15+ Best Performing SEO Software to Try in 2021

Nobody would choose hard work over shortcuts, right? well, it may sound promising but hard work always beats luck when it comes to deciding which is better.

Manipulating and using SEO terms at your advantage isn’t something a beginner can do. But with the help of the right tools and guidance, even a complete newbie can crack the hardest SEO practices!

In this article, I have accumulated some of the best hand-picked SEO software together. And provided a complete comparison scenario between each of them.

Because going through so many SEO software at once and choosing the best one from this complete collection is difficult for sure. As every SEO software holds its own pros and cons.

15+ Best Performing SEO Software For 2021!

Here is the complete list of the SEO tools/software with a huge user base around the globe! I have included essential information such as pricing, cons, and key features for every tool on the list.

Longtail Pro
Sitechecker Pro
SEO Powersuite
Money Robot
Keywords Everywhere
Google Search Console

So you don’t have to visit each of them and waste your precious time anymore. Just go through this detailed collection of 15+ Best Performing SEO Software trending right now.

And you will be able to find the best SEO software which suits your content and site perfectly!

1. Mangools

A tool that provides you the data that you need in an understandable form while being affordable for most of the users. This is where Mangools excels from others.

One of the best and popular SEO solutions of 2020, Mangools has helped a ton of new marketers, bloggers, and business owners to grow in their own respective ways.

Making their way through the market since 2014, the Mangools SEO solution is always improving their service and responding equally to the feedbacks and suggestions from the customers.

At the moment you can see the improvement and capabilities of their service by actually signing up for their 10-days free trial plan. It will help you get a better view of the entire picture of this amazing tool.

Key Features


  • The main attraction of this SEO suite is KWfinder, Loved by millions.
  • So you can’t ignore the simplicity and powerful information-gathering capabilities of this keyword research tool.


  • Looking for backlinks related information? Linkminer will help you do that!
  • Simply type in the URL and get all the details including anchor text, link type, etc information.


  • The Siteporfiler feature allows us to extract the fundamental information about any website.
  • Info such as domain authority, social media engagement, popular posts, etc.

Used For

  • Monitoring the SERP positions with frequently updated data
  • Spying on your competitor’s domain for better keyword ideas
  • Finding powerful relevant backlinks with higher domain authority
  • See the ranking changes for your most popular pages/articles.
  • Custom data exports and API usage for certain situations
  • Getting a ton of low competition keyword suggestions
  • Analyzing a URL/Website for their authority and other related data.


The pricing segment is totally value for money compared to other alternatives on the list. However, you will have to choose the best plan according to your requirement.

It’s divided into Basic, Premium, and Agency plans followed by the pricing as $29/month, $39/month, $79/month. Our recommendation would be to go for a premium subscription.


  • The daily keyword research limit for the basic plan is very low.
  • It lacks google analytics integration
  • An essential feature – website auditing is missing

2. SEMRush

Semrush is an all in one SEO and marketing platform. Competing with big companies such as Ahrefs and MOZ Semrush is dominating the market for a long time.

Yet it’s not acknowledged by many people who want to boost their business and achieve something. Providing the best services to 6 million professional marketers all around the world.

Thankfully you can enjoy the amazing features and services from Semrush with the trial plan. Take your time and find out whether this amazing tool suits your blog and content or not!

Read my Full review about SEMRush here.

Key Features

Content Marketing

  • Bloggers often don’t pay much attention to proper content marketing because of the lengthy process, whereas Semrush provides inbuilt content marketing tools for creating better content based on your audience’s needs.

Competitor Analysis

  • Evaluating the presence of your competitors within the market can help you in many ways.
  • You can easily gather important information like traffic sources, advertising strategies, social media performance, etc.

PPC Keyword Research

  • PPC marketing requires a ton of research and planning if you want your campaign to succeed.
  • Using the PPC keyword research tools will allow you to match your audience’s intent and choose the right keywords easily.

Used For

  • In-depth competitor analysis and research.
  • Quality link building with easy link evaluation.
  • Do comprehensive technical SEO audits.
  • Performing keyword research on a large scale.
  • On-page SEO checking for better results.
  • Extracting the low competition keywords and using them.
  • Web Monetization via different platforms
  • PPC market research and paid advertising


Talking about the pricing factor Semrush is a bit costly compared to other alternatives on the list. You can choose from the three available options at your disposal. Pro, Guru, and Business plan.

Choosing the pro subscription will cost you $99.95/ Month when billed yearly. You can upgrade your plan anytime according to your needs.


