Know How to Make Money on Instagram: 8 Proven Methods

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for the past few years in the market. Outperforming big social media platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest Instagram is people’s choice for sharing their images and videos with everyone.

With around 1 billion active users around the globe, Instagram is not going to stop its growth in the upcoming years for sure. That being said potential of Instagram is very high, which you can use for starting your own Instagram blog in 2021!

There are lots of people who are already using this amazing opportunity to the fullest and earning a six-figure income directly from their home. So why not put in the effort and start building a following by providing informative content on your Instagram blog?

Many people acknowledge that if you want to make a decent income from Instagram 10k followers are the basic requirement. But it’s not completely true because there are many individuals who are making decent income per month without 10k followers.

So how can you start your own  Instagram blog in 2021 and start making money from this month! Let’s dive in and find out the different methods you can implement for starting a successful Instagram blog.

How To Make Money Using Your Instragam Blog?

The first step is most important of all, as your success depends on the niche you choose. Prefer to go for a niche that you are interested in, so you won’t find it difficult to help anyone and create meaningful content around the particular topics.

Once you have chosen your niche it’s time to create some useful content in terms of quality images or videos whichever you prefer. After you have uploaded them you need to increase your followers for that use the follow and un-follow method that most people use.

Or if you already have a decent amount of followers on your Instagram handle you can simply discover the below methods that can help you make money with your Instagram blog easily.

1. Promotional Content ( sponsorships )

One of the most popular ways to make money with Instagram is by doing paid promotions. If you have a targeted audience with a good engagement rate the popular brands and companies won’t hesitate to get in touch with you.

Suppose you have less than 10k followers promoters who want the task to get completed within a low budget, would find it best to choose the individual influencers like you. So they can save some cash on marketing and still get the results they require.

Don’t worry about the income as you can easily receive such sponsorships frequently. What you need to do is that whenever someone offers you paid sponsorships for promoting their product or service. You will have to post their product images/videos on your account to promote it in front of your audience.

You can discuss how much longer they wish to continue their promotion on your account and decide your rates according to it. So make sure to clear everything before completing the task to make sure you don’t lose your time and efforts!

2. Using Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways that bloggers prefer to make money online. After starting your Instagram blog you can choose this method for making a persistent income from your Instagram blog and powerful content.

For starting your own affiliate marketing business with your Instagram blog. The first step is to apply for an affiliate program that will allow you to promote other’s products and services. If anyone buys or subscribe to any of the services you will receive a fixed amount of commission for every sale you made.

You can join popular affiliate marketing networks like ClickBank or ShareAsale. And choose the best niche related product for your blog. Because promoting the products and services related to your Instagram blog will help you drive more sales with a targeted audience of yours.

Try to use the products or services for yourself to validate if it’s worth promoting or not. By doing so you can avoid any damage to your goodwill on your Instagram blog. So promoting quality products will make you income for sure.

3. Promoting Your Products

Selling your own products and promoting them using an Instagram blog can be very beneficial. They can be either physical or virtual products that you want to promote because posting quality images and videos of your products can attract a large number of people easily.

So make sure to invest some of your income or savings for a DSLR or better camera to serve the best possible high-quality images to your audience. Because the majority of people prefer to follow Instagram blogs with high-quality images and unique content.

Simple posts can help you reach more people but prefer to use Instagram stories and swipe up features along with them if you have got it enabled. Because according to a recent survey Instagram stories with swipe-up features get more conversions compared to normal ones.

You can also create a collection of best performing hashtags around your niche. That can help your content to reach more and more people easily. As some of the hashtags come with too much competition you should go with the middle ones in the starting. There are many free tools available that you can use to generate powerful hashtags for your posts!

4. With Dropshipping

If you have come across dropshipping platforms like Shopify, you would be already familiar with how dropshipping works. But if you are not aware of the dropshipping business, It’s like selling and promoting other’s products similar to owning an E-commerce store that you usually set up for selling goods online.

The best part about making money on your Instagram blog using this method is that you don’t need any type of investment for trying it. You can start promoting dropshipping products even if you don’t have 10k followers. As you will be able to create a relationship with your followers, people are more likely to buy the products and services you are promoting.

