Use Image Link Building to Get More Back Links

If you are a successful blogger for a long time then you should already know the importance of powerful link building. Because link building is extremely easy to perform and very beneficial to the blog ranking factors at the same time.

However, if you are new to the blogging industry, SEO terms such as image link building might be new to you. But they will be easy to understand and use once you go through this detailed image link building guide.

Image link building to get more backlinks from images

First things first, a lot of people think that just using anchor tags along with any type of image will increase their search engine visibility. unfortunately, that is not completely true. Because image link building is a practice that should be done in a proficient manner.

So how you can use this amazing backlink source to create quality backlinks for your own blog in 2021? well, you will have to invest your few minutes to read this article and you will be a master in image link building within some minutes!

What Is Image Link Building? How To Do It?

Generally whenever we search for any term in Google or any other search engine. We get lots of results that are related to the keywords we have entered into the search bar. Not just google the majority of the popular search engines display images that are related to the search term.

Whenever we are looking for some information regarding anything, sometimes images perform way better than reading whole articles and wasting our precious time. Because A¬†picture is worth a thousand words.”

If you have noticed while browsing through those images in search results, most of them are linked with a website address that refers to the blog or website. Where the image is actually used.

Many popular blogs and sites create and use high-quality images relevant to their content. In order to receive this organic traffic directly from search engines. So this is how image link building works and how you can use it to receive quality traffic directly from search engines.

Don’t worry if you are just starting out as a new blogger because we have created a detailed guide for performing image link building for your well-written article on your blog.

How To Perform Image Link Building to Increase SEO?

To perform image link building for any blog or website you don’t have to be an SEO expert. It is as simple as creating manual backlinks for your blog.

For creating quality image backlinks, whenever you write new articles for your blog or publish an informative piece of content on social media platforms. Make sure to insert your blog’s link with the image you are using.

But do not spam irrelevant images all over the social media and your articles, as it will affect your overall SEO in a negative manner and decrease your search engine rankings too.

And don’t forget to add alternative text with the images you are using, which will help search engines to get the information about the image and index it properly for better performance.

So the best way to perform image link building is to only use the images that are related to your content. For example, if you have a blog or website related to digital marketing and you are preparing an article about how to do keyword research. Your images that will be used in the article should be related to digital marketing.

In this way, the chances of your image to appear in the search results will be increased drastically. As the search engine’s algorithm will find your image related to the search term. it will automatically appear in the search results.

You can also use popular social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram for linking back to your own blog or site and drive quality traffic for free. Just keep in mind to only use the images that are relevant to your content and niche.

Why Image Backlinks Are Useful?

Performing image link building will help you receive more organic free traffic to your new blog/website. The number of visitors you receive will increase automatically if you do proper image link building. Now let’s have a look at the benefits of powerful image link building.

  • Increased search engine rankings with better SERP rankings.
  • Empowers your personal branding with the quality images you provide to everyone.
  • Using popular social media platforms such as Pinterest will give more exposure to your blog that will help you create a reliable audience network who are interested in your content.
  • People prefer to use images to understand something instead of reading a long and boring article. ( e.g Infographics )
  • Once your blog starts ranking for some images with proper alternative text, your keywords ranking will also increase as supportive keywords for those terms.
  • It’s easy to perform and doesn’t require a vast knowledge of SEO.


Image link building is one of the easiest link building techniques you can find in SEO strategy. Once you start providing high-quality and informative images to your readers, your blog will start ranking up as more and more people will be looking for the quality images made by you.

If you found this article useful. Then please share with other bloggers who are struggling for growing their new blog/website. And don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions you have in the comments section below.

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