  • Lacks in-built SERP analysis feature
  • Link analysis feature should be more accurate and reliable
  • Navigation could be complex for beginners
  • Quite expensive for beginner bloggers/influencers.
  • Try SEMRush Now for FREE

3. Seranking

As the name suggests Seranking is an all in one SEO solution mainly focused on improving the rankings and SEO related metrics. Yet it’s not limited to only SEO specific terms.

Seranking is a powerful yet easy to use SEO solution, to improve business visibility on the internet and social media more than 4,00,000 users are already using it.

Later on, you can decide whether to upgrade your subscription to a paid one or not. But at the moment let’s have a look at the popular key features provided by Seranking.

Key Features

Social Media Management

  • Maintaining different social media platforms at the same time requires effort and time.
  • Thankfully the scheduled publishing and monitoring tools from seranking have got you covered.

SEO/PPC Research

  • Competing with experienced marketers and business professionals isn’t easy.
  • With the help of inside data regarding paid search terms from seranking, you can build your successful campaign.

Keyword Research and Suggestion

  • Finding the best set of keywords for a blog requires enough research and analysis.
  • To do so Seranking provides powerful keyword research and suggestion tools with accurate data.

Backlink Checker And Monitoring

  • You can not make your way through the top in the SERPS without proper high-quality backlink building.
  • This feature will allow you to find the best possible backlink opportunities.
  • Read my full article on Seranking vs SEMRush to know about these both tools.

Used For

  • Content marketing and strategy creation
  • Easy social media management service for different social media platforms
  • Curating the best ads and PPC strategies your competitors use personally for their paid campaigns.
  • Easily find the on-page and off-page SEO difficulties within your site using the in-depth website audit service.
  • The API feature can be useful in certain situations.


For using the amazing features and service to the fullest, you will need to choose a particular subscription from optimum($31/month), plus($71/month), and enterprise($151/month) plan.

As you move to more expensive ones, the number of features and special perks will be accessible. Yet you won’t be able to use the API service unless you choose the enterprise subscription.


  • The complex user interface makes it difficult for newbies to get familiar with the dashboard
  • Analytics and research related data regarding the backlink index isn’t 100% accurate.
  • The reporting tool and reports generated through it should be improved according to user requirements.

4. Longtail Pro

One of the Keyword research-centric tool on our list. The longtail pro is a heavy keyword research tool mainly focused on providing the best information regarding quality long-tail keywords.

Using longtail pro is easier compared to other similar tools available in the market. Due to simple yet powerful keyword research features, the longtail pro sure stands out from other tools.

Claiming to be the best keyword research tool at the moment, it helps the users to find less competitive and easy to rank longtail keywords regardless of any niche.


Rank Value Calculator

  • Starting with a new focus keyword requires additional information about it.
  • With the help of the rank value calculator tool, you can decide an overall estimate value for that particular keyword.

Powerful Rank Tracker

  • Monitoring your and your competitor’s progress closely is one of the basic strategies.
  • Use the powerful rank tracker system from longtail pro to get around with it.

Keyword Suggestion

  • Many bloggers often overlook keyword suggestions, hence you will find it quite interesting that the keyword suggestion feature from this tool will give you more than you asked for!

Used For

  • The main motive of Longtail Pro is to search and provide valuable longtail keywords
  • It’s quite useful when tracking a ton of competitors and their websites altogether.
  • Can be used to determine the true value for new longtail keywords.
  • Provides robust keyword suggestion features, that allows you to come up with new ideas for content creation.
  • Rank tracker from Longtail Pro will help you visualize your SERP positions easily and stay on the top with insight details.


The only downside of this outstanding keyword research tool is that you will have only two options to choose from When signing up for a paid subscription.

Either you can go with the annual starter $25/month or choose the annual agency plan price tagged at $98/month. (The features and limitations may vary according to the plan type)


  • Some interface issues while representing the data related to competitors. (can be improved)
  • The number of seed keywords that can be entered at a time is limited.

5. Raven tools

After launching their brand new version of Raven Tools from TapClicks, it has improved a lot. Providing both the SEO and SEM tools on the same platform, Raven tools keeps introducing something new for their precious users.

Starting their journey in 2007 as a simple and affordable yet best SEO tool in the market. It never fails to provide the best service to digital marketers and others.

If you have ever used this platform before, it’s worth it remarkable that Raven Tools specializes in generating white-label reports with accurate statistical information.

No doubt there are other outstanding features available within the package, but presenting the data in a more conveying way is the specialty of Raven Tools.

