Know the ABC About Aweber eMail Marketing

AWeber eMail marketing is a Pennsylvania based company. It was founded by Tom Kulzer in 1998. This is an e mail marketing platform that allows people to create and send emails. It provides professional e mail marketing software and services.

Aweber eMail Marketing

AWeber eMail marketing makes it easy to use the email autoresponders, and signup forms and you can easily get in touch with your customers.

The company is known for its solid performance, superior auto-responders, and an array of quality features that makes sending of e-mails between clients and businesses effortless.
Over 120,000 bloggers and small businesses use AWeber to grow up their business. AWeber helps to grow businesses faster with the use of e-mail marketing and save time.

AWeber Features

Currently, AWeber email sending software is one of the most popular autoresponders out there. The company is not only offering 150 customizable email template options, but it also allows you to decide how, when, and where e-mails will be sent.

Most popular features of AWeber

•AWeber is easy to use Drag and Drop Editor.
•Over 150 customizable templates.
•APIs for third-party apps.
•Dozens of integrations.
•Autoresponder feature.
•AWeber has the ability to tag emails to create triggers.
•High rate deliverability.

Autoresponder Function

AWeber e mail marketing has the ability to send automatic e-mails to your users. You can create a series of e mails that will automatically send to all your clients. This could be a welcome email that is sent as soon as new clients sign up to your e mail list of contacts.
Whenever there is a change, a new product or special offer in your company, you can create automatic emails that go out to all your customers on time.

Integration Capabilities

AWeber has other ability to integrate your email marketing account.
Integration options are vast and range from a simple call to action tactics. Post the email subscription form on the website and on social media of your business. Integrate your account with online shopping tools such as PayPal.
Aweber can be easily integrated with these services :
•GoTo Webinar

Contact List Management

AWeber provides you an essential list segmentation that makes it easy to manage your contact list. This feature allows you to separate the customers in various categories such as their shopping habits, their value in the company and how long they been with your business.
You can create new segments for a new customer who takes your service or products repetitively. By separation of customers into various segments makes it easy to send targeted and relevant emails.

Aweber eMail Marketing

Template and Form

AWeber allows you to create some good looking emails from 150+ templates, which can be customized.
You can create emails by choosing the perfect HTML templates and customize them.
There are 700 different signup forms, AWeber allows you to build the email database with them. The forms provide you access to potential clients that can be placed on your company’s website, social media and blog page platforms.

Email Creation

There are 150+ templates are provided which makes easier email creation. You don’t need to create your campaign messages from scratch. When create emails customize the chosen template using tools in the email editor.

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Aweber eMail Writing Guide

Editing tool allows you to upload images to the template, move content around, adds your company, and change the color scheme of templates.

Opting-In to Email Subscription List

When users subscribe to your email list, there is more process than just collecting their information. You have to choose the single opt-in process or double opt-in process.

Single opt-In

With the single opt-in process, your user can sign up for your email list. The user can opt-in in any way, including using a custom opt-in form provides on your website.
The whole process of sign-up is easy for all users.

Double Opt-In

There are additional steps in signing up for your email list. When your users opt-in to your list you have to ask the user to conform to their subscription.
You can do this via welcome email that asks the user to acknowledge that
•They have provided their information to you.
•Choose to receive additional communication from you.

Single opt-in is easy for your users as compared to Double opt-in.
Double opt-in, ensure that the email you received is valid and not being used by bots.

Pros of AWeber

AWeber email automation allows you to preview your email before sending them
•Allows you to edit and create of company newsletters
•This also comes with a unique call loop feature that collects the phone numbers of all subscribers. With this, you can send text-to-voice mail and SMS to subscribers.
• Provide spam protection

Cons of AWeber

• You can’t import your contact lists from other providers, although you can do it by import-export CSV or excel files.
• It has an anti-spam policy that stops you to add the contacts that have not sent a subscription confirmation.

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