How to Find Your Competitor’s Backlinks and Steal Their Strategy

In this article, I am going to talk about an important factor in the overall SEO of your site/blog. It is known as backlinks that play a very important role when the search engines decide the ranking for every site that has published content on the same niche.

Finding Competitor's Backlinks Using

Let’s find out how you can spy on your competitors and use their powerful backlinks for your own blog.

How To Find Competitor’s Baclinks And Use Them?

Most of those bloggers who grow their blogs very quickly use some strategies. That is easy to use but not known to everyone. But don’t worry as I am going to share this helpful information with everyone.

The majority of those experienced bloggers use a process known as finding their competitor’s backlinks. If you have some fundamental knowledge about SEO then you would be familiar with these terms.

If not then I have explained every single information in this article so you can make sure to have a successful blog when you work hard and post useful information daily. So let’s first make it clear that what actually a backlink is?

What Are Backlinks?

As their name suggests backlinks are simple links. Backlinks are created on trusted sites and blogs with higher domain authority and page authority. In order to increase the DA and PA of your personal blog or website. You can use quality backlinks that are relevant to your blog.

Whenever some higher authority site links back to your blog or website that is relevant at the same time. It indicates that your blog has some quality content and information that is worth looking at.

The crawlers of various search engines catch these signals and convert them to the link juice that is directly delivered to your site or blog. Once your blog has started receiving initial traffic the indexing will be much faster compared to before.

In short, if other sites find your content worth reading and sharing with others they would provide you quality backlinks. But most of the times you will need to approach the site administrators in order to exchange or get such useful backlinks for your blog.

If you are completely new to this game, then instead of finding good backlinks. You can just use the backlinks that your competitors are using to stay at the top. So how can you steal their precious backlinks and use them for your own good? let’s find out!

Finding Competitor’s Backlinks Using

The competition in the market is very tough that no one is willing to reveal their actual source of the quality backlinks. Because if anyone finds out the quality sites that are relevant to that specific niche and has high authority everyone will target that site.

For creating such powerful backlinks you need to do proper research and find out the links that are working for others. but how can you do so? well, I would recommend you to use one of the best tools in the market that is made for this task. is one of the most effective backlink tracker and finder tool that you can see in the market. Because it is not that easy to find out each and every backlink that your competitor is using.

Using Linkminer From Mangools

You can use this simple to use a link mining tool that will provide you an upper hand from the start. As you can easily analyze other blogs that are already ranking in the top positions you just have to create a good piece of article and build backlinks where your competitor has made them.

But how can you use this amazing tool? LinkMiner from is very easy to use tool with a database of more than 9+ trillion links all over the internet! You can count on this effective tool to find the golden links of any URL or domain you want.

Now let’s start the step by step process to extract all the quality links from your top competitors.

Step 1: Entering Your Competitor’s URL In The Search Bar

For analyzing any URL or domain name simply insert it into the search bar of the tool and click on “Find Backlinks”. It will automatically start looking for all the links including the new ones that have been created recently.

Link miner backlink finder

Step 2: Filtering The Backlinks

After the process is complete you would be able to see a complete list of all the backlinks that particular domain name has build or lost according to the situation. Now we have to see that which of these backlinks are the best fit for your blog niche.

How to use

If you don’t prefer to use the most relevant backlinks like others, The chances of negatively affecting your blog’s ranking are increased. So filter the ones that are relevant to your niche and have higher authority at the same time.

Step 3: Creating A Complete List Of All BackLinks

The filtering process can be lengthy depends on the number of backlinks you can find for any particular domain you are going to analyze. But once you have completed the filtering process it’s time to build a list of all the quality links you found.

Linkminer backlink list export

Creating a list of all the links will help you use each of them in a more organized way. So you can start from the sites with higher domain and page authorities.

It was not that hard to find these quality links right? but the main problem is how are you going to use them for your blog?

How To Use Those Backlinks?

After you have found those quality links it’s time to try your luck! Because if your competitor has bought those backlinks from someone then it would be really hard for you to get links from all of those sites.

If those will be paid ones you can try contacting the site administrator from their contact us page. To discuss whether they can exchange backlinks with you or not. But the main goal for you will be to look for the sites that don’t cost you money. To create any type of links on their sites.

They can be forums, discussion sites, profile links, image links, or any other types of links. That can be created without investing in any type of money. You can also use some of the sites that allow comments without moderation.

However, make sure that all of the links that you are creating are on the sites that are relevant to your blog. Because quality is more important than quantity when it comes to backlinks.

And always try to go for the higher DA PA sites. That can provide your blog with a boost of link juice to increase your rankings with time.


There are countless SEO strategies that professional bloggers use. But it’s good to keep learning SEO for growing your blog with time. Otherwise, you may not expect to receive any type of quality traffic from it.

If you found any useful information in this article. Then please share it with your friends. And make sure to mention any doubts or suggestions in the comments section below.

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