Key Features

Competitor Research

  • Competitor and keyword research are the two essential practices that require enough time and effort.
  • Thankfully competitor research from raven will serve you the combined data for both research types at the same place!

Keyword Rank Checker

  • Research your competitor’s websites and find out their best performing keywords along with some fresh content ideas using this amazing feature.
  • Custom filtering and on-demand exporting of the data are also possible, so you can plan accordingly for future content strategies.

 Link Building Manager

  • There are only a few tools available that provide a link building manager, to create quality links with ease, Raven Tools is one of them.
  • Find link building opportunities and store A to Z information regarding the links you gain and lost recently. It will help you boost your link building activities.

Used For

  • Sniff out the insider information about top-performing ad campaigns, from your competitors.
  • Use the visualization feature for better site analysis, rank tracking, and backlink related reporting.
  • Accelerate the overall ROI ( return on investment ) with the brand new version of Raven Tools by TapClicks.
  • Combine everything easily, Data from SEO, marketing, and social media marketing. You can connect everything for a better understanding.


Surprisingly there are a total of five different plans available for anyone who wants to work with raven tools.

However not every plan is worth it, if you are willing to invest then you can start from Small Business ($39/month) plan and advance towards, Start ($79/month), Grow ($139/month), Thrive ($249/month), and Lead ($399/month) plans as you rank up your game!


  • Manual scanning would be a better option if you are looking to extract contact information using the raven tools. As the information provided is incorrect sometimes.
  • More tracking and analyzing features related to various social media platforms should be available.
  • You may face a few glitch issues when working with automatically generated reports regarding different research modules.
  • Unfortunately, further integration services are not yet available at the moment.

6. Serpstat

Claiming to be the growth hacking tool for domain analysis, SEO, PPC, and content marketing. Serpstat has sure made a strong presence in the SEO industry over time.

From Digital marketing agencies to SMB and Enterprise level organizations, are already using Serpstat to dominate the competition in the market.

No doubt the service is reliable and trustworthy as companies like Samsung, Philips, Shopify, and Uber are some of their respectable clients around the globe.

If you want to become a part of the community then simply choose any subscription from available options. And join over 4,90,000 professionals just like you!

Key Features

 Competitor Research

  • Creating a strategic plan and proceeding accordingly is a fundamental method everyone prefers to beat the competition.
  • Discovering the top pages from your competitors, and batch analysis features are the driving force of powerful competitor research on a large scale.

 Market Intelligence

  • Understanding the current market with a broad perspective can help you evaluate the distance between you and your successful competitors.
  • Market intelligence feature from Semrush allows you to research on these specific terms.

 Reports And Infographics

  • Distributing the information always helps, in understanding the complex set of data results from various research campaigns.
  • White label reporting and data visualization features from Serpstat will help you overcome any reporting issues you are facing with your current business.

Used For

  • Determining the market share fluctuations with formidable insights for traffic distribution among domains.
  • Uncover your competitor’s backlink strategies more easily than before. With the backlink analysis feature.
  • Can be used for finding the best-performing pages attracting the majority of the links.
  • Identify your niche leaders, and summarise their overall performance stats for using them to your advantage.
  • The “Tree View” keyword distribution feature stands out from others, allowing you to easily decide the best possible keyword strategy for you.


If you are going to choose this amazing SEO solution for improving your presence and performance both.

Thankfully the Christmas discount will help you use the service without breaking your bank! There are certain plans available including the special discount – Lite ($48/month), Standard ($104/month), Advanced ($209/month), and Enterprise ($349/month) plan.


  • Quick response from the support team is not available at some times.
  • The daily query limit can be frustrating at some times when working on specific topics.
  • A menu system with too much complexity can be very ignorant for new users.
  • The limited information provided from the tool can cause you trouble at some times.

7. SiteChecker Pro

Unlike other SEO software, Sitechecker Pro aims to provide a better user experience and features at an affordable price. Properly maintaining your site’s overall SEO and keeping a steady flow of organic visitors this software can make a huge difference.

Another worth remarkable feature is the security guideline, the majority of newbies don’t pay much attention to keeping their new site secure and trustworthy.

Thankfully you can use SEO monitoring to find out whether your site meets every security standard or not. Claiming to be the “Easiest Platform To Control SEO Growth” Sitechecker Pro won’t hold you back, without hurting your wallet!

Key Features

Website Backlink Tracker

  • keeping a close eye on every single backlink is near to impossible, so using the backlink tracker feature can help you keep track of any lost and acquired backlinks.
  • You can also collect in-depth information regarding your best performing landing pages, evaluate your anchor cloud, and much more!