So if you compare the dropshipping business model with starting an E-commerce store and selling products. In dropshipping, you won’t need to worry about managing the inventory and take care of the deliveries.

Because the process will be get done by the seller. You just have to grow your Instagram blog with quality content and keep promoting the products to make money using this awesome method.

5. Marketing Your Services

There are many people who already run a successful business or provides various kinds of services. But they lack the right information about the free resources that are available on the internet to promote their business and services completely free of cost.

If you are also one of those individuals who provide services like consultancy or any other similar service. Promoting them using your Instagram blog can benefit you in many ways. It will not only help you attract more customers but it will help you stand out from others at the same time.

Once you have completed setting up your Instagram blog. Take some time and start posting informative pictures about your business/services to get people to know about it. For example, most of the people who provide services like hair styling, tattoo, parlor and etc. Do not have an official website to promote their services.

So instead of wasting your hard-earned dollars for marketing your new business. You can use platforms like Instagram to start your own blog and drive some quality customers with it. start with following the other successful people around your niche.

To see how they optimize the resources to get more customers attracted to their blog and services. Follow their followers and they will start following back you if they find your content and service is worth it.

6. E-commerce Site Promotions

E-commerce site owners are always looking for a good source of target traffic that can convert well for their products and services. You can reach out to some of these E-commerce stores that provide services and products related to your niche. Or if you own an E-commerce store then why not promote your stuff on the Instagram blog?

This can be an outstanding way to demonstrate how good your products are. You can create related images showcasing your products/services and post them on your Instagram blog easily to drive more traffic to the product.

While posting e-commerce promotions make sure to use lots of emojis that will help you attract more customers. Because emojis are proven to have a social impact compared to just a simple piece of text you usually see in Instagram stories. You can also start promoting your products with a flash sale method to increase the chances of getting more profit.

The majority of the new E-commerce site owners are short on budget. So they can not afford to run ad campaigns in order to promote their new site and products in front of a targeted audience. And they start looking for Instagram influencers like us who already have a targeted audience in the same niche.

7. Providing Paid Shoutouts

People who do not own successful Instagram blogs prefer to buy shoutouts from Instagram influencers. It’s another type of paid promotion method that most of the affiliate marketers and influencers use. To get the attention of the people who might be interested in their service/product.

You can either join platforms like Shoutcart who will help you reach the people who are looking for Instagram influencers like you. basically you will be able to sell shoutouts for money if you join this platform with enough followers.

Or else you can wait for someone who might be interested in getting promoted on your Instagram blog. However, getting people to approach you will require a decent amount of followers on your Instagram blog.

Once you get any quotes from any company or individual you can negotiate about the price and time duration of the promotional content. While on the other hand if you are using shoutcart the pricing is fixed according to the customer’s requirements and your followers count!

8. Selling Your Quality Images On Other Platforms

People love to browse through quality images. As images being more attractive and effective compared to written content people prefer to look for infographics and related images for any problem they have. But there are also many bloggers/site owners who are searching for original images to use for their content.

You can take a two-way profit using the quality images of your Instagram blog. For doing so you need to sign up for websites that pay you for selling your original images. Sites such as adobe stock photos collection can pay you a very high amount if you provide the required images.

But the only limitation of this method is that it doesn’t work for every niche in the market. Suppose you own an e-commerce store that offers fashionable products then no one would be interested in buying such pictures where you are promoting your own products.

So make sure you have the type of pictures that may sell easily. For example, if you own a traveling or technical blog on Instagram then. Your high-quality images would be worth using for the bloggers and other peoples out there. Buying a DSLR or a better camera can help you in many ways for taking higher quality images.


Making money after starting a successful Instagram blog is not difficult. But if you have just started your new Instagram blog in any particular niche then we would recommend you to grow it to a fixed milestone of your choice. Because if you’re thinking about making money with a few hundred followers on your account then forget about it!

Eventually, you will need at least 3k to 5k followers for starting your interesting journey of making money with Instagram blogs. Focusing on growing your targeted audience before doing any promotions would be a much better idea. That will help you make more money in the future.

If you found any useful information in this article. Then please do share it with your friends. And don’t forget to mention any doubts or queries you have in the comments section below.

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