How to Build Amazing Sales Funnel to Convert More Customers

Anyone knows the importance of having quality sales funnel. In recent years the usage of sales funnels is increasing rapidly because of their high conversion rates. But why choose sales funnels for promoting your products and services? The main reason for sales funnels being so popular is easy to understand.

create amazing sales funnel

The sales funnels are easy to create and implement but the main problem is most of us don’t know how to create high-converting sales funnels that will help you get sales easily. So today we are going to explore the process of building a powerful sales funnel for promoting the products or services you want!

But before we get started it’s good to know what actually a sales funnel is and how it works? which will be useful for creating a more targeted audience while encouraging them to buy the service or product you are promoting.

How To Create High-Converting Sales Funnels Easily?

For creating high-converting sales funnels there are many things that you should consider before wasting your time and money in this process. Unlike other promotion techniques, using sales funnels is a bit different. Because it takes your possible customers to a tour of your sales funnel.

Where you try to point out the pros and cons of your product and explain how actually it’s going to be useful for the people who are going to buy it from you. But how are you going to build your first sales funnel that can drive you some sales?

Importance Of Sales Funnels

Whenever you want to create a sales funnel the only things you need are basic technical knowledge and some budget for necessary tools. Because without using proper tools like” you won’t be able to create the sales funnels like other professionals who are already making $$$$ four-figure income from their products and services.

However, there are some alternatives available for Clickfunnels in the market but most of them don’t work properly when it comes to creating quality sales funnels for your business. So consider it as a small future investment that will be covered from the money you earn using these sales funnels.

Process Of Creating Sales Funnel

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a business person who wants to promote products/services using click funnels is the best choice to create funnels easily. And the best part is you can signup for the free 14-day trial account to find out it works for you or not.

For this guide, we are going to use ClickFunnels for creating your very first sales funnel. Now after signing up for the 14-day trial account the next thing you will have to do is decide which product/service you want to promote using a sales funnel.

Because every product/service requires a different type of sales funnel. So deciding the type of product you want to promote is mandatory before creating your sales funnel. After you have decided on the product login into your Clickfunnels account.

Step 1: Creating A Landing Page For Collecting Emails And Providing Value

For building a successful sales funnel you will have to create a landing page for the product/service you want to promote. Because all the traffic you drive to your funnel will be redirected to your landing page.

Building a landing page is very useful to provide additional information to your visitors about the product. By looking at the landing page it’s easier to understand the purpose of your product and why they should buy it from you. Hence you can also use it for collecting emails from your audience because most people avoid buying something from an unknown source.

So collecting the email addresses of your visitors will help you build an email list that can be used later for promoting the same or different product to them directly in their inbox! If you are going to use email marketing then make sure to provide value in the emails, otherwise, your subscriber’s list will be gone in no time!

Step 2: Creating A Sales Page For Selling Your Actual Product After The Optin Process

After your visitors have opted into your email list the next step is to send them to your sales page. This is where you will get sales and possibly some upsells too! Because if you are promoting your product to the right audience then people are more likely to buy the product/service from you.

So try to only target the people who are really interested in your niche or product. Otherwise, you may end up not making any sales! For example, if you promote a gaming-related product to those people who are more interested in health and wellness then most of them will avoid buying that product.

Now coming to the sales page, You can use any of the templates you want to create your sales page that is already available in the Clickfunnels library. Try to analyze other successful sales funnels that are already making $$$$ so you can find which template is working in the market.

In order to do it, you can use a spy tool known as “BigSpy” to spy on the ads which are currently running. And find the best performing funnels for a particular niche.

Step 3: Creating Upsell And Value Providing Pages For Your Funnel

After you have done the above steps the work is not over yet! Because if you want to make more money then you will have to create a deep sales funnel which is a combination of upsell pages and value-providing pages.

As for the next step, you can expand your sales funnel using these upsell pages if you want. But if you are a beginner and only wish to understand how everything works then considers building a simple sales funnel only.

So creating upsell pages will help you get more $$$$ out of the product that you are promoting. But what is an upsell? It is nothing more than an extra sale of the actual product, or you can say that you are providing additional products or upgrades along with the actual product for some extra amount of money.

Instead of sending your customers directly to the upsell pages, provide some value between your funnel and create some pages that will provide value to your customers. Because if you only keep promoting products then your sales funnel may fail in some cases.

Step 4: Using Thank You Pages

After selling your product or services to your customers, using a thank you page in your sales funnel is very effective for building trust and generating more possible sales from the same customers again and again.

Because people love when you interact with them personally, try to implement the same method in your emails for more sales and upsells. As stated before you can use the templates already available in the library of Or create a simple thank you page by yourself to encourage the customers.


Using sales funnels for promoting any product service can be very effective if done properly. On the other hand, you can build an email list easily using the landing pages within your sales funnels to create on-demand traffic whenever you want.

The process of creating sales funnels becomes much easier when you use software like clickfunnels that provides an easy drag and drop interface to create your sales funnels. If you found this article useful then please share it with others and don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have!

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