 Website Health Checker

  • Complete site checkup for understanding the drawbacks more accurately and fix them as soon as possible.
  • Doing so will help you gain more organic traffic while keeping your users satisfied.

On-page SEO checker

  • Individual performance of your site’s webpages has a huge effect on your site’s growth.
  • Using the on-page SEO checker feature can help you keep up with the most critical technical on-page SEO issues affecting your overall performance.

Used For

  • Maintaining your site’s overall SEO health and keeping up with your competitors.
  • Optimize the on-page SEO and content structure at it’s best for receiving more organic traffic.
  • Real-time page crawling with the advanced bots from Site checker pro.
  • With tools like Google rank checker, position checker you can easily, perform competitor research, and create strategies to counter them.


One of the most affordable SEO software from this entire collection is SiteChecker Pro. Allowing users to choose from three different plans specifically designed for new bloggers and site owners.

Starting with the Lite $9/month, followed up by Startup $29/month, and Growing $69/month subscriptions at your disposal. The costing can be decreased even more! if you are willing to go for the annual subscription, sparing you an extra 20% discount.


  • Using the split testing feature can help a lot while working with new SEO tactics, unfortunately, A/B testing is not provided with site checker pro.
  • Only a single website can be managed with the starting subscription.
  • While performing in-depth site analysis for huge sites, you may find it slower compared to other alternatives.
  • The first time you run a complete analysis, the results won’t be accurate enough.
  • When finding issues related to source code, the exact information is not provided, also the CSS related faults are not conveyed properly.

8. Ahrefs

Being trusted by some of the largest brands in the industry such as NetFlix, Adobe, and LinkedIn Ahrefs is always in the spotlight when it comes to competing with others.

The complete package of SEO tools and solutions in one place makes it interesting to work more progressively for your website.

“First do it, then do it right, then do it better.” – Their Vision

Providing their reliable services for over a past few years to the millions of satisfied users around the globe. So you won’t face any issues regarding performance for sure.

If Ahrefs is affordable for your budget, then it’s worth using for once. Let’s go through some key features first.

Key Features

Keywords Explorer

  • The advanced keywords explorer feature is what makes the Ahrefs different from others.
  • Providing accurate data from over 171 countries and 10 search engines you won’t run out of keywords anymore!

Rank Tracker

  • Simple but useful reporting feature combined with the rank tracker.
  • Allows the users to compare the progress directly with the competitors and generate detailed reports at will!

Site Audit

  • Finding which internal and external factors are causing harm to your website is a very important task. The Site Auditor feature will guide you for sure!

Content Explorer

  • Running out of content ideas is very common for the majority of bloggers. Content Explorer is something that can extract the best content creation ideas from the trends.
  • You can also sort the results based on certain factors according to your needs.

Used For

  • Monitoring the rankings and SERP positions of your blog posts or pages.
  • Running a complete site audit from both internal and external sides.
  • Improving your knowledge with the best free learning materials
  • Easy backlink monitoring and quality backlink building.
  • Figuring out the content gap and related problems to avoid harm in the future.
  • The powerful set of keyword research tools such as Keyword generator, Keyword rank checker, and Keyword difficulty checker are very useful.


Unfortunately, Ahrefs is not an option that everyone can afford when starting their journey. With the subscriptions starting from $99/month for Lite, you can go all the way up to the agency plan which costs around $999/month according to your requirements and budget.

A trial version is also available for the Lite and standard plans, which will cost you $7 to understand the workings and get access to the tools for complete 7 days straight!


  • Keyword filtering may be an issue for some users, as only one keyword is allowed.
  • The site auditing tool should be improved with better statistics.
  • Costing is very high for the tools and features included in the package.
  • Data reports related to domain names and websites should be conveyed more efficiently.
  • To optimize this powerful tool to the fullest, you need a basic understanding of using each feature in front of you.

9. Seoblity

Building successful websites sustainably is something that you can achieve with Seobilty. Providing amazing features From TF/IDF to Site auditing, you will find everything you need for SEO and site optimization.

Unique tools such as SEO compare and SERP snippet generator can be very effective against your competitors.

Starting as a free SEO check software Seobility has made tremendous progress till now. Empowering more than 200,000 SEO practitioners worldwide, Seobility has represented itself as a worthy competitor within the market.

Key Features

On-Site Audit

  • Following each internal and external link available on your website, the on-site auditor tool from Seobility will help you understand your site’s weak points.
  • Fixing these issues can make a huge difference when competing with others.

