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SEMrush is a powerful competitor tool founded by SEM and SEO professionals.

SEMrush is started in 2008 with the mission to make online competition transparent. This is the first tool which focuses on competitors work. It generates analytics which is useful for you to build the right strategy for your company to reach on top.

SEM Rush Internet Marketing Software

SEMrush is one of the best keyword research tools worldwide. SEMrush helps people to fix the technical issues of websites. It improves the health of backlinks and tracks the local ranking on desktop and mobile.

SEMrush is all in one marketing toolkit for digital marketing and it saves time on routine tasks. It is known for its top-rated business intelligence, keyword research, and online competitor analysis software. SEMrush offers a variety of metrics to understand the domains of your website to compete with.

Develop your advertising strategy and determine the general direction related to the business. This is all in one digital marketing suite with tools and provides the following professional services:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Public Relation

There are two ways of gathering data on SEMrush, the first way is to pull the reports about domains and keywords in the search bar. With this know the competitor’s strategy and find the best keyword to target with your own campaigns.

SEM Rush Internet Marketing Tool

The second way is to create a SEMrush project that will allow you to gather the data outside of the SEMrush database to analyze the website’s visibility.

Choose a Toolkit

As a SEMrush subscriber, you have access to all the reports and tools. You don’t need to use all the reports to get the data. You can find a specific tool for your work.

There are toolkits for SEO Advertising, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Competitive Research. By choosing the toolkit that suits your work, you can simply use that.

Enter your Queries

Search domain:

SEMrush pulls a domain overview report. In the search bar enter your domain, SEMrush will show you all the information regarding your queries.

SEM Rush Internet Mqrketing Software

You will find here quick links to jump into deeper reports analyzing backlinks, and keywords and more. You can also find any website’s top competitors, advertising and more by clicking around the domain overview.

The navigation menu can be used to jump between deeper reports.

Search keyword

Simply enter the keyword in the search bar, SEMrush will show you keyword overview report with all information related to your keyword.

Here, you can go an in-depth report with matches keyword, keyword difficulty, cost per click, semantic keyword group and more.

Keyword Magic Tool can generate millions of related keywords and place them in a group to organize your research.

Start a Project

SEMrush offer tracking and analysis tool to help you to monitor the website’s online visibility.

Here you will get Site Audit, Social Media poster, Position Tracking and On Page SEO Checker tools that help you to manage the website.

Generate Reports

You can export the data in the spreadsheet to save your research. If you want to make your data more presentable then you can create a PDF report in My Reports section.

In addition to data from SEMrush, you can add your own screenshots and widgets from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. If you are working with clients then these reports will give a professional look.

SEMrush Toolkits

Find the user manuals and information about the tool and report within SEMrush.

SEO Toolkit

SEO professional will like the depth and versatility of SEMrush tools. You can use SEMrush to conduct competitive analyses and market research on website’s closest competition on the SERPs.

SEO toolkit has five main workflow categories: Keyword Research, On Page, Competitive Research, Link Building, and Technical SEO. This toolkit will help you to cover all bases of the website’s SEO.

Advertising Toolkit

SEMrush is perfect for pay per click (PPC) professional. It allows tons of keyword research and competitor analysis to track the performance of paid campaigns.

Advertising Toolkit has three main workflows: Keyword Research, Competitive Research, and Ad Creation.

Content Marketing Toolkit

High-quality content is on your site is the determining factor when it comes to SEO ranking. It is not always clear exactly how you can optimize your content to rank organically.

Social Media Toolkit

Social media is an important tool to grow the business and get people on their website. You may confuse to figure out exactly how to grow audience and best engage.

Social Media Toolkit has two main workflows: Social media tracker and social media poster.

Management Toolkit

It contains a set of solutions that will help you to manage your marketing campaigns from one place. You will get timely notifications of all the events related to your website’s ranking.

Here, you will find Project, My Reports, Marketing Calendar, Notes, and Lead Generation Tool.


This is a free plugin for your browser that provides you organic search data. Currently, this is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. SEOquake provides parameters about the listing on the search engine result page.

It also provides other useful tools – Keyword Density report, SEO Audit, Internal/External Link analysis, and social metrics.

When you browse a webpage you can activate SEOquake at any time and can review a series of reports. SEOquake can provide you data with an effective strategy for your business moving forward.

Pros of SEOrush

Focus on Marketing and SEO Research

SEMrush offer simple and effective features to boost your website’s SEO and marketing strategies.

Up to Date Keyword Database

SEMrush regularly updated the database of 100M+ keywords from more than 26 regions spinning from the Middle East, Australia, and the US to Europe and China.

Research Detailed Data Breakdown

SEMrush provides tons of data on factor and detail behind each report.

Cons of SEMrush

Discrepancies in Numbers

SEMrush captures the big picture well but when it comes in hard numbers it shows blurring picture details.

Pay more for White Label Report

If you want to get a report without any Words of SEMrush then you need an expensive plan.

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