Step By Step Guide To Install Google Site Kit Plugin With Advantages

Bloggers around the globe use different services for tracking their overall progress. Progress in terms of engagement, traffic potential, and ranking positions. Such stats are essential for any successful blogger to determine the pros and cons of any recent changes in both the content strategy and quality. And to collect this data without much effort, services from Google are the best in the market.

What is google site kit step by step process to install the plugin

That is the sole reason why Google products like Analytics, Search console, and Pagespeed insights are very popular in the blogging industry. Not to mention the data they provide is authoritative due to Google’s robust infrastructure.

Handling all these services at one time can be difficult at times. So to make things easier and cover the WordPress market effectively, Google launched the official plugin “Google Site Kit”. Let’s dive into more details and understand actually how this plugin can change your blogging approach.

What Is Google Site Kit Plugin?

The official Google Site kit plugin is a collection of different Google products. Unlike the straightforward method in which web developers approach each Google tool on separate URLs for monitoring different data, the Google Site kit is a one-stop solution for all of them. Being one of the most useful plugins for WordPress webmasters, the Google Site kit plugin delivers up-to-date information and data directly from Google.

It helps in understanding the flow of referral and organic traffic to your blog. While allowing its users to enjoy half a dozen services respectively Google Adsense, Tag Manager, Pagespeed Insights, Analytics, Optimize, and Google Search Console from Google. By which bloggers can access all of these products under the same dashboard. For example, if you wish to go through the best performing content on your blog you can head over to the Search Console instantly.

Major Benefits Of Using Google Site Kit Plugin

Using this amazing plugin with your WordPress blog can benefit you and your blog in many different ways. As discussed previously, the plugin allows you to connect with six different Google products that are essential for every web developer or blogger. Installing the Google Site kit on your WordPress blog will give you complete access to the data of your blog.

Allowing you to analyze certain metrics such as blog performance, page loading speed, the keywords that are helping your blog get higher SERP positions, and overall traffic monitoring with every possible detail. With 1Million+ active users worldwide, bloggers are already enjoying the benefits of this open-source plugin. However, exactly what benefits you can enjoy if you decide to start using the Google Site Kit? Below are a couple of advantages worth looking for.

  • Hassle-free management of data from multiple Google sources
  • Allows you to track down the recent updates in tools like Analytics and the Search console.
  • You don’t have to leave your WordPress dashboard as everything is served under one simple solution.
  • Unlike the traditional ways, it does not require any code insertion for completing the setup process.
  • One-click solution for analysis and monitoring of real-time data backed up by Google.

How To Install Google Site Kit Plugin?

Considering the relatively higher number of benefits of the Google Site kit plugin, some of you may have already decided to use this plugin for sure. But where can you find the plugin? what is the right way to install this useful plugin successfully on your WordPress blog? You do not need to worry. As we have already prepared a complete step-by-step process in order to help you install Site Kit by Google hassle-free.

The installation process is as simple as installing any other plugin in your WordPress dashboard. However, undergoing the steps of completing the installation process can confuse some bloggers. So we recommend going through the below steps to make sure you set up the Google Site kit without any problem.

Step by step process to install Google Site Kit plugin

  1. Download the Google Site kit plugin from or find it under the plugins section if you are using the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Install the plugin either by uploading it to your WordPress site or installing it from the plugins section.
  3. After successful installation, the plugin will prompt a notice to guide you in completing the setup process.
  4. Now click on the “Start Setup” button to start configuring the Site kit.
  5. It will take you to the official website of the Google Site kit plugin where you need to sign in with your Google account.
  6. After signing in successfully, it will ask you for necessary permissions which you need to allow to start using the service.
  7. Press the allow button and it will start the setup process. Thankfully you can connect your site with Google Search Console if you have never done it before.
  8. Click on proceed and “Add site” to prompt back on your WordPress dashboard.
  9. And your installation process is done!

The installation process includes a few clicks only if you have been through the above steps. It will install the basic options like Google Analytics and Search console automatically once the installation is complete. Additionally, if you wish to use other features like Adsense, PageSpeed Insights, and the rest, you can head over to the Site kit tab under your WordPress dashboard. And click on the Setup option for each of them to add the service.

Final Thoughts

The journey of blogging is never easy, especially if you are growing a blog completely from scratch. Hence, implementing a few shortcuts can save your precious time by doing smart work. Similarly installing Google Site Kit plugin can save you from the unnecessary management of different Google products in separate tabs. The simple installation process makes it suitable for most beginners.

In conclusion, if you look forward to growing your blog in the future, monitoring your growth is essential. It not only allows you to find your mistakes but it will also help you in taking the necessary decisions regarding the content strategy and promotional activities. Therefore, installing the Google Site Kit plugin can enhance your productivity. Do share this info with others and feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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