 Rank Tracking

  • Proper rank tracking plays an important role in developing your site’s overall SEO strength.
  • With the help of a powerful rank tracking algorithm from Seobility rank tracking for your top pages will be more simplified.

 Backlink Checker

  • Quality link building and growing your site’s link profile for more traffic and internet exposure requires a backlink checker tool.
  • And you have got it right here in the Seobility SEO suite.

Used For

  • Keeps you up to date with the latest data from Google Rank Tracker daily updates.
  • Easy website crawling and complete site auditing features for faster improvement.
  • Analyzing the insights of the top-ranking content on search engines like Google can be performed easily, with the TF*IDF tool.
  • Finding quality link building opportunities while keeping an eye on your tough competitors.
  • The latest updates regarding your on-going project will be provided automatically via email even if the service is facing any server issues.


You have a total of three plans at your disposal, Basic(Free), Premium($50/month), and Agency($200/month).

Thankfully you can take advantage of the basic plan to understand the workings of Seobility. If you find the service to be reliable and useful, you can upgrade the subscription at any time according to your needs.


  • Quite difficult to understand for newbies
  • A lot of advanced SEO tools and features are bundled together in one place.
  • Takes time to understand the interface completely and optimize.

10. SeoPower Suite

A complete toolkit covering the most used tools in one place, the SEOPower suite facilitates you with four different key features.

With the beginner-friendly intuitive based UI and remarkable tools combined, the SEOPower suite is an all-rounder tool. No doubt the automation feature is something hard to find in other similar tools.

So if you are looking forward to working with a neat and clean but powerful platform, the SEOPower suite is your way to go choice for sure!

Key Features

 SEO Spyglass

  • Comprehensive backlink research takes a lot of time and patience.
  • However, with SEO spyglass you can turn the tables against your competitors.
  • Providing you the insight information of over 2.7 trillion quality backlinks from different sources.


  • After gaining enough information from SEO spyglass it’s time to use the LinkAssistant for creating link building opportunities on your own.
  • With over 7 billion pages crawled daily, you can easily use the new sources for a better link profile.

 Website Auditor

  •  SEO professionals and site owners need to scan their sites frequently. The set of site auditing tools provided by the SEOPower suite can help a lot.
  • running an in-depth analysis for the entire site will help you understand the essential factors that are holding back you.

Used For

  • Can be used for running quick in-depth SEO audits for your blog.
  • Hasslefree robots.txt and sitemap generation is another advantage of SEOPowersuite.
  • Redefine your overall site structure, by using the site structure visualization features.
  • Generate custom reports at your will, anytime, anywhere! And share these white-label reports easily with your clients.
  • Target your keywords more accurately with the powerful Geo-specific ranking feature.


Unlike other SEO tools on the list, SEOPowersuit is a software that’s meant to run on a platform. For the pricing factor, you get to choose from the two options at your disposal. Professional $299/year for bloggers and Enterprise $699/year for SEO companies.


  • Requires heavy resources if you are planning to use them for a long period of time.
  • Lacks a proper amount of link index information like other powerful tools in the market.
  • Not efficient enough for processing a large amount of data at once.
  • Additional charges are required for using third-party services, that should be bundled together.

11. RankRanger

All in one SEO software for marketing professionals, bloggers, and individuals. Rank Ranger is without a doubt one of the most feature-rich software on this list. Providing features like unparalleled progress monitoring and advanced local rank tracking is very beneficial.

Allowing the users to generate custom graphs and reports with their choice of design and parameters, Rank Ranger is way ahead of others when it comes to white label reporting.

A dedicated team of developers is available for any legal requests from customers around the world. Requirements differ from user to user, to full fill all of them, RankRanger provides the facility to developed new tools and reporting methods for the users.

Key Features

 Advanced Local Rank Tracking

  • How would you like to track down your resources even on a local level, Sounds promising right? With an advanced local rank tracking system from the rank ranger, you can achieve that without breaking a sweat!


  • Data related to Call tracking, Social analytics, Email marketing, Paid search, and Website analytics everything is accessible via Rank Ranger.
  • As the integration service is robust you will get the latest data on your desk.

 PPC & Competitor Analysis

  • While working with paid promotions and ad campaigns PPC/Competitor analysis becomes a necessity for any professional.
  • Fortunately, you can perform PPC research activities like Brand targeting ad audits, Track local ad rankings, and much more with this tool.

