How to Build an Email List- Top 10 Methods that Actually Works

Emails are one of the most basic needs of a human being in today’s time. If you want to sign up on any website you need an email address and your email is one of the best and most formal ways of communication today. Emails are used for marketing very much nowadays and hence you can also use emails for marketing. There are several online sites like ConvertKit or Aweber that are the platforms used for email marketing.

An email list is one of the most important things to start your email marketing. This list consists of email addresses that you would use for sending your ads as well as the proposals. Here are some of the best as well as easy methods to build your own email list.

Choose the Best Software

The software is going to play a very big role in your email list. The better the software, the more efficient it will be for you to work. People like small businessmen and bloggers who want to advertise their products by email service go for various software and ConvertKit is the best for email marketing according to these marketers. ConvertKit is one of the best software you would find on the internet today at affordable prices.

Create Original Content

When you create original content then the internet viewer will definitely attract towards your site and most probably they would subscribe to your site resulting in the growth of your email list. To get quality subscribers you need quality content as well. Give the best you can give and hence it will definitely result in an increase in the email list. Use SEO and other WordPress features so as to create the best content you can provide. This will increase the ranking of your site as well.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram is a platform where today’s generation exists. Everyone is an influencer at Instagram and there are no better ways to get your subscribers than Instagram stories. Instagram story is something that can be uploaded by a user and it stays for 24 hrs straight. Use the swipe up feature over there and get a lot of viewers and subscribers every day. Your email list will be built at a very high rate within no time.

Business Card: the Old Fashion Way

Business cards are specifically made for big businessmen and shopowners but today anyone can go for a business card. These cards are small and give specific details about your business and help the customer to gain a rough idea about you. If you add the link of your site on the card, the 2nd person would definitely check it out so that he can know more about your business. Once they are satisfied nobody can stop the viewer from subscribing and getting added to your email list.

Notify Me: Lead Generation Technique

Notify me is an option which helps a lot of people regarding the information they need from specific websites. When you upsell any item on your website then you have to keep the notify me option which is really helpful. As they would click on notify me they must subscribe to your site first. The signup page would pop up and you would et your nicely arranged email list. This is a very easy and efficient way to build your email list.

Giveaways: New Name for Free Stuff

Giveaways are the best and we all love them. As we all know that everyone loves free stuff why not lure the viewers to subscribe to your site and make them part of your email list. Once they enter your site, you need to set some criteria to get the free stuff, they can only participate in giveaways if they subscribe to your site and share about it. In this method, the viewers need to subscribe and help you build your email list.

Use Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a very old method but still, people use it. Though there are fewer people to interact on telemarketing you can still use it to gain subscribers on your site. Just before you hang up the phone simply do one thing ask them if they want to subscribe to your site. Most of the people would agree as it depends completely on your way of talking and expressing yourself. Try and lure people to subscribe to your site with the help of telemarketing, it might give you some of the best quality viewers on your website and increase your email list as well.

Optimization – the Key to Success

The optimization of your site would lead to a drastic increase in the subscribers. Once the site is optimized, the speed and performance of your site would increase resulting in an increase of viewers on your website. Today’s generation loves everything that is fast and smooth if you give them what they want they would definitely subscribe to your site.

Publicize About Your Web Page

Publicity is one of the oldest and most efficient ways of creating a long email list for your email marketing. Once you start with the publicity you would gain a lot of subscribers every day. Use various social media platforms and try using Facebook specifically. Facebook sells ads and you can spend a little so as to do your publicity and within no time your site would be filled with subscribers. There are other freelancing sites as well which supports your work and you can use them so as to get more and more subscribers on your site.

Daily Deals Attract More

Daily deals are very useful to keep your subscribers engaged on your site as well as attract more viewers for your site. People love to see words like daily deals or sale so use these words and give them attractive offers from your site and get a lot of subscribers within no time.

In conclusion, if you want to make a perfect email list regarding your email marketing you need to follow some certain rules. Always choose the best software for your email marketing so that you can rank high on the search engines. Try publicizing the content and your offers through different methods like a business card and social media. Try the giveaway contests so that normal viewers come to your site to become your subscribers. try daily deals to get more and more subscribers every day.

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