but sometimes you’ll have to email the admin for permission to guest post.

9. Tracking Competitor’s Backlinks

If you are in a very competitive niche then it’s a must that you analyze your competitors frequently. Because you can get very valuable information that can help to boost your rankings.

One of them is backlinks you can easily go to a free tool called “Ubersuggest” and type in your competitor’s URL and get every bit of information about their site/blog easily.

You can see from where the majority of traffic is coming for your competitor and the type of backlinks he built to rank higher. Along with it you can fetch all the backlink URLs and try to create a backlink for yourself also!

By using this method you are most likely to get high-quality backlinks because it’s already working for your competitor then it will work for you too!

10. Commenting On Other Blogs

Many people believe that commenting backlinks doesn’t work now but the truth is they actually do! if this method is applied properly then it can also generate high-quality backlinks for you.

The only thing to consider while creating comment backlinks is to not look spammy, try to write a more detailed comment for that article. Don’t comment without reading the article because it’s not useful to anyone.

You can share your honest opinion about the content or give any more information to others and link back to your site for more info. In that way, you can easily create high-quality backlinks for free!


Backlinks are very important and should be carried out with on-page SEO of any site but it’s a little bit difficult to get quality backlinks for your site. but if you follow the methods demonstrated in this article then you can easily build high-quality backlinks.

If you think this article will help others then please share it with other bloggers and your friends.

And don’t forget to comment down your thoughts about the best way to build backlinks for your site in the comments section down below.

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