Used For

  • Performing paid advertising campaign research projects on a higher level.
  • Get accurate information for your keywords and page positions while comparing them with your competitors at the same time.
  • Comparing different lading page types and tracking the fluctuations within them.
  • Powerful on-page optimization
  • Understanding the importance of voice search optimized keywords for more organic traffic.
  • Extract information regarding featured snippets of your competitors.


The pricing segments are rather interesting and expensive at the same time. However, with the features and tools included, it’s completely worth it.

Starting from a Lite subscription that will cost you around $79/month, you can move further and choose from Standard, Pro, or Premium subscriptions with their respective pricing and features.


  • Gives more preference to keyword research and related process, should be more robust while working with other sections too.
  • Custom report generation is missing and efficient data management on Dashboard are some of the major issues.
  • Research results regarding domain and backlink research should be near to accurate.

12. MoneyRobot

Having quality links on high authoritative sites is one of the essential elements of beating your competitors at organic SEO. Despite being time-consuming and a lengthy process, proper link building is not easy at all.

Thankfully there are various Automated link building tools available on the market which may help you out! Money Robot is also one of those most powerful link building software with a collection of unique features.

Unlike other similar software, it comes with artificial intelligence and advanced inbuilt link building tactics. Features like Article spinning and rewriting, Automatic captcha solving are precious for MoneyRobot.

100% moneyback guarantee within 7 days if you are not satisfied with any feature or any element from this tool.

Key Features

Artificial Intelligence

  • Unlike other link building tools, money robot uses artificial intelligence instead of traditional methods.
  • This makes the link building process even more effective with browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

Live link checker

  • Tracking your new and old backlinks with the speed of 500 threads per second sounds very promising right?
  • By using the promising Live link checker feature, you can perform these tasks at ease.

High-speed submission with smart process

  • With multiple threading features, you can distribute your workload equally allowing you to build more quality links quickly.
  • The smart submission process plays an important role in, automatic account creation.

Used For

  • Very useful for SEO Companies to provide robust link building to their precious clients.
  • Publishing new social media content on different platforms si something that Small and big Media Companies do every day, MoneyRobot is perfect to automate this process.
  • Bloggers and site owners have to improve their overall link profile to compete with others. Automated link building can be useful for achieving this.
  • Using this powerful software as a blog manager is a huge relief for huge companies with a significant workload.
  • The automatic captcha solver is quite useful when performing link building on a large scale.


Money robot is a backlink generation centric software that claims to be the world’s most powerful link building software.

You can either pay on a monthly ($67/month) basis or complete the one-time purchase ($497) for lifetime access to the software.

If you wish to use it only for a few months then go with the monthly subscription.


  • To get accurate results and perform link building activities on a large scale, high system specifications are required with a powerful VPS.
  • The indexing feature limits the users to use at most 50 URLs a day. Opt-out for an indexing service if you want to get it completed quickly.
  • Does not support cross platforms efficiently, as it can be only used on Windows operating system.

13. Keywords Everywhere

The main motive of Keywords Everywhere is to serve the most accurate keyword research data to their clients. It has been providing this amazing service for free for a long time.

But as the number of users increased over time, it was difficult to manage the server load and additional costing using donations or other sources of income.

If the users are satisfied enough to be using this service for a long time, then it’s obvious that a paid version should be introduced with a far better and robust service.

Depending on the credit system, the new Keywords Everywhere allows new users to buy credits according to their requirements.

Key Features

 Search Volume

  • Serving you the complete details for a specific keyword you want to target.
  • it will show you how many people have searched for this particular term every month in a single year.

 12 Month Trend

  • Determining the actual keyword value for certain keywords can be very difficult if you lack enough basic information.
  • However, if you use the 12-month trend analysis data for separating seasonal and non-seasonal will be a piece of cake for you.

 Cost Per Click Information

  • If you are aiming for going against other marketers within a competitive niche, the cost per click is an essential element.
  • Go through some CPC graphs related to your Adword keywords within the campaign, it will help you a lot.

Used For

  • Better keyword research and data analysis regarding profitable keywords within a specific niche.
  • Understanding how your top competitors put a strategy into action, and which type of keywords they use for a lower cost per click and successful campaigns.
  • Easily prioritize the keywords with the most potential within your list.
  • Categorize the seasonal and non-seasonal keywords while performing keyword research for a better success rate.
  • Get detailed metrics regarding various keywords, on the go. By installing the chrome or firefox extension.


The keywords everywhere offer a unique subscription service compared to other options. As keywords everywhere use a credit system to limit the usage of the service.

