Best 13 Methods to Grow Your Blog from Scratch

If you are one of those curious people who have started their blog recently. You would be well aware of the hardships and management that are required to keep a blog running successfully. Everything is worth it in the end when you start receiving thousands of organic visitors every single month. Resulting in a persistent monthly income directly from home!

However, it’s not the same case for every blogger, as many people struggle to grow their new blog and make money out of it. Which is completely normal for anyone who doesn’t have enough experience in technical terms and strategies. So we have come up with a number of methods and hacks that you can use to grow your new/old blog more quickly.

Here is a List of the Best 13 Methods to Grow a New Blog

Most of these methods can be used for free so you won’t have any problems related to a limited budget. Still, there are one or two methods included in the list that would cost you a little for growing your blog. So let’s get started and explore the complete list of different options available for you.

1. Post Regularly

Consistency is the key to success. If you have ever come across this quote, then it will be the key to the success of your blogging career. Because most of the People who start blogging as a hobby/profession end up publishing fewer posts time by time. For growing a blog and making it successful writing and publishing new content regularly is very important.

No matter which niche you have chosen, you will have to create a fixed schedule and follow it strictly. If you have decided to post daily then do so, even if you post only once in a week it would be more than enough. But make sure to publish quality content and stick to the schedule for better results.

Frequently missing out on your schedule will affect your blog’s performance and the amount of traffic it normally receives. If you are serious about growing a blog and making money with it then you will have to adjust your daily routine. Decide a fixed time-slot for writing articles along with daily chores.

2. Keep Updating Your Content

There are millions of blogs available on the internet with seamless content buried within them. But most of these old blog posts refer to outdated information and data. That creates several problems when people are using this information as a reference. Search engines like Google and Bing prefer updated and fresh content only.

So it can be a problem for your blog if you have any type of outdated content published on your blog. Go through every single article you have published until now and look for articles that require an update. After finding all outdated content on your blog it’s time to put in the hard work and replace every piece of information that needs an update according to the recent trends.

Once you are done updating the content it will positively affect your site’s overall SEO. As mentioned before search engines such as Google and Bing prefer updated content. Your blog is more likely to go up in the SERP rankings for sure.

3. Do Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most important methods or hacks that many bloggers use. It’s basically a process in which you create quality content for others including a do-follow backlink to your blog. The other party will use your content and publish it on their own blog so they don’t have to create content often. In-exchange you will receive a permanent do-follow backlink from that blog/site.

For using this method you will have to create some quality articles before getting any benefit from others. Take your time and write a good piece of content related to your blog’s niche. After that, all you have to do is search for such blogs, who provide guest posting facilities. Look for the contact us section to contact the site administrator directly.

Once you have their email or phone number contact them regarding guest posting and discuss the consequences before taking any action. If everything seems ok, publish your article on that blog which will help increase the DA, PA of your blog. While driving additional organic traffic.

4. Perform SEO Audits

Search engine optimization audits are Site audits that play an important role in improving the performance and growth of any site/blog. SEO audits are easy to perform when you have the right tool for the task. A successful SEO audit will give a detailed overview of your blog’s data. It will show you which posts and pages are performing better compared to others.

Any broken links will get highlighted so you can fix them before you get a penalty from Google. SEO audits also capture the visitor data and the number of visitors your blog receives every month. You can analyze these detailed metrics and come to a conclusion about the type of content you should focus on.

5. Do Webinars For The Readers

If you have gained any regular visitors for your new blog then it’s time to do something special for them. People are confused and worried about many things and problems they have, you can help them personally by arranging Webinars for them. It’s a great way to build a psychological connection between you and your audience.

You can run a survey or ask them directly about their problems. After you have looked at them find the solutions and help them solve them via webinars on your blog. Resulting in a better engagement rate with your audience. This will help your blog to grow more quickly in a short period of time.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with running webinars on your blog. As you can always learn about how to start a webinar for your readers and gain more followers for you.

6. Build Quality Backlinks

SEO is one of the most important factors that help any new blog to grow quickly and attract organic traffic directly from the web. And building quality backlinks is a part of the game that every professional blogger plays in order to grow their new blogs quickly! You can implement the same techniques and build quality backlinks for your new blog.

