How to increase your email list with social media platforms?

Digital marketing is evolving steadily, Introducing new ways to promote products and services. Leaning more towards the latest marketing tactics, sometimes they forget to use methods that are working already.

Email marketing is one of those widely used marketing methods that can generate solid results.

How to increase your email list with social media platforms?

How to increase your email list with social media platforms?

However, you should not expect much in return if your subscriber list is still not huge enough. Considering the fact that you can actually increase your subscriber count, We have shared some tips to help you get more email subscribers via social media platforms easily.

Why choose social media?

There are a lot of ways to gain more email subscribers and get the most value out of them. So why should you choose social media over other possible methods?

Social media platforms are great to discover new consumer possibilities for any niche. Because it’s easier to find a targeted audience or social media influencers who have a following of people related to your niche.

Trying to increase your email subscriber list count on social media platforms is much effective compared to other platforms.

How to increase your email list with social media?

But how can you actually optimize your social media accounts that have a decent following? And make those individuals subscribe to your email newsletter?

You don’t have to worry as we have provided proven methods that will help you increase the email subscriber count with the help of social media.

Keep it simple to enter the email

Everyone is busy with their haptic lifestyle, and if your newsletter registration form is complicated to understand it can hold back your email list growth for sure.

Instead of over-complicating things, keep the registration process as simple as possible. Because nobody likes to waste their precious time finding a SUBMIT button on your page!

Be creative with buttons

If you’re redirecting others to an opt-in page, who click on your email sign-up button from social media profiles.

Being a bit creative with button placements can increase your chances to get more people to subscribe to your newsletter. As you’re using an opt-in page to collect the emails, we assume that button placement control is in your hands.

Try different color combinations, images, text, and positioning of the button to find out which one works the best!

Host live events with better interaction

If you are using Twitter, and Facebook with a decent following, hosting live events can be very beneficial for you. As interaction is much higher during live events, you can even partner with social media influencers related to your niche.

In fact, hosting a live event for an engaging audience is much better compared to having a normal audience without any interest at all. So you can easily generate email leads by promoting them before, after or, in between the event.

Hosting such events more frequently can also help you spread brand awareness among people with similar interests.

Build attractive landing pages to collect emails

Landing pages are optional for email marketing, therefore we highly recommend you use them. Because landing pages are highly effective when it comes to conversions if built properly.

As your landing page is meant to describe the benefits of a freebie or anything you’re offering in exchange for the email. Your visitors are more likely to sign up if your audience is targeted enough.

Optimize call to action in your social media profiles

If you are already using buttons that allow others to sign up for your newsletter from your social media pages, Optimizing the call to action elements can improve your chances of getting more clicks from possible consumers.

Instead of going with the flow and satisfy only with the “SUBMIT” text, that’s provided by default. Try to be creative and use other call-to-action texts such as, yes I want it, Send my gift, Join me in, etc.

Encourage your followers to share your newsletter program

You need to provide enough value in return for getting the email addresses of your audience.

Whereas, using sharing buttons along with the emails you send to your subscribers can help you a lot. Because it allows easy sharing options, in case someone likes your campaign or freebies they can share it easily using the sharing buttons within your email.

You can even encourage them to share the word with others, at the end of each email.

Utilizing giveaways and freebies

Giveaways and freebies are one of the best methods that really work when it comes to attracting interested people. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Everybody does!

By free stuff, you don’t have to send free items to your subscribers. You can follow other successful email lead generation campaigns. And make e-books, checklists, or something similar that won’t cost you much, and use them for hosting giveaways.

In case you’re targeting a very large audience, you can limit the number of people who will get the prize and giveaway something valuable to increase engagement.

Add sign up button to your social media profiles

Social media platforms are evolving continuously, providing new features to their user base.

If you already have professional pages published on different social media accounts, check whether you’re using your features properly or not. Because the majority of platforms allow you to place a link/button along with your profile information.

Therefore, use this opportunity and put a link to your newsletter page or sign up button and see how your email list starts growing!

Leverage Linkedin groups effectively

Linkedin Groups can be really effective for finding tarted consumers and collecting emails from them.

To increase your email list using Linkedin, creating your own group with interested individuals is the only way. Publish helpful articles regularly, and invite those people who show interest in the same niche as your business to make them sign up for the newsletter after some time.

Don’t forget to use thank you page

Many mail marketers often overlook the importance of a thank you page. It’s not compulsory to use a thank you page when someone registers as a subscriber.

However, doing so can make a lot of difference. Improving your brand impression and personal interaction with your future customers.

It won’t take much time to build a simple thank you page, in addition, you can offer a discount or freebie on the thank you page to make it more effective and bring in more emails for you!


Increasing your email subscriber’s count can be hard if you don’t know the right process. Whereas, following proven methods can save you from testing and wasting both your time + money.

Do share this article with others to help them and don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions.

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