You will need to buy credits to perform daily research and analysis tasks within the platform.

Fortunately, you can start at $10 bucks that will give you approx 100,000 credits. It should be more than enough for a novice to understand the workings.


  • Keywords Everywhere don’t have any critical issues worth mentioning at the moment.

14. Google Search Console

The trustworthy data provided directly from a huge data source like Google itself proves the information to be reliable. With an overwhelming user base around the world, the Google search console is one of the favorite free SEO tools.

Even though advanced features are still not available for usage, the service being provided at the moment is more than enough for any novice in the industry.

Simply create a Google account, or directly login if you already have one. Now add your site by following the simple procedure displayed on the page.

After a few days, you will start receiving updates related to traffic fluctuations, indexing, and a lot of other useful information directly into your inbox!

Key Features

Easy Performance Insights

  • Information related to how your site is performing on different devices with various operating systems is very useful.
  • By analyzing such data you can plan accordingly about how you can fix the current issues and make them even better.

 Keyword Research And Targeting

  • Fortunately, you won’t need a separate keyword research tool if you are going to use the Google search console.
  • Getting the most recent data directly from a source like Google can make a huge difference while targeting particular keywords.

 Indexing Tool

  • Indexing is very important when you are aiming for the top, and an indexing tool from google can help you achieve that!
  • Manually perform the indexing process for each newly added page or article to get indexed quickly.

Used For

  • Get A to Z information related to performance at a glance with accurate data.
  • Monitoring how your site performs on mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • Determine the performance issues for each page on your site, by dividing them into chunks.
  • See live status for your newly added pages and articles whether they are properly indexed or not.
  • Perform manual indexing for getting into SERPs quickly.


Thankfully Google Search Console is completely free to use for everyone. While if you were to find a tool serving these same features in the market. It would cost you the same as any average SEO tool in the market would.


  • You may find some features still working in beta mode, so the data and results generated via them won’t be accurate enough.
  • Integration between analytics and search console can be a huge help for developers if the data is accessible on the same dashboard.
  • Lacks enough information regarding the indexing status for various web pages.
  • The new and improved search console lacks some features, which forces the user to revert to the old version.

15. Moz

Offering industry-standard metrics, with an easy to use interface for anyone, Moz pro has already set the baseline for SEO suites in the industry. No doubt SEO professionals and successful businessmen look up to the reliable data provided by Moz.

Basically, this all on one SEO suite is divided into three parts Moz Pro, Moz Local, Stat. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, with some powerful features bundled together.

Looking at the facts, 40.7 trillion links indexed by link explorer, over 8 million SERPs analyzed daily, and 500 million keyword suggestions in the keyword explorer Moz will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

So if you are looking for an all in one SEO software for your website, you won’t regret trying out Moz for sure.

Key Features

Mozbar Premium

  • Removing any SEO complexities from developing and improving your site’s overall SEO, Moz Pro version will allow you to perform activities such as. rank tracking, understanding your visitors.

 On-page Optimization

  • On-page SEO and optimization requires enough knowledge and efforts, Receiving custom suggestions from this amazing tool will help you know what content to create next.

 Custom Reports & Link Research

  • Reporting is very important if you want to compete with other professionals. With the custom report generation and link research algorithm from Moz, you conserve your information more efficiently.

Used For

  • Rank tracking
  • Backlink analysis
  • Site audits
  • Keyword research
  • Custom report generation
  • Page optimization
  • Crawling and auditing the sites
  • Evaluate your visitors


After using the free 30-day trial from Moz, if you are looking forward to using their paid service. The pricing system is divided into four distinct plan types, with their respective set of features and limitations.

Starting from the Standard plan which will cost you $79/month, you can choose the Medium $119/month, Large $199/month, or Premium $479/month plan. if you are not tight on the budget at the moment!


  • A lot of options and navigation links stuffed within the interface may take time to remember everything for newbies.
  • Difficult to switch between ranking data and keyword research related tabs, while gathering information about these two different terms.
  • The error tracking feature can be misleading in certain situations.
  • Tools such as site crawler and backlink indexer should be improved to be more robust.

16. Spyfu

Apart from other general SEO tools and features that are usually seen on most of the SEO solutions, Spyfu specializes in competitor keyword research and analysis.

Depending on how tough your competition is, Spyfu can help you recover from any lost rankings, or non-profitable PPC campaigns more quickly.

With amazing tools covering most of the important areas of overall SEO such as SEO, PPC, and Keyword Research. Can boost your game significantly if used wisely!