Gaining backlinks from high authority sites will increase your situation flow and the trust flow of the blog. This will help you rank higher in the SERPs for different keywords at the same time. keep in mind that you should only target the sites/blogs that are related to your niche.

Because quality matters not quantity when it comes to backlinks. If you are able to create a few backlinks on authority sites in the same niche as yours your DA and PA will increase automatically allowing your blog to grow faster.

7. Optimize The Chatbots At Your Advantage

If chatbots are something new for you then it can take some time to optimize them for growing your new blog. Basically, chatbots are a set of recorded question-answer series that are common for any visitor. Instead of answering these questions every time, you can use this amazing service.

But you will require some initial investment to afford this service. So we would recommend only use this service when you have a stable source of income. These bots can be used to promote your services or products also, people can interact with them regarding any queries they have related to your blog.

This way you can help many people at the same time. Resulting in more visitors and satisfied readers for your blog!

8. Use Quality Media Files

Every professional blogger is well aware of the importance of quality media files. If you are not using the best quality pictures and videos as content in your articles. It can affect your blog’s performance and growth in a negative way. So consider using the best possible media files for your articles when publishing a piece of content that includes usage of media files.

For the images, you can use compression plugins or optimization tools that improve the quality of images while reducing the actual size. Having high-quality media within your blog attracts more readers who are interested in both your content and media.

9. Target The Most Active Readers

Monitoring your daily visitors is a very important factor for understanding your audience’s interests and using them to your advantage. Because if you succeed in keeping your readers engaged and happy your blog will start growing automatically. For doing so, you will need to target the most active readers of your blog.

You can analyze the monthly/weekly report of the visitors your blog had. And find out which people are most active on your blog and like to read about which topics. Later on, you can focus on those topics to gain more active people on your blog and reduce the bounce rate for faster growth.

10. Paid Promotions

Approaching social media influencers and using paid promotion services is another way to grow your blog quickly and gain more monthly visitors easily. As you will need to pay for such promotions of your blog make sure you have an initial investment for the additional expenses.

Social media influencers with an average number of followers are a great option for promoting any new blog/website. Because the majority of their followers are targeted audiences allowing you to gain more visitors for your new blog.

Whereas, running ad campaigns for more exposure and visitors can be very expensive if your niche is competitive. Unless you have a high-budget for the blog, we suggest you should avoid running ad campaigns for promotions.

11. Grow Your E-mail List

E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to interact with your audience and keep them updated about your recent blog posts and content. Start with adding a simple newsletter form on your blog and see how many people sign up for it. If it doesn’t work, use some freebies like E-books or courses to make people sign up for your newsletter.

Your main motive should be to collect emails from your readers to directly land in their inbox daily! Once you succeed in gaining enough emails you can use automated email responders for sending useful stuff daily to your subscribers. It will increase the number of returning visitors to your blog.

12. Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube channels are very powerful when it comes to creating a social presence and engagement with your audience. There are many successful bloggers who are using this amazing platform to get in touch with a broader audience related to their niche. You can do the same and start growing your new blog.

But you will need to create quality content that’s worth watching, so you can easily attract more and more visitors to your blog. As your blog starts receiving traffic from a trusted platform like youtube, it will improve your rankings and overall SEO.

13. Gain Following On Instagram

If you don’t want to pay for shoutouts on Instagram by using Instagram influencers. Then why not start your own Instagram account? You can grow your fan following and solid social presence on Instagram if you work harder and consistently.

No doubt it will take you around one complete month to gain a decent number of followers. But those followers will help you gain more attention from others. So keep uploading quality images and videos related to your blog’s content and you will have a successful Instagram account in no time!

Later on, you can use this targeted audience to promote the new blog posts that you publish often. Allowing you to drive enough traffic to fresh content and help your blog grow with more visitors every month.


Growing a new blog may seem easy but actually, it’s very time-consuming work. You will have to create a complete plan about growing and promoting your new blog and direct your resources towards the goal of success.

If you found any useful information in this article then please share it with your friends and don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions in the comments section below.

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