How to Make Money with a Food Blog in 2021?

Foodies are easy to find anywhere in the world. So with such a huge number of food lovers around the world, many food bloggers tend to provide related content for such people. If you are also one of those bloggers who like to write about different types of recipes, cultural cuisines, and many more related to the food industry.

Make money with a food blog

Then traffic won’t be a problem for your food blog as we assume it’s already growing quickly. But many food bloggers in the industry face several issues while making some income with the targeted traffic they receive on their food blogs. In this article, we are going to discuss various methods and hacks that you can implement to make money with a food blog of yours.

How to make money with a food blog in 2021?

Being passionate about food blogging is very interesting, and it becomes more exciting when you are also one of those food-loving persons. But just blogging about food won’t take you anywhere right? you need to earn some money from the work you love to do. In other words, if you want to turn your passion into the profession then we have got a few tips and methods for you.

These tactics will help you start earning a persistent income from your food blog. Or increase your earnings for a better future and an easy lifestyle for you. So all you have to do is try the below methods one by one and find out whether any of them work for you or not.

As there are so many ways that can be used to start a decent income from a food blog, you may choose the best method for you and your blog according to your audience type, and the number of visitors you receive every month. So let’s get started!

1. Google Adsense

The majority of the bloggers prefer Google Adsense when it comes to choosing a trustworthy ad network with higher payments. Being one of the most popular Advertisement networks in the industry Google Adsense provides the best service and opportunity to bloggers and site owners who have decent traffic and quality content both.

As the platform works on a CPC scheme you will get paid only when someone clicks on an advertisement displayed on your food blog. So if you have been providing useful information to your visitors till now then Google won’t hesitate to display quality advertisements on your food blog.

However, you will have to apply for the Adsense approval of your blog. You won’t face any issues regarding the approval process as long as your content is original and informative for others. In case you get rejected from the Adsense team you can try these alternatives for starting a decent income.

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you are in the blogging industry for a long time Affiliate marketing is not something new for you. Still, if you are not aware of what affiliate marketing actually is then let me clear this. When you promote someone’s products/services and someone buys the item or service from you, A small amount of commission will be paid to you.

It can be any type of product or service that you are going to promote on your blog. Either will be a digital product or a physical product. In this case, if you want to be successful with affiliate marketing and make money from your food blog, we would suggest you go with recipes or something similar that can sell easily.

You can join an affiliate marketing platform like ClickBank for free to start promoting someone’s products/services on your blog. And start earning cash directly in your bank account. Scaling it to a 4-5 figure online business won’t take you long, once you get hold of how everything works.

3. Selling Courses

Courses are very popular among foodies and recipe-loving persons. There are tons of different courses available in the market that can be used to learn about the cooking and food culture of various parts of the world. So why not create a course by yourself, with the help of information and knowledge you already have!

Of course, it will take some time to create and come up with a good set of informative content. But it is worth it when you publish the course online and people start buying it. You don’t have to be a professional editor for creating a quality course. Start with simple video tutorials or share your own knowledge in the form of different modules.

You can also buy one or two popular courses from the market to figure out what approach they use for creating such a successful piece of content.  Once you are done creating a powerful course related to food, run advertisement campaigns if you can afford them, or just use social media awareness to make it go viral around the interested audience.

4. Sponsorships

You are already aware of the sponsorship scheme where a new or popular company from the market will approach you to promote their products/services in front of your audience. But if you are still growing your new food blog, you may need to approach the new companies.

Because they are always looking for an affordable deal that can help market their products/services at a much better price. You can grab this opportunity and start approaching several companies to see whether any of them are willing to pay a decent amount for product promotion on your blog.

As the competition is very high in the blogging industry, chances are that you may end up without any sponsorships. So make sure you have enough audience reach and quality content on your blog to avoid such situations. If you are successful in receiving one or two sponsorships then it won’t be difficult for you to continue this business.

5. Paid Promotions (Advertisements)

Google Adsense is not the only way to make money while displaying ads on your food blog. There are many ways to get paid promoting offers from influences and company owners. You can make a direct deal with companies regarding the ads you display on your food blog with other details like validity and pricing for different ads.