Unfortunately, you can not enjoy the service without a proper subscription. So it’s better to invest some money for the valuable service you are going to use.

Key Features

PPC competitor research

  • Spyfu covers almost everything when it comes to evaluating the PPC AdWord campaigns for paid promotional activities.
  • Find out which of your competitors can cause you trouble in the future, by extracting their best performing keywords and Ad sets.

 Keyword Research Tools

  • Get an extensive list of quality keywords with low competition directly from your competitors.
  • It will help you fill the gaps between you and your competitors easily. Resulting in more successful and higher ranking blog posts.

 SEO Competitor Research

  • Understand how your competitors outrank others, Learn about your closest competitor sites.
  • Acknowledging your strong competitors is not bad, yet you can use these insights for building a better strategy.

Used For

  • Performing competitor keyword research in a broad sense than others.
  • Analyze and process the PPC and Adowrd campaign related information more efficiently.
  • Make better connections with site owners and business professionals within the same niche as yours.
  • Check the backlinks related data from your competitors, based on specific keywords.
  • Gain additional high-level knowledge about essential factors such as content strategy creation, working with paid promotion campaigns, etc.


Divided into three affordable pricing schemes, Spyfu offers Basic, Professional, and Team plans. As choosing the annual subscription will spare you a discount for sure if you are willing to invest in the service I would recommend to choose the Basic plan.

It will cost you $33/month if billed annually and $39/month for the monthly subscription. The same goes for other plans as well, Professional ( $58/month ) and Team ( $199/month ) is the base pricing.


  • Keyword recommendations can be confusing some times, the users have to make the right decision.
  • Receiving too many emails for the website status may be irritating for some users.
  • Data reports and results from different search engines should be treated accordingly.
  • Deploying and setting up projects can be easier.
  • Additional media analytics requires extra costing.

17. Agency Analytics

As the name suggests, Agency Analytics is more like a reporting solution than an SEO solution. It’s quite impressive that someone is taking an initiative solely for the agency owners.

Operating and managing an agency is no joke! It requires teamwork and enough effort to keep everything on the right track.

No doubt thousands of big and small scale agencies are already using this outstanding service from Agency Analytics.

Surprisingly even being targeted to providing Agency related services you can find almost every SEO tool within it. So it’s worth giving it a try, use the free trial, and find out how things work for you!

Key Features

 Automated Report Generation

  • Regular reporting and delivery of the reports are very important tasks for any successful business.
  • With automated report generation, you can schedule reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis easily.

 Agency Management

  • Managing an agency with the workload you have to endure is tremendous.
  • With agency management tools, you can create staff accounts on the go, while assigning the respective tasks to your employees at the same time.

 Custom Dashboard

  • Customer satisfaction is the most important element, to achieve that Agency analytics offers you a custom marketing dashboard.
  • Use the widgets and methods that you personally prefer while processing marketing-related information.

Used For

  • More preferable for agency owners, with the monitoring and tracking features you can make sure your clients are doing good with their marketing campaigns.
  • Automated report generation, unlike other tools reports and data summaries generated via Agency Analytics, are fully branded.
  • Combine every marketing channel you have got! and create the best dashboard ever for your business or clients.
  • Use SEO tools like competition analyzer, site auditor, backlink monitor, and rank tracker for beating your competition in the industry.


Choosing an annual subscription will help you save 20% off the overall costing of the SEO solution. Being divided into Freelancer($39/month), Agency($119/month), and Enterprise($319/month) plans.

The Agency Analytics allows its users to enjoy their services to the fullest after they are satisfied with the demo. If you are planning to use the API feature, it’s only available to enterprise subscription users.


  • Case studies and monthly webinars can be improved for better understanding.
  • Data Filtering service should be more accurate compared to other statistical data.
  • Limited Keywords can be a problem when searching for more profitable keywords.
  • Report generation should be faster than the current speed.
  • Social media tools can be very useful, but the depth of information should be improved.
  • Integration between the tools needs more work.

Wrapping Up

The market is full of healthy competition between these powerful SEO solutions.

However, having so many options at your disposal may be confusing. Now it depends solely on the user, to choose the perfect SEO tool that fulfills all the requirements and possible gaps in the website.

Being affordable while providing reliable service, these types of tools tend to have more users. Go through this detailed collection of the best SEO software in the market.

And choosing the best one will be easier while comparing all of them together for their specifications, pricing, and other factors altogether.

Do share this article if you enjoyed the content, and make sure to mention your favorite tool from the list. Also add any useful SEO software that you are aware of, which are not included within this post.

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