How to Find Low Competition Keywords- Know the Best Way

Keyword research is one of the most important factors for a successful blog. If you are already aware of how keyword researching works, then you won’t find it hard to do it yourself. This task can not be completed without enough experience. So, there are many newbie bloggers who are looking for a step by step explanation for a complete keyword research process.

That can help their blog to rank for low competition keywords easily. So we have come up with a complete definitive guide on low competition keyword research using a popular tool known as from mangools. If you are not familiar with this tool, we have included each and every step for anyone using this tool for the first time.

how to find perfect low competition keywords

The Perfect way to Find Low Competition Keywords?

Before we get started if you are not aware of the term keyword researchthen let me clear it out first. It’s a step by step process of finding low competition keywords with high search volume, using various type of keyword research tools. So let’s get started and understand how this keyword research magic works for almost every professional blogger.

Because once you master the art of perfect keyword researching, no one can stop you from ranking in the top positions of SERPs. Of course, it will take some time to develop an understanding of the technical terms related to certain metrics and tools. But eventually, everything is worth it when you start receiving tons of organic traffic along with the faster growth of your blog.

1. Create an Account On

Kwfinder is one of the most popular keyword research tools that provide seamless user experience and quality metrics at the same time. According to our recommendation, Kwfinder would be the best choice for any beginner. Who wants to extract longtail keywords with higher monthly searches and lower competition.

Simply visit their official website and sign up for a new account using email, Facebook, or google whichever you prefer. If you are using an email address for registration check your inbox and click on the link to verify your email address. So they can be sure that no one is creating fake accounts.

mangools kw finder tool

Now log in using your email or other methods that you selected earlier. The interface would look similar to a search engine ( Google, Yahoo ) but it’s actually your powerful keyword research tool’s dashboard!

2. Choose The Trial Plan

During the registration process, you will have to choose a plan for your account. Go with the free 10-days trial offer, that will allow you to get a hold of Kwfinder. Later on, you can upgrade your plan anytime and access the additional services and features whenever you want. Fortunately, no credit card is required to use their trial plan so it can be very handy for new bloggers.

kw finder by mangools

With the trial plan, you will have limited access to all the services and features of Kwfinder. But it will be more than enough for you, as our main goal is to find longtail keywords with lower competition the trial plan won’t be a problem. You can still do proper keyword research for any niche you want, collect the results, and manage them properly for creating a complete list of golden longtail keywords.

3. Learn How the KwFinder Tool Works

After choosing the trail plan it’s time to understand the basics of how Kwfinder actually works. There are lots of professionals who are using Kwfinder for a long time without any complaints or issues. And making lots of money with those golden longtail keywords they find through proper keyword research.

You can do the same with Kwfinder. But for achieving something big, patience and hard work is the price you pay. Not to mention that it will take some time to analyze how the algorithm works and how you optimize this awesome tool for your new blog. So, you won’t regret investing your precious time in learning how Kwfinder works.

4. How To Find Longtail Keywords?

The keyword research process is even more simple when you are using Kwfinder. As all you have to do is enter your seed keyword or any term related to your topic in the search bar. The search bar will be in the center part of the dashboard with a placeholder like this “Enter The Keyword”.

long tail keyword finding

After entering your seed keyword click on the “find keywords” button to start the process. Kwfinder will start looking for a number of keyword suggestions with lower competition and higher monthly search volume. Once the process is completed you will get a complete list of longtail keyword suggestions that are related to your seed keyword.

5. Prioritize Your Main Keywords

You will need to prioritize the most effective keywords from the list you have. After the process is completed, analyze the list thoroughly and look for keywords with lower keyword difficulty and higher monthly search volume. This means more people are searching for that particular term but there is not enough content available related to that topic.

long tail keyword find

Create a complete list of such keywords by performing various keyword researches with different seed keywords related to your niche. This will allow you to come up with a powerful content strategy and content management plan for your blog. You can decide the number of articles you will publish according to the low competition keywords you have collected from Kwifinder.

6. Additional Features of KwFinder

The main attraction of Kwfinder is easy to understand the user interface and simple mechanism. However, it won’t disappoint you when it comes to powerful features and something extra that everyone wants! Unlike some low-quality keyword research tools on the web, you will find many additional features bundled together in Kwfinder.

Kwfinder offers accurate filters to sort your keyword research results and extract the most useful information from the list. For example, you will be able to filter the results by choosing a specific location for local search data. Additionally, you can also choose the language for specific types of results you require.

Such features come in handy when performing keyword research on a small scale. Suppose you are looking for some local keywords that people use on a regular basis. Using these filters will help you target a specific audience and data source to easily figure out the best longtail keywords for your blog.

7. In-depth Metrics for Keyword Research

After entering your seed keyword you will get complete detailed metrics of similar results that match your seed keyword. Everything will be served on the same screen so you don’t have to switch between different tabs while focusing on your research process. You can think of it as an advantage of using Kwfinder.

On the left-hand side, you will be able to see a list of longtail keyword suggestions related to your main keyword. Along with accurate monthly search volume, Keyword difficulty, current CPC and PPC price from the market, and trend chart altogether! While you can also use the SERP analyzer on the right-hand side of the screen.

It will allow you to decide whether you should work on a particular keyword or not. Because if sites/blogs with very high domain authority are already ranking for that keyword it will be very difficult for any newbie to beat them and snatch the top position from them.

8. Pricing

Going through all the features and complete keyword research process Kwfinder can be quite impressive if you have followed each and every step carefully. Eventually, your 10-day trial plan will get expired but you don’t have to worry. Because Kwfinder from mangools offers three different plans for everyone, which are listed below.




Each plan varies according to the pricing and features you will be able to use. Starting from the basic plan that will cost you around $27/month ( billed annually ) the pricing will increase as you move towards the higher plans. Premium subscription is considered to be the value for money selection costing you approx $36/month. Because you will be able to enjoy almost every feature Kwfinder provides.

Apart from both of these plans, The last one is an Agency plan that will cost you $72/month. Choose this plan only when you are working together as a team or agency. Otherwise, it’s not possible to afford this plan without a solid income source for any newbie blogger in the industry.

Final Verdict

Keyword research is a very important process for any successful blog. If done correctly it can drive you many content ideas along with high-quality longtail keywords that are easy to rank. You can use such powerful keywords for your new blog and create content around these keywords to get more organic traffic for your blog.

But finding them requires some time and effort, hence you will have to follow our step by step guide to access them. If you are satisfied with the keyword research process mentioned in this article make sure to share it with other bloggers. And don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have in the comments section below.

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