How to Promote Affiliate Product Strategically in 2021

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective methods for making money online. Many bloggers are doing affiliate marketing for creating a passive income stream. There are various high paying affiliate programs available in the market. Thus, you can maximize the earning of your affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is currently growing at 10 percent annually. There are hundreds of affiliate products available that you can promote.

how to promote affiliate products online

But, it is very difficult to become a successful affiliate marketer. You need a proper strategy first. In this article, we are going to talk about the best methods that you can use for promoting your product.

1. Using Social Media Campaign

Social media is the most powerful tool for promoting affiliate products. Almost every affiliate marketer is using social media for promoting their affiliate product. There are various social media websites available where you can promote your product. You can try websites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But, you should try to promote your product in the niche-specific group only. First, you should find FB groups that are related to your product niche. These groups are the best way to increase your product reach.

There are also various online forums where you can promote your affiliate product. These forums are one of the most effective methods to reach the right audience. You can also find other online marketers in such forums or communities. Thus, you can refer them to your affiliate program for earning extra commission.

2. Write an Affiliate Review

Writing Affiliate Reviews the 2nd option to promote affiliate products. You should write an honest review of the affiliate product that you are promoting. First, you should focus on doing proper keyword research to find the best keywords to focus on. This will help you in doing on-page SEO for your article review. Also, you should focus on products that have keywords with high search volume but low competition. For this, you can take help with keywords research tools.

Make sure to give in-depth information about the affiliate product you are promoting. You should try to add these points in your review:

  • How to set up the product
  • How to buy the product
  • Advantage and disadvantages of using the product
  • Case Studies
  • How to use the product effectively

It is important to write a fair review of the product. So you should buy and use that product or service. It will help you to share your honest views. This will help you in gaining the trust of your readers.

3. Affiliate Banners

You can also use affiliate banners for promoting your affiliate product. Most of the affiliate program will provide you affiliate banners. You can place these banners in your blog header, footer or sidebar. If you are doing email marketing, then these banners are perfect for you to send in email campaigns.

Your affiliate program will provide you with an HTML code for banner. You can copy and paste this code on your website. You can also create your custom affiliate banner and canva is the most used free tool to make images, posters or banners. Some browsers can block these affiliate banners. Thus, also try to use the contextual link in your blog.

4. Newsletters or Emails

Most of your loyal visitors will also subscribe to your newsletter. Thus, you can use your email list for promoting your new affiliate product. You should try to send monthly or weekly emails to your subscribers.

This will give them a better idea of the affiliate product you are promoting. You should offer discounts and freebies as an incentive for signing up for your newsletter. This will also help you in communicating with your users.

5. Create Videos

This is one of the best methods for promoting your affiliate product. You can use various video platforms for promoting your product. If your product is related to hosting, then you can create a video guide for your customers. You should also upload these videos on every famous video platform like Youtube. This will give more exposure to your affiliate product. Also, your customers will get the information they need.

Try to be creative when you are creating videos. You can create whiteboard animation videos for your customers. If you don’t know anything about creating videos, then you can hire some experts. They will help you in creating perfect videos. You can also share these videos through social media. This will help you in reaching a wider audience.

If you are making Youtube videos, then you can add affiliate links in the description section. It is also important to verbally call out the description box in your video. This will help your viewers in finding the affiliate link. You can also use Youtube annotations for adding affiliate links. Youtube annotations are transparent boxes that will pop up at a pre-determined time. You can redirect all these boxes to your affiliate product. Thus, you can easily plug in your product.

6. Promote Catchy Products

You should try to promote unique or catchy products to your customers. If you want to become a good affiliate marketer, then you should hunt for catchy products or offers.

You should promote outstanding products, seasonal campaigns and discount offers to your customers. Also, don’t try to promote many products at the same time. This can affect the credibility of your website.

7. Offer Coupons, Promos or Loyalty Rewards

Everyone wants to get good deals on the items that they want to buy. Offering coupons to your customers is an excellent way to increase your sales. You can also target keywords like “hosting coupons” for increasing your sales. Most of the people will look for a coupon code before buying any product. Thus, you can target those people on your blog who are going to buy a specific product.

It is difficult to become a full-time affiliate marketer. But, it has become a little easy due to social media. Even beginners can use social media for selling their products. You can use various platforms like Youtube or Facebook for promoting your product. Make sure that you are promoting a catchy product. You can try these techniques for improving your affiliate sales.

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