How to Monetize A Blog- 12 Success Ways to Make Money with Blogging

Starting a new blog is easy and doesn’t require any kind of programming knowledge. But you need determination and interest in any particular topic to write about it.

If you have enough knowledge in a particular field then you can spread the useful information you have with others through your blog. In return, you can make some decent amount of money by monetizing your blog with many different methods.

monetize your blog successfully

12 Outstanding Ways to Monetize Your Blog

When you have started providing useful and valuable content according to your expertise then you can start sharing your articles within social media and other platforms to get traffic to your blog.

After your blog starts receiving enough traffic, you can monetize it with any of the following methods to make money online through your blog. Every method is different so pay close attention to each of them.

1. Adsense

One of the best and most popular method to monetize your blog is through Adsense. The Adsense is a Google product that is designed to provide the facility to show ads on any website/blog after their approval and make money out of it.

If you wish to monetize your blog through Adsense then it’s better to publish at least 25-30 articles first then you can apply for approval of your blog in Google Adsense.

After your site is approved you can start displaying their ads on your blog by pasting the HTML codes provided in your account. (Not any kind of rocket science!)

Whenever someone clicks on an ad you will get paid for those clicks depending upon your niche of the blog and current bids on the ads in the market.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The majority of people who avoid using Adsense prefer to use affiliate marketing instead of Adsense because of more revenue-generating possibilities. It’s true that you can make more money with blogging as an affiliate compared to Adsense.

But only if you do it the right way and provide more value in each and every article on your blogs. Because only then people will trust you and maybe buy the products recommended by you! ShareASale is one of the best marketplaces if you want to promote affiliate products.

The affiliate marketing is basically selling products or services to others and receiving a small commission in-between. For example, if you sell a $100 product to someone then you will generate a 5% commission for it which is $5.

3. Selling Your Own Products

If you are experienced enough and want to sell your own products which include any type of products like physical/virtual then you can promote them to your audience through your blog.

If someone buys the product then you are going to get the profit directly in your pocket! (after taxes and everything)

If you are creative and can create your own product, you can sell them using Shopify. Shopify is the best and easy way to sell your own items.

4. Paid Guest Posts

You can have many blog ideas to make money. Bu having a well-established blog can make you money without doing literally nothing! Because if your blog is ranking for any keywords on the first page of google and have a decent DA-PA then other bloggers are going to approach you for paid guest posts.

Because your blog has higher DA-PA then theirs they will pay you for publishing one of their articles on your blog so they can create high-quality backlink for their blog.

Don’t worry if no-one comes to you for paid guest posts, you can still attract other bloggers by posting your paid guest posting service into facebook groups or any other platforms.

5. Exclusive Content

There are millions of blogs on the internet till now, But people only follow a few of them because they like the content published by them. So if you know how to write the best content which will be well written, addictive or facinating then you can create an exclusive content section on your blog for subscribers only!

You can easily set the price for weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription plans as you wish. After the readers have subscribed to any of your plans you can give them access to the exclusive content within your blog/site.

6. Selling Courses

There are various types of courses available for anything you want to learn. So you can choose a course related to your niche of the blog and promote it through your blog by recommending it to your readers.

For example, if you own a blog about SEO and web-development then you can choose any of the SEO courses or top SEO techniques and mention the pros and cons of it in one of your articles. So people might buy it if you review it by yourself.

Teachable is one of the best CMS to start selling your own course and keep all of your profit.

7. Banner Ads

There are lots of people who want to receive traffic to their sites so you can sign up for any banner advertising company or directly get in touch with someone who is interested in showing his/her banner ad to others.

You can easily set the banner ad in your sidebar or anywhere you like within your blog, but make sure that it doesn’t get between the articles while your audience is reading them.

The best banner ads providing the company is taboola according to the reviews and ratings. you can also sign up for taboola if you wish to monetize your blog through banner advertising.

8. CPA Offers

CPA stands for cost per action. There are many advertisers who pay only when a specific type of action is completed. You can sign up as a CPA ads publisher and monetize your blog with it.

You can easily sign as a publisher on any of the popular CPA networks like Clickbooth, Click Bear, CPA Lead, Peerfly, etc. After you start receiving good amount of traffic you can promote these CPA offers and make consistent income out of it.

9. Selling E-Books

People prefer to read the detailed step by step guides about anything they like. So you can pick out the best E-books related to your niche and promote them into your blog via banners or landing pages.

The best method is to create and host your own course using teachable.

If the book has good quality content and higher ratings from readers then people are more likely to buy it from your blog because the audience you have is very targeted to your niche.

10. E-Mail Marketing

The affiliate marketers who make millions of dollars every year have their best email lists to promote their products to thousands of people by just sending them just one mail.

E-mail marketing is easy when you have a list of subscribers who are your possible buyers. But won’t get that huge list at the start, you’ll have to build your email list by providing value to your audience.

Convertkit is an awesome email marketing provider which can do all of your email marketing work with ease.

So you can monetize your blog with that email list by promoting affiliate or your own products.

11. Selling Digital Products

After the internet became popular among everyone digital products stepped into the market. Now the total worth of the digital products industry is approx $600 billion.

So there are lots of companies and people who want to promote their digital products like antivirus, courses, software, etc. You can take advantage of this competition and offer your traffic to those companies in return for commissions.

You can join any digital product’s affiliate network ( for example Clickbank or ShareASale ) or directly partner with the company and start promoting their products to monetize your blog easily.

12. Sponsorships

The sponsorships play an important role for growth in any company or product. You can reach out to the companies related to your niche and ask them if they want to sponsor your blog which can benefit you in financial or other manners

In most cases, the sponsors will pay you to promote their services or products so if your blog is well-known in the market then you won’t have to search for sponsors, Instead they will come to you!

So these are some best methods to monetize your new/old blog and make consistent money out of it. Don’t ever spam your readers with ads or affiliate offers because it will affect your SEO if users don’t stay on your site/blog for a long time.


There are lots of ways to monetize your blog/website but the methods which are mentioned above are the best suited for any beginner/professional. Always remember that you’ll have to provide value before you can promote anything in-front of your audience and make money out of your blog.

If you found any useful information in this article then make sure to share it with your friends and loved ones! and don’t forget to comment on your recommendations or any queries in the comment section below.

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