Raven Tools Review Is It Best For Your Blog Marketing?

If you are a professional or newbie blogger who had just started their blog in 2021. Then you might be looking for the best SEO tool in the market that can help you get over any type of requirement or problems you have.

Fortunately, there are many SEO tools available in the market but not each of them provides full services. Raven tools are one of those few amazing tools in the industry that you can use as a complete SEO bundle for your blog. Because you will have access to almost every service and feature required for improving any site’s overall SEO with detailed monitoring.

However, before choosing any of the paid services it’s obvious to have some common questions about it. We will discuss them while going through the advantages and disadvantages along with other information regarding raven tools in this article.

Know the Complete Details About RavenTools.com

There are many SEO tools available in the market that have more users compared to raven tools. So why anyone would choose raven tools over other big tools in the industry? The answer is simple, You will get more detailed data and reporting services at such cheap rates.

Most of the tools won’t allow you to check on keyword positions on a daily basis. In case you pay extra for the particular service it may be possible. But if you go for Raven tools then you won’t be disappointed regarding data analysis and easy report generations.

Features And Advantages of Raven SEO Tools

As you may already know to choose the right SEO tool for any blog is necessary to grow it and beat your competitors easily. Raven tool comes with many powerful features and advantages that are worth using and applying on your blog if you want quick growth.

Let’s explore all of those features and advantages you will be able to use once you start using raven tools. Or if you are looking for such a tool that can provide you all-in-one SEO services together.

Powerful Backlink Tools

A powerful backlink analysis tool is very important for any SEO solution. You may have come across many SEO tools and most of them provide backlink analysis features for sure. The raven tools also provide easy to use backlink analysis tool that you can use to spy on your competitors and find out backlinks for up to 50,000 URLs!

By using the backlinks tool provided by raven you can filter the spammy links that may hurt your domain authority and decrease the trust flow for your blog/website. These features can be very beneficial whenever you want to rank for certain low competition keywords.

Latest Link Building Manager

Once you have found out the best links from your competitors you will need to manage them and monitor them frequently to see how your backlinks are performing. Whether you are losing the backlinks or any other changes will get caught by the link building manager.

The link building manager is a type of area in this raven tools that allows you to track each of your backlinks. Along with the facility to categorize your lost and received links overtime to plan ahead for your blog’s SEO. It also provides one-click data import and export service so you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

Competitor Research

Knowing what your competitors are doing and outperforming them with another powerful strategy is very common in the SEO industry. Because there are tons of SEO tools that allow the users to spy on their competitor’s domain name and content easily.

So why not use this to your advantage and beat your competitors with a fair game? It is not that easy though, Because you will need to put in the efforts to create content and backlinks for yourself. But with a little bit of extra help, your workload will get decreased automatically.

Keyword Rank Checker

After publishing a few quality articles on your blog, you need to keep monitoring them. In case one of them starts ranking for a particular keyword then you can work harder to make it shine on the top positions easily. Keyword rank tracking is a very important process that will give you a basic understanding of every keyword on your blog.

Raven tool’s keyword rank tracker allows you to see keyword data for almost any URL you want. So churning out some quality content around the low competition keywords from your competitors will be easy though. You can also use this amazing feature for analyzing the sites of any client of yours and provide accurate data as they require.

Rank Tracking

Frequently checking up on your SERP positions can be very beneficial for your blog. As there are many popular blogs in the same niche as yours. Outranking you for some of the keywords will be easy for your competitors. So it’s better to keep an eye on your rank positions.

Fortunately, Raventools offer you a rank tracking facility which comes with lots of filters and features. Compared to other rank tracking systems you can check the rank status either daily, weekly, or monthly whichever you prefer. Most of the modern tools won’t allow you to check rank status on a daily basis.

Website Audits

Complete website audits are very important if you really want to find out the issues of your blog which may be responsible for your lower rankings. The ultimate site auditor tool from the raven will crawl every single page of your blog and find any issues with usability and indexing to make sure you can fix everything.

Once the process is complete you will get a detailed report showing a number between 1-100 the higher the better. If you find too many issues related to your blog then prioritize them at the top. because without fixing these issues you can not expect your blog to rank in the top positions!

Link Spying

The link spy feature is very powerful when it comes to finding the quality links from your top competitors. This tool will help you collect the best-performing backlinks from the websites that are already ranking for your focus keywords. As these are the links that are already working for others you will have a better success rate with these links.