For keeping your user experience at its best, we recommend deciding on some sections on your blog. Where you can display such ads from companies or sponsors. Otherwise, your readers may find it difficult to browse or read the articles on your blog. Decreasing the number of monthly visitors your blog receives.

Make sure to choose the right size and type of ads for your blog. Suppose the other party is asking for displaying a 700×700 ad on your blog, deciding a proper position for such a huge ad can be difficult. So if you are going to display banner ads either use the sidebar or header section of your blog to display it.

6. Starting An E-commerce Store

E-commerce stores are a great way to build a successful online business. In this case as a food blog owner, you can think about the services and products you can sell online using an E-commerce store. It’s always better to be your own boss, but the risk profile is also high so it should be done very carefully to avoid any loss.

You can refer to YouTube or analyze other successful food stores that are already making a decent revenue. And decide your plus points that you can use against your competitors and stand out from others. Your plus points can be any type of food item which is your specialty, or any type of secret recipe you have.

For starting an e-commerce store Shopify will be the best choice for you. Even if you just want to try this idea and see whether it works or not, you can choose the trial plan of Shopify to run an e-commerce store of your own. It won’t require much investment if you do it the right way. Later on, choose the best plan for you if you are satisfied with the results.



7. Professional Workshops

Workshops are something that everyone loves to attend! most of the entrepreneurs and interested persons prefer to choose professional workshops related to different niches. So if you have enough time to spare arranging workshops at certain venues then it can really help you make some extra cash easily.

But the main problem is that you should be able to manage and run such workshops successfully. If the workshop attending people doesn’t find it to be useful regarding anything, nobody will consider visiting your workshops in the future ever again.

So make sure to do the necessary preparations before conducting workshops at a larger scale with a crowd around you. You can also go through similar workshop videos or attend some of them to see how well they are organized and how you should adjust your own work. Hiring some assistants can be a good idea if you are not low on budget.

8. YouTube Channel

Well, you are already aware of the popularity of the world’s second most used search engine platform YouTube. Where anyone can share their own work of fiction, talent, comedy, and almost any type of legal content. You can use this amazing platform to your advantage for making some extra cash with your food blog.

Starting a new YouTube channel related to food will help you in many ways. No doubt it will be hard to gain enough subscribers and attention in the starting phase but as your channel will grow, results will get shown automatically.

Talking about the type of content you should make, it can be anything related to food. For example, you can start sharing some of your best recipes or new recipes that you have discovered by yourself. People love to watch videos like that, or you can do reviews about popular food products in the market.

You will be able to earn a good income once your channel gets monetized, but before that, you can use the organic traffic you receive on your videos and redirect them to your food blog. Just mention your blog’s URL in the description for additional traffic and income.

9. Collaborations On Different Platforms

You are not the only food lover who wants to stand out from others, many startups companies in the market are looking for social media influencers who can promote their products/services on their accounts. Doing such social media collaborations on different platforms can make you a serious amount of income every month.

But we would recommend you to perform such collaborations with the help of any medium or moderators. In case they don’t pay you for your work, you can still take legal action against such frauds in the market.

Normally things don’t end up like that but precaution is very important when dealing with legal business. As we assume you already have social media accounts with a decent number of followers. Such collaborations are only possible with a decent amount of fan following otherwise, you won’t get to collaborate with anyone.

10. Writing E-books And Publishing Them

E-books are one of the most popular fields in the literature and reading industry. As the content is converted into an electronic form it’s easier for everyone to read and manage more books at the same time. As people are already paying for such quality e-books you can create your own masterpiece to make some extra income.

For publishing your e-books and earning some extra money you will have to join platforms like Amazon Kindle where you can submit new e-books written by you. Once they are approved and published officially you can decide the pricing and other details later. But why would someone buy that e-book of yours?

Well, instead of just publishing any random e-book, you need to do some research about your niche and the competitors at first. Decide your main topic first, it can be anything related to food. Having A to Z information regarding that topic will help you create an even better e-book. So the chances of generating sales will get increased. Refer to popular e-books in your niche for a better understanding and inspiration.


There are many ways to start earning money with a successful blog. But when it comes to making money with a food blog you need to take a different approach. As we have already discussed various methods for making money with your food blog make sure to use only one or two at a time for better results.

If you found this article to be informative then please share it with other foodies around you. And don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have in the comments section below.

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