Link Miner Review to Mine the Most Powerful Backlinks

When it comes to starting a new blog and growing it concurrently, there are a lot of various important factors to consider as a successful blogger. And if you wish to grow your blog more quickly with better traffic opportunities then quality backlinks are something you should never avoid and link miner will be your first choice.

Building good quality backlinks for any blog does take time and effort. But when you have created a solid base of high authoritative backlinks from well-known websites in your niche, then no one can stop you from getting the top positions in SERPs.

Analyzing your competitors is one of the best ways to come up with a full list of powerful backlinks that are already crushing the competition for specific keywords & terms. But you will need a proper tool that can help you out with this research process to make your work easier.

Link miner By Mangools Review!

Linkminer from Mangools is one of those outstanding link-building and researching tools. That can provide you with the outstanding features required while extracting powerful backlinks from your competitors in the market. But how can you actually make it work? what type of features you will get along with the tool? Let’s find out!

How does Linkminer Work?

If you have ever used SEO tools before then you won’t have a hard time understating the basics. Even if you are completely new to using this powerful tool, it won’t take you more than 2 weeks to go through every feature it provides. Now after getting the basic overview of the Linkminer it’s time to see how everything works in harmony so you can get the best possible results you want while growing your new blog.

The interface is very simple and easy to understand. Unlike some other tools available in the market, the beginner-friendly infrastructure allows anyone to understand the workings of this tool and start using it right away! However, there are some areas of Linkminer that need special attention while using them.

Otherwise, you may end up getting in trouble. As the 24/7 customer support is always there for your help getting around such problems will be a piece of cake for sure! When you visit the link miner for the first time, it will seem like other SEO tools that are used for blog promotions and growth. Let’s start with the dashboard.

Dashboard Overview

The dashboard from the link miner can be described in one line – A pleasant and easy-to-navigate interface. No distractions and unnecessary extra features are provided so even a beginner can easily make his/her way to gaining over their competitors quickly! First, you will have to visit the LinkMiner home page Here. Later on, you can log in for accessing the dashboard area, to perform further operations.

Once you reach the dashboard area, you can see different options and filters that can be used to make your research process more accurate. On the upper corner of the left-hand side, you can use the hamburger menu to navigate easily between other SEO tools provided by Mangools. While you can use the navigation menu in the header section to do various tasks related to link building.

You can go to the profile section, visit the help center, check your list of favorite links, and go through history if you are missing out on something that you searched for recently. This hassle-free navigation structure can help you out when working on a large-scale project or when you have too much workload to handle.

How You Can Use Link Miner For Building Quality Backlinks?

Once you are familiar with the dashboard area you can start curating golden backlinks for your business. But what about the process? well, don’t worry we have got your back. Finding quality backlink opportunities is not an easy task, but if you know the right way around it. The number of quality backlinks you can generate will increase automatically.

But it will be much easier if you follow a particular method that can help you get the most out of your efforts. So consider going through the below steps for increasing your chances of acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites.

Step 1 – Choose Your Target URL

First things first, after you access the dashboard area you will have to decide the type of target URL you are going to use. As there are many variations available of URLs you will get different results according to the type of URL you have entered in the search bar. Suppose you are looking for information related to Google. You can use the following different variations for the research process.

Each of these URLs will return different results when you look up to them. So you better choose wisely when evaluating URLs from your competitors. We would recommend choosing the exact URL variations only that is receiving a high amount of traffic. Because data related to other variations may be misleading for your research purpose.

Step 2 – Evaluate The Link Opportunities

After successfully choosing the target URL and getting the complete list of results. It’s time to find some of the best link-building opportunities from the list. And use it for increasing the overall DA PA along with the trust flow of your website. For curating such useful links from the results set, you can use different filtering options available within the result area.

By using the filters you can sort out the links easily that have higher domain rankings and good citation flow. Because quality is more important than quantity when it comes to building a proper link structure for any website with enough link juice. So make sure to choose the links only that are related to your niche, and represent a decent DA PA at the same time.

Step 3 – Create a List

Take your time to find such quality links and create a complete list of such backlink opportunities. As you won’t get anywhere if you just find one or two of them and start building backlinks. For making your efforts worth it, at least come up with 20-30 link-building opportunities with enough potential so your chances of getting a high-quality Dofollow backlink for your blog will increase automatically.