The process is simple, just enter your focus keyword in the search bar to find backlink opportunities for your content. The link spy feature will help you create a comprehensive report for the top-ranking domains around your seed keyword. Later on, you can analyze the data to see whether link building is possible or not.

Marketing Reports

One of the most demanding features that professionals look for is easy reports generator and customizing abilities. You won’t find this feature in ordinary SEO solutions. Still, raven tools provide you this amazing feature with easy to use drag and drop reporting wizard. Which works on the WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get ) principle.

So no more further calculations or fixing are required if you want to generate powerful yet customizable reports for your blog. The scheduling feature is also available to use in case you prefer to schedule them in advance. You can even use templates to save some extra time that is wasted every time in formatting your new reports.

Social Media Tools

Keeping track of your social media accounts at once can be very difficult to handle. So raven tools facilitate you with an easy one-stop social media management solution. By using this social media management and reporting feature you can schedule your posts, manage multiple accounts at the same time, and automate the reporting process without logging out or interacting with different platforms.

You can also use this facility to send social media reports to clients every week. Without wasting your precious time behind generating reports you can complete this task with one simple click! In addition, the white label reports will help you spotlight your brand towards others.


The number of pros that raven tools have is enough for anyone to start using this amazing tool right away. To be honest we have also included some disadvantages or cons that you might face while using this SEO solution. Most of them are negotiable so you won’t have a  hard time dealing with a few bugs and interface issues.

According to some reviews of the people who have used raven tools, they found out that if you want to customize your reports with more flexibility then you can have some issues with the reporting feature.

Another issue worth remarking was that the overall interface can be clunky at some times. However, it completely depends on the user how he/she utilize the dashboard to their advantage.

Someone who is using this all-in-one SEO solution for the first time may get confused by using so many features concurrently. To overcome this problem majority of the SEO tools have their knowledge bank or walkthrough tutorials.

Raven tools also provide the same informative services but according to the users, the informative content should be updated with every changes the system face. So new users can easily find solutions for any problem they have.

Raven Tools Plans & Pricing

As the company aims to provide the best services in the industry with an All-in-one SEO solution package the pricing will be pretty high right? well, you will find it hard to believe that raven tools offer all of these services together at very cheap rates compared to other similar platforms.

It’ obvious that pricing will increase as your requirements increase. So if you are satisfied after getting around with the trial period, you can choose the best plan according to the requirements you have. There are a total of five different plans available to choose from. The features will remain the same no matter which plans you choose but the usage can be limited according to the plan you choose.

So choose your plan wisely because if you are a newbie blogger or web-developer then choosing an enterprise-level plan can cost you more than your income! Here is a simple list of all the various plans that raven tools offer.

  • Small Biz
  • Start
  • Grow
  • Thrive
  • Lead

Raven Tools Pricing Evaluation

Starting from the first plan “Small Biz” that is an ideal choice for most of the bloggers and site owners. It’s the least expensive plan that you can choose from the raven tools price list. With $39/month ( billed yearly ) you can have two user-profiles and add two domains for analyzing within the SEO solution. You will also be able to do approx 1500 position checks whenever you want.

As you start choosing the higher plans costing will also increase. But you will face fewer restrictions while adding new users and campaigns within your structure. So it’s up to your requirements to decide. Which plan will be the best for you. If you are working as a team/agency you can use thrive or lead plans with more data analyzing and fewer restrictions.

No doubt it will cost you around $300/month, but you will be able to afford it easily as you are working together as a team. In case you are planning something big and want to perform research & reporting on a large scale then you can contact the Raven team directly to discuss the enterprise plans and pricing.


If you are looking for an all-in-one SEO tool that is trustworthy and not much expensive at the same time. Then Raventools are the best choice for any blogger in the industry as you will be receiving lots of features and functionalities to use. It would be much easy for you to beat the competition in the market. And rank for the keywords that you wanted too.

So why not go with the trial plan before buying anything? You can get a basic overview and understanding of the complete SEO solution to decide whether it would fit your requirements and blog or not. With the free trial, you can also compare the features of this tool with other tools in the market.

If you found this article to be useful then please share it with other bloggers. And people looking for an amazing SEO solution at affordable pricing. And don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions you have in the comments section below.

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