How to start a YouTube channel and make money in 2021

Technology is a field that keeps moving forward regardless of anything. But as you already know every coin has both bad and good sides. In the same way technology growth has lead the economy to decrease the manpower importance in the industrial and similar working areas of many countries.

Therefore, without a doubt, people are having trouble searching for decent jobs that can help them to make a living. However, if you look at the bright side the growth in technology has created many opportunities to make money online for everyone.

How to start a YouTube channel and make money

Not to mention some people are generating a six-figure income monthly via these methods. You may be familiar with popular ones like affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, Blogging, or Dropshipping.

Comprehensive guide to start a YouTube channel and make money in 2021

In this article, we are going to talk about one of those popular methods to make money online. That is starting a YouTube Channel and making money from it. You may have heard many times that YouTube channels are a great way to make money online. But is it worth starting a YouTube channel at this moment? Which methods you can use to make money after setting up your channel successfully? Don’t worry we’ve got your back.

Why YouTube?

In terms of popularity and userbase, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. With an overwhelming user base of over 2 billion monthly active users around the globe, you can imagine how big the market size is. Doesn’t matter whether you are a student, a working professional, a housewife, or whatsoever.

Hence, YouTube is a platform made for everyone, where everybody is allowed to share their thoughts, talents, arts, hobbies, and other similar interesting content. And that is the main reason behind YouTube being the first preference for many people who wish to make money online without any additional skills.

How to create a new YouTube Channel?

YouTube is among the top-tier applications that have become a necessity for almost every smartphone user currently. With the data getting more affordable and easy to access, people prefer to watch videos instead of reading an article whenever they need information regarding anything.

So starting a YouTube channel and growing it is completely worth it if you are willing to invest your time and efforts. However, the first step to starting a new YouTube channel is deciding your area of interest. As you will need to fill in the channel name and create content around a specific niche.

So choose something in which you are interested, or you like to do it. But how you can start a new YouTube channel in 2021? If you have never done it before then don’t worry, Because it is easier than you think! Simply follow the below steps to create your new YouTube channel in few minutes.

  • Sign in to YouTube using any of your Google accounts(create an account here if you don’t have one)
  • After signing in successfully, click on the profile where it will display your name with a  text saying “No Channel” below it.
  • Open the profile section and click on “Your Channel” to start the process.
  • Now it will ask you for details regarding your channel name and logo.
  • Fill up the information and select a decent photo as your temporary channel logo. (you can change it later)
  • Later click on continue and your new channel is ready to go!

How to make money as a Youtuber in 2021?

Once you create your channel successfully you need to decide on a content strategy in order to measure your overall performance and how much progress you make in a certain amount of time. Suppose you have started a channel on recipes, then your goal should be to provide new recipes regularly.

Providing content consistently will help you attract more organic viewers and an additional boost from the algorithm as well. But make sure to keep the content quality high and the videos should be long enough to keep the users engaged with your channel. After knowing the basics, let’s go through some proven ways that you can use to make money as a YouTuber in 2021.

1. Sponsorships

Sponsorships are one of the most popular ways to make a decent amount of money. No matter whether you are a YouTuber or a Celebrity Sportsmen, Sponsorships are great. Not to mention they are not easy to get unless you are a very popular YouTuber or celebrity.

After accumulating a decent number of subscribers on your channel chances of getting sponsorships will increase automatically. In fact, brands will approach you directly if your channel is performing well in the last few months. However make sure to discuss everything properly before accepting a sponsorship, to avoid any possible problems in the future.

2. Live Super chats

Super chats are like surprises because as a youtube you don’t know what amount of super chat you will be receiving from someone. When YouTube enables live streaming on your channel, you can allow the users to highlight their specific message and show it on top of other messages in the live chat via the Superchat feature. It’s one of the ways that you can use to make money through your YouTube channel.

3. Google Adsense

The easiest way to make money by starting a YouTube channel is with Google Adsense. As you already know you can monetize your video content using Google Adsense. You need to reach a minimum of thousand subscribers within a calendar year with 4000 hours of watch time. In order to be eligible for displaying ads on your channel and make money from it.

So if you have just started on youtube recently then it may take some time to fulfill those requirements. Later on, once you meet the minimum criteria you can apply for Google Adsense via your YouTube channel. The process can take few days to complete but once you are approved you can start making money for sure!

4. Affiliate marketing

One of the best ways to make a moderate persistent income working from home is affiliate marketing. And when combined with the target audience of youtube you can actually make a lot more money in comparison to Google Adsense. For those people who are not aware of the term affiliate marketing, it’s a marketing method where you will get a fixed amount of commission for promoting and selling products from others.

5. Brand promotions

You can literally find Brands of anything you want nowadays, no matter which niche you have chosen with enough targeted viewer base there are many brands in the market who will approach you. Yet, we suggest you reach out to the brands related to your niche in the starting phase of your YouTube journey. After agreeing to do brand promotions on your channel. You can either promote the services or products from that particular brand according to the agreement you made with them.

6. Paid access to the community

Once you gain enough subscribers YouTube will unlock the community post feature for your channel. If any of your subscribers wish to join your channel they can pay the subscription fees and get access to the special features like custom emojis and highlighted names whenever they join a live stream and comment on your content. You can even provide additional access to your special content for the pole who joins your channel as a member.

Final verdict

There are many ways to make money online nowadays, you will even find a lot of people claiming to offer you different ways to make money online. But only a few of them are legitimate that can actually help you make money online by working from home.

Starting a YouTube channel and providing quality content to your viewers is one of the best ways to start earning in 2021. So make sure to follow the steps mentioned in this guide to kick start your new YouTube channel even in this tough competition. Do share this information with others and feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section below.

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