Another great advantage of using the link miner is that you can use the favorites feature. It allows you to mark the possible backlinks as your favorite. So you can easily start working on them when you start the process of link building. In short, creating a list will help you manage everything in one place, and keeping track of your progress will become much easier.

Step 4 – Start Building Backlinks

Now it’s time to put in some hard work, and start building quality backlinks for your website. If you really wish to be in the top positions on SERP, then niche-targeted and quality backlinks are everything that you need to boost the ranking process for the website. However, you need to consider many other important aspects of SEO if you want to see your blog rank in the top position.

Still, quality link building is one of those important factors for sure, get your list ready and with a positive approach, you can acquire most of those backlinks hassle-free. Don’t be shy to ask other bloggers if they want to exchange backlinks or not, Afterall it’s a win-win condition for both of you.

Important Features of Link Miner

The Linkminer by Mangools has come up with some new and interesting features that are very useful during the process of link building. You may be amazed to see how much potential Linkminer has to be one of the top link-building and analytics tools in the market. As for the important features we have described each of them in detail.

Favorites List Feature

Whenever we perform proper research for finding powerful backlinks that can help our blog to improve the ranking positions and authority at the same time. There are tons of results displayed for every domain/subdomain query you will enter. But if you look closely you will find many useful link opportunities that can drastically help you increase the overall traffic and SERP positions for your blog.

The problem is that you will find more than one link opportunity during the process of link mining. So there should be a better way to keep a track of the favorite links that have the most potential for being useful to your blog. Linkminer provides an amazing feature known as the Favorites list feature.

As the name suggests this simple but useful feature comes in handy when you are dealing with a lot of quality link opportunities altogether. Using it you can mark your favorite links that are best for your blog according to your perspective and research stats. Once the research process is complete you can take a break and come back anytime to start working on these favorite backlinks directly from the favorites list section.

Live Preview In Both Mobile And Desktop View

This feature comes with a little twist, as it’s not common to see in most of the link-building tools available in the current market. You can use the Live Preview feature for curating the best link tactics that your competitors use and understand the workings of their link positioning through the article.

As you can preview the mobile and desktop versions whichever you want, it will give you a basic idea about how you should distribute your internal and external links throughout the whole article. If you wish to attract more readers and get indexed much faster than before. Using this live preview feature you can achieve a better click-through rate for your internal and external links on your article too.

Link Strength Evaluation

The link-building process is not something that you can complete in a single day. it’s not like just selecting some random links from the results page and starting working on them. it will be a total waste of time if you do so. Instead, analyzing each of them can be quite useful. And the backlink evaluation algorithm of Linkminer provides you the complete information for any domain you want.

In most cases, you would be analyzing your competitor’s domain for squashing out the best backlinks for your blog. But you will have to find the best ones from a pile of backlink results you will get from the research process. So why not use the link strength evaluation algorithm from the link miner and sort the results according to metrics?

By doing so you can collect the best possible backlinks based on various factors such as citation flow, Trust flow, Dofollow & Nofollow attributes, etc. The social performance of those links also matters if you are looking for faster growth and a positive impact.

Linkminer Plans & Pricing

Talking about the different plans you get to choose from is really affordable compared to other alternatives in the market that provide the same features and functionalities. You can save an extra 40% on any plan you choose if you go for the yearly subscription.

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Agency

From these three different plans, starting from the basic plan it will cost you around $30/month ( billed yearly ). Providing you limited access to the features and database from Mangools, you can go with a basic plan if you are low on budget.

But our recommendation would be to choose the premium subscription because the benefits you are receiving for an extra $10 are really worth it. Unlike the basic plan, there is no limit to performing competitor or keyword research. Now talking about the last one Agency plan is for someone who is working as a team or owns a company/agency. Because it can be costly for an individual to pay $80/month without enough income sources.


Unlike other link-building tools available in the market, The link miner by Mangools has many fresh features that may be not available in other tools. Linkminer also has an upper hand when it comes to pricing, as you can see the pricing is very reasonable compared to other alternatives available in the market.

Still, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can always get your money back with the 48 hours money-back guarantee. According to me, Linkminer is one of those simple yet powerful tools that every fresher blogger should consider using at least once.

If you found any useful information in the article then please share it with your friends and other bloggers. And don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions you have in the comments section below.

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