CloudWays Vs WP Engine Cloud Hosting Comparison

New to cloud Hosting? Looking for a solution to hosting your server? Well then, this article will help you to know about CloudWays Vs WP Engine cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is a platform where you can host your server on a cloud and store the data on the internet. More simply, the data is stored on multiple computers through the network and can be accessed through the internet when needed.

cloudways vs wpengine hosting comparison

Cloud Hosting, What is that?

When it comes to server hosting you have certain physical limitations on how much you can host on a single server. But with cloud hosting, the limitations are reduced with a specific server configuration which helps you to host from different servers. It’s like, creating multiple virtual servers for multiple physical servers. That is, the server hosted to a cloud is broken down into pieces and sent to different remote servers across the network. Thus, this network of servers is known as “The Cloud”.

Cloudways and WP Engine Comparison

There are several cloud hosting platforms in the hosting industry among those we are going to discuss the two major “Kings” of cloud hosting platforms, which would be Cloudways and WP Engine. In spite of, all the other platforms why these two? Well, cloud hosting is not only about hosting, but it is also about managing your cloud servers too. When it comes to managing your cloud server, a simple and elegant way of managing will be more efficient and reliable.

But what makes them different and special? I did some research and compare them to understand more in detail, and here it is-

Plans and Pricing Comparison of Cloudways and WP Engine

Cloudways Plans

They provide a price on a monthly as well as an hourly basis. The plans are differentiated based on storage space and management services. Cloudways’s recommended plan is $42/month and $ 0.0583 /hr sounds reasonable for all types of people. Cloudways lowest plan is $10/month. Visit here to check Cloudways Features.

WP Engine Plans

WP Engine has annual and monthly plans. The plans are segregated with industry purposes and management basis. The recommended annual plan is $241/month and monthly it’s $290/month. The lowest among all is there annual plan which is $29/month. They even provide a customized plan for critical sites. Visit here to get WP Engine 5 Month free and 30% Discount.

Cloudways and WP Engine Migration

In hosting, migration is used for migrating your server to other locations.

Cloudways- Cloudways makes it easy to migrate your website to any location. For this, you need a plugin to make this happen.

WP Engine- The migration tool is pre-built in the WP Engine which runs the migration automatically.

Cloud Providers

Cloudways- They provide multiple clouds such as Linode, VULTR, AWS, Google Cloud. Users can select any provider.

WP Engine– Their top and only hosting providers are Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. Users can choose one provider from both.

WP Engine vs Cloudways Web Applications Comparison

Cloudways- One click is all you need…! Yes, Cloudways Provides support for CMS, E-Commerce and other PHP applications such as WordPress (including WooCommerce and WordPress Multisite), Magneto, Drupal, Joomla!, PHP (including Laravel Framework) which are ready to go in just single click.

WP Engine- They provide support for only WordPress. The additional benefit is that they provide the free Genesis theme, which is absolutely a win-win if you are planning to use WordPress. Grab the WP Engine and StudioPress Offer here.


Cloudways Support

As in the above section, you would have noticed that in each category, we get more than one option. In the same way, we have multiple options here too. When one method fails, the other one will eventually support you. Cloudways Customers can do communication with customer care 24/7. They even provide knowledge-based support too.

WP Engine

They also provide 24/7 support but, they don’t provide knowledge-based support.


The very important factor for a website and a successful online business is Optimization. Using optimization it will be easy to keep track of your web applications as well as the Website’s performance. Well, in this case, Cloudways and WP Engine provide their best optimization techniques.

WP Engine provides a tool that has been integrated into the dashboard to observe your site well and clear.

A Brief Comparison of Cloudways and WP Engine Features

 Feature or Service Cloudways WP Engine
Support 24/7, live chat, knowledgebase, blog, community forum 24/7, live chat, blog, troubleshooting articles.
Applications WordPress, Magneto, Drupal, Joomla! and more WordPress
Migration Yes, but need to add a plugin Yes, automatic migration option
Cloud providers Digital Ocean, Linode, VULTR, AWS, Google Cloud Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services
Pricing Min-$10/Month,


Min- $29/month


Custom plans No Yes
Suitable for Startups, freelancers, bloggers Critical business, huge industries
SSL certificate free Free
Site Backup Yes Yes
Type Managed Fully Managed
Security good Ultimate
Technology Updating technology All latest technology available.
Staging 1-click 1-click
Experts Trained members for support Trained members for WP Support
CDN Paid Free
IP Whitelisting yes Yes
Multisite conversion no Yes
OS Linux Linux
Site Recovery No Yes


As Jesse White once told, When there is a mission before you, you see it from its beginning to its conclusion which means Your purpose may be a short run or for a long run, it is good to decide things from the beginning so that you can have a smooth climax.  I suggest going with WP Engine because you don’t have any need to pay extra $$ for themes. Additionally, you can also go for cheap hostings like Bluehost. You can be a start-up, blogger, E-Commerce King, cool freelancer whoever…. but, choosing